Now THIS is an Addiction!

Really, I don’t know how to describe the exact feelings when it comes to my drama addiction. I thought I’ve experienced enough after years of watching dramas, but this time, it’s totally a new, higher level (or degree?) of addiction. sigh I think I really have to apologize for the lack of update and recaps here. I want to update, really, I want to write thousands of words to rant about dramas and do the recaps, but every time I sit and start to write, the words would just disappear, along with the motivation. They’re like…evaporating into the thin air.

All of this thanks to Queen Inhyun’s Man.

This is so going to be a rambling post, so I’ve given you the warning..mmm..

Like what I’ve said, I thought I’ve done everything…but actually not.


I usually stalk soompi’s forum since they have the largest community of drama-watching people around the world under one roof, hence the abundance of information available – all supplied by the forum members. When a new drama is announced, it’s pretty normal for me to check about it there and gushes happily along with others, anticipating the drama to air. When the drama starts, people would come flocking in, expressing their happiness to encounter such a great drama. Thus marking the beginning of waiting for the next episodes while agonizing over the cliffhangers.

Since my internet connection isn’t that great for the time being, I can’t download the videos directly right after an episode airs since torrent is moving at a snail’s pace on my computer. All I can do is read the recaps and laugh along with the description, although I haven’t watched it yet. So I will read it once and then happily wait for the direct download links to be available.

But now, it’s different.

Screw the language barrier. I’m not stalking soompi only; I jump from one site to another: baidu, naver, daum, nate, etc just to search about Queen Inhyun’s Man (Queen for short). Although my Korean is not that good (especially when it  comes to reading), I’ll skim through the articles and blog posts just to make myself happy. Don’t even mention about my Mandarin. It’s awfully scarce, with me forgetting the basics and I sometimes (or most of the time) use Google Translate to get the gist of what they’re talking about and eventually come to understand that:

金大人 = Golden adult (according to Google translate) = Kim Boong-Do

I just remember enough Chinese characters that it’s his nickname and not his real name since the Hanja is different from this one.

Luckily my computer is quite delicate and prone to virus, so I’m restraining myself to stalk DC gallery. If not…only God knows how many hours will be spent there. Phew.

And for the recaps reading session, it has multiplied. Not just one recap, but a few of them. And I constantly go back to read before and even after I’ve watched every episode. There are four sources of recap this time for Queen: 1) my friend at Twitter 2) Joonni 3) Dramatalk 4) Dramabeans. And I read all of them. ALL. I don’t know what is happening to me. And I even cry JUST from reading the recap, not even watching the actual episode yet.


Watching downloaded RAW videos was hardcore enough for me..but now, it’s totally different.

Since my internet is moving at the snail’s pace, so live streaming is out for me. Not that I haven’t tried it before, but it always end up making me angry and losing my mood after it fails. So…that leaves streaming in my top choice, which I always opt out because of the limited quota of internet (and I’m really stingy when it comes to spending it for streaming videos). Now, I don’t really care about the quota as long as I can watch the episode as soon as possible. Streaming? I’d gladly do that.

As if streaming isn’t enough, I’ll download the episodes since I like to keep the dramas in my hard disk (hence the number of external HDD is increasing) and for drama marathon purpose. So…come another round (or three) of watching without subtitles and another four or five rounds with the subtitles. While waiting for the next episodes, I’ll make another round from the first episode. So…how many times I actually watch each episode? Don’t bother to count, because I’ve lost count myself.

When I’ve had enough of the drama (read: my jaw hurting from too much grinning, head spinning because of excessive thinking, red eyes because of sudden crying), that calls for another activity: searching for the videos. Not limited to official BTS and previews only, but MVs, fancams, and even previous works of the actors and actresses, except lengthy dramas. That explains why Youtube is my best friend right now: so many hidden gems of Ji Hyun-Woo, Yoo In-Na, and Kim Jin-Woo.

My favorites:

The original Kim Joo-Won.

Ji Hyun-Woo can sing! He’s doing 2NE1’s It Hurts cover here.

His group, The Nuts. He’s in the MV…and I cried when I watched this.

Yoo In-Na’s singing with Humming Urban Stereo.

Apparently, our bratty Dong-Min can sing too. Kim Jin-Woo!

Guess I’m going to watch more by the time Queen finishes airing since I’ve been raiding Youtube non-stop. Not to mention tudou and youku…Aish, this is getting out of control!


Normally, my spazzing is divided to three parts (or sites?): on this blog, twitter, or tumblr. If I feel like editing photos, off to tumblr I’ll go. If I have so much to say, just like now, I’ll type to my heart’s content here. And if I want to do a short spazz, twitter is the place. But now, I can’t do anything except sighing happily and grinning like a lovesick puppy in front of the computer screen. So many emotions going on inside my head but it can’t be translated into anything. All I can do is watch Boong-Do and Hee-Jin staring into each others’ eyes and I just melt into a puddle of goo every time they do that.

Somehow, I end up spending more time on twitter and engage in endless spazzing with my buddies over there. Not just mindless and groundless conversation, but more like discussion about various possibilities of what could happen in the drama. As Queen is a semi-sageuk, so history is just another topic to be discussed. So this just proves that kdramas can be a great source of learning, am I right?

So…my words are running out…and now I know…addiction is endless.



15 thoughts on “Now THIS is an Addiction!

  1. I am the exact same way! Luckily my internet speed is good so I run home on my lunch break to start the torrents and then watch them first thing when I get home from work. Raw. Then I read the recaps on Dramabeans & Dramatalk. Then stalk DarkSmurf for subs while rewatching over & over. Caught myself just grinning at the screen and rewatching the last two minutes of yesterday’s episode last night. *sigh* I ❤ this drama so much!

  2. Thank you for sharing these fabulous videos! I’m totally addicted to this drama right now, and, like you, I’ve been stalking every blog to find a single post about Queen In Hyun’s Man. And it made me a big (really big) fan of Ji Hyun Woo (and that’s all because of Boong Do, and it has absolutely nothing to do with his smile, or his height, really nooothing ;)) : I watched, re-watched, and re-re-watch his 2NE1′s It Hurts cover. I know, I’m crazy.

    If you want to read other posts (but not recaps) on other blogs, here are my suggestions :
    and well, mine, but it’s a french one 😉

    But maybe you have already found these blogs (and I’m sure there is a lot more!), after all, I’m talking to an addict 😉
    Thank you again for this wonderful post [and sorry for my english =) ] !

    1. Well, hello fellow addict! 😀 that cover is amazing, right? don’t worry….you’re not alone. I totally understand your feeling!

      oh, thanks for the suggestion! I’m trying to stalk each and every blog post about QIHM and these could be my additional source of happiness! yeay~~ haha…I’ll check out your blog too, although I can’t read French, but the pictures are worth scrolling for! 😛 another fun reading at mookiehyun’s livejournal: I giggled so much reading her thoughts!

      thanks for dropping by! and your English are so good! 🙂

  3. hi there!

    Love to see everyone spazzing over QIHM, it’s actually addictive beyond my initial expectation!

    FYI, 金大人 actually means Kim (as in Kim Boong-do) dae-gam (master). So the chinese fans are actually addressing him as Master Kim, which is befitting his social stature as well as alluding a certain respect for our fine hero. Which I find totally cute!

    1. Hello! omo…I’m so honored to have you dropping by here!^^ Me too, I didn’t expect it to receive so much love when I watched it from ep 1…but I glad it did!

      Waaahh..thanks for the info! That is really cute! Guess I have to polish my Hanja and Chinese characters more ^^;

      Again, thanks for coming here! I’m loving your recaps so much and I have to read them for my week to be complete. Hahahaha 😉

  4. Glad there are lots of fans for QIHM which is a hidden jewel in my opinion. It is so under rated!

    1. underrated and overshadowed, probably because the Big 3’s Wed-Thu dramas are still airing. But we’re fortunate enough to encounter this little addictive gem! 😉

  5. I have not begun to watch it yet because my crazy addiction to just reading the mulitple recaps has sort of scared me. I needed the semester to be over first, and then I decided I really should wait until the whole thing is finished, so that I can watch it all at once when my kids are working at camp. How much do I love this couple?!?! They have so much chemistry, but I think also its because neither is dumb (even though she always thinks she is) and they are so open and honest with each other and what they want. There is plenty of other stuff going that we do not need to have them misunderstand each other. I am SO tired of dramas where the couple spends most of the series apart or merely looking at each from afar longingly. I think, too, that these two are people we feel like we could like, that we would want as friends or at least neighbors. Yes, there are lots of swoonworthy kissing, but I swoon just listening to them talk to each other. Ahh, conversation, joking, and teasing (not the traditional k-drama “I hate you” bickering). What was that I felt? A breath of fresh air.

  6. OH my GOD !! I thought im the only one who’s so crazy with Kim Boong Do, so glad i found others. Everytime I watched him in QIHM I was like smiling and grining. I was crazy and not to mention I cried when I saw Yu In naa was crying because of all memories suddenly came. Please note that I love Kim Boong Do not Ji Hyun Woo, I love the character he played. LOVE LOVE

  7. Hehe! That is exactly how I was when I watched QIHM! One of the best dramas I’ve ever watched! *sigh* Good times, good times…

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