[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 9

Here we are, getting the second time jump, thirteen years later. If two-year jump brought so many changes in the characters, how about these longer years, where they are apart from each other? Even if their appearance change, will their hearts stay intact? How about the guilt and hate: will these be washed from their hearts as they grow up?



As expected, when Tae-Joo introduces himself, Sun-Woo doesn’t buy his words at all. He thinks Chairman Jin or Jang-Il sent him to kill him as he can’t even see who is in front of him. Tae-Joo tells him about the letter Kyung-Pil sent him and the call he made that was answered by Sun-Woo. Sun-Woo still thinks he’s sent by Chairman Jin, but he’s set to bring him away per his father’s wish. Tae-Joo gives him one day to settle everything and this is his only chance to prove that his father’s death wasn’t a suicide.


Soo-Mi is down with fever and she spends her time thinking about what he heard from Jang-Il. Gwang-Chun is about to go out but he’s fast enough to see that his daughter is sick. He thinks Soo-Mi went to Seoul to meet Jang-Il and she denies it. She promises to get the first place in the competition and further her studies abroad. Gwang-Chun promises to make her life easier when she’s abroad. Although she says she can take care of herself, he wants her to think a dress that she really wants and he’ll buy it for her.


So..where the money will come from? Of course, it’s from Chairman Jin; the money Gwang-Chun is trying to extort from. Gwang-Chun goes to collect the money at a public toilet as promised, but it’s all white papers. A man comes out from hiding and hits his shoulder with a hammer. His face almost becomes the next target but he manages to dodge it. The man chases him outside and a little struggle happens between them. The man is about to pull his mask, but Gwang-Chun reaches for a flower pot and knocks him into unconsciousness.

He escapes with tears, vowing that he won’t die just like that. Chairman Jin’s secretary instructs the man to search for Gwang-Chun at the nearest hospitals. Gwang-Chun decides to go to Masan and calls Soo-Mi from there. He tells her to bring down the signboard with his face on to avoid being found out. When she starts asking questions, he winces in pain and urges her to do it at that instance before he’s found dead.


Sun-Woo is still weighing his decision and thinks about what Tae-Joo said to him. He goes to the center and finds out that a man who has received his massage treatment once wants him to come again. He refuses to go at first, but thinking that the man might be Chairman Jin, he decides to go. To Geum-Jool, Sun-Woo tells him to look for him should he can’t be contacted after that. He goes to the hotel and the man lets him enter. Sun-Woo asks whether the man has really received his treatment before to make sure that the man is Chairman Jin.


But the man is actually Ji-Won. She really wants to see him and has no other choice. He decides to leave and Ji-Won pleads for him not to go. She is willing to help him with his studies, but Sun-Woo thinks she’s just using him to make herself feel less unfortunate. He wonders why they are together in the hotel room and pushes her onto the bed though she only wants to talk with him.


He doesn’t do anything though but tells her that if he’s not blind, they won’t end up just having a talk in the room. He demands to know what she wants to say to him, in which she replies with her admitting that she likes him so much. Sun-Woo thinks she’s so pitiful and he doesn’t like a woman like that. He walks of as she wonders why she isn’t looking for a rich man when she’s supposed to do that. Sun-Woo’s hardened expression turns soft as he asks her in his mind..

Will you wait for me?

Until the day I come back?

Though I don’t know when that time will be.

She asks him whether her feelings for him aren’t love and he retorts, saying that they’re just sympathy for him. He tells her to find someone else and leaves, but Ji-Won hugs him from the back.


They stay like that for a while until Sun-Woo calms his wavering heart and warns her not to do like that again. He leaves her alone in the room as he walks out with a sad face. He stops for a while but doesn’t go back to her.


He goes back to his room and starts writing a letter for Ji-Won, telling her to wait for him. As soon as he finishes it, Tae-Joo and his assistant arrive at his place. He tells them to look around if he has missed anything and Tae-Joo takes a look at the letter. They leave but Geum-Jool suddenly comes after Sun-Woo didn’t contact him before. Sun-Woo hugs his friend and says his goodbye. He makes Geum-Jool promises not to tell anyone about him leaving the place and promises to buy a gold necklace for him when he comes back.


The search for Gwang-Chun remains fruitless on Chairman Jin’s side while Gwang-Chun returns to his house safe and sound, with his hand put in a cast. He warns Soo-Mi not to mention anything about shoulder and suddenly asks about Sun-Woo’s address. She tells her father about Sun-Woo having a girlfriend, but he still insists to have the address to visit him. After Gwang-Chun confirms that he hasn’t tell anyone about the incident, she gives it to him.


He’s actually using that address to send a letter to Sun-Woo anonymously, telling him about Jang-Il father being his father’s murderer. He also sends another letter to Chairman Jin, warning him about the secret. Chairman Jin realizes that Kyung-Pil was still alive when Yong-Bae hung him on the branch as Gwang-Chun saw him struggling for his life.He seems relaxed and keeps the letter inside his drawer.


Sun-Woo’s last words keep playing inside Ji-Won’s mind as she sits alone in her class. She is about to borrow her friend’s notes when she sees a picture of Sun-Woo in the college bulletin. She asks her photographer friend when the picture was taken. She knows that he had came to find her on that day. Ji-Won runs to Sun-Woo’s house, but the scattered place is the only thing that welcomes her there.


Ji-Won looks around and she somehow knows that he has left. As she gathers all the things there, the memories she has about him comes to her mind one by one: Hemingway, the orchestra tickets, the scarf around her neck, the jacket, and the book. She takes the book and sits alone as she remembers the poem recited by Sun-Woo.

I send this poem to you
I’m happy to be with you.
I’m afraid to be with you.
But I don’t want to go back
To the time before I met you
It was like being in a dark tunnel
Where I couldn’t grasp time
How nice will it be for me
To see the end of the tunnel with you?
The road that only the two of us know
The time for only the two of us
If you feel the same
Please tell me
I’m going to leave on a journey
You stay here
But I won’t be lonely
With you in my heart.

Ji-Won looks around and sees the letter Sun-Woo wrote for her. She reads the letter with as Sun-Woo reads it in a voice over, her eyes already brimming with tears.

I wanted to ask you to wait for me.
It’s me who wants you.
I wanted to ask you to stay with me.
Wait for me.
Wait for me.
I will come back for you.
Though I don’t know when that time will be.
But I’m coming back.


Ji-Won finishes gathering all Sun-Woo’s things and gets ready to leave the place. She sees a letter slit between the window panels and takes it with her. To her surprise, the book isn’t a poem book at all. It’s actually a massage guide book and the poem Sun-Woo recited to her was actually the words from his heart. She cries as Sun-Woo’s voice accompanies her walk under the cherry blossoms.


She ends up sitting on the bench at the campus, where Jang-Il sees her and approaches her. He asks why she’s crying and his concerned face turns sour when she explains that Sun-Woo has left. She sighs over his selfishness and tells him that he needs to have a heart before becoming a prosecutor. He accidentally knocks down the bag containing Sun-Woo’s things and sees the letter when Ji-Won is picking up them. She doesn’t think they can be friends like they used to be and leaves him.


Jang-Il keeps thinking about Ji-Won during his tutoring session and at times, he seems to be distracted by it. As for Soo-Mi, she finds a way to decipher the Braille codes that Sun-Woo made and she finds out things that surprises her. She realizes that Sun-Woo has remembered everything about his accident and the culprit who tried to kill him was no other than Jang-Il, the last person he saw before his world turned dark.


Ji-Won puts everything that belongs to Sun-Woo inside a box, with the letters on top. And Jang-Il walks out of his class to find someone in pink heels waiting for him.


That person is Soo-Mi, who comes to tell him about her studying abroad. She’s pissed off at first when Jang-Il starts apologizing for the night they slept together, saying that it’s a mistake. She brings up about Sun-Woo disappearing from his house and his girlfriend, the subject that Jang-Il hates the most. He cuts in between her words and leaves, but Soo-Mi warns him not to treat her like that. She assures him that she will be someone he has to treat carefully once she returns and leaves in a huff.


Curious about Sun-Woo, Jang-Il goes to his house and finds it empty, like what Ji-Won and Soo-Mi said. He calls Geum-Jool but Sun-Woo hadn’t contacted him. He walks home and the orange sky reminds him of the promise Sun-Woo made to support his college fees and his own promise to help Sun-Woo once he’s succeeded. He looks back with a smile and resumes walking as an airplane flies in the sky behind him.

Sun-Woo with Tae-Joo and his assistant are on the plane. Tae-Joo tells him to forget the old Sun-Woo and thinks that he’s reborn. As we get to see Sun-Woo pondering over it, the scene dissolves into a black screen, before we travel to the year 2012, thirteen years later.


Jang-Il makes his entrance to the prosecutor’s office swarmed by reporters who wish to get his statement. He’s succeeded in obtaining proofs for a fund embezzlement case of a big company. Soo-Mi is looks completely different, taking photos of models in a studio. Yong-Bae looks at a advertisement featuring Jang-Il with pride. And Sun-Woo…he’s off in a posh house, doing his routine body building exercise.


Yong-Bae is now staying with Jang-Il in Seoul and he greets his son cheerfully when Jang-Il arrives home. Jang-Il happily eats some noddles although he has taken his dinner at the office, but his mood changes when his father brings up about Chairman Jin. The chairman treated Yong-Bae for a meal because he wanted Jang-Il to introduce someone to him. Jang-Il doesn’t want to get involved in anything that might change his plan for the future. He refuses to accept Mrs Ma’s offer to introduce some girls to him as he wants to choose on his own. Almost coincidentally, Soo-Mi appears on the television, being interviewed after she returns to Korea.


We get introduced to a VIP manager at a hotel named Han Ji-Won. The same Ji-Won, but she’s all grown up now, carrying out her duties diligently. She’s also chosen to take charge of a VIP coming to the hotel. The VIP is David Kim, and we are shown Sun-Woo on plane as he reads his Braille book. Is he the David Kim?


Somewhere in a theater, Gwang-Chun wakes up from a dream he had about Sun-Woo. He wonders how that boy is doing right now. His worker at the theater tells him to clean the stage instead of but he pretends to demonstrate how to be a good actor. The worker then leaves the cleaning to Gwang-Chun. He starts to nag as someone enters the place, giving him a surprise. That’s actually Soo-Mi, who goes to meet him after 13 years. He nags her but soon pulls her into a hug. She promises not to go leave him again and both of them go for a drink.


Later, she has an appointment with Mrs Ma as the director of the gallery where she’s going to hold her exhibition at. Soo-Mi isn’t that amused when Yun-Joo comes in her place but soon she seems to be okay when Mrs Ma arrives. They are totally liking Soo-Mi’s art and try their best to satisfy her. When asked about invitation, she decides to do it herself and the only person she invites is Jang-Il.


Yong-Bae is running a nursery business nowadays and he’s busy trimming a bonsai plant when a call comes in. Although the caller isn’t someone he knows, he decides to answer it. Thinking that it’s from a matchmaking company, he’s totally taken into surprise when the person calling is Sun-Woo. He tells this to Jang-Il, who wonders why Sun-Woo is suddenly contacting them. Jang-Il decides to meet him with his father.


Their meeting is set in a cafe, where Sun-Woo is already waiting for them when they arrive there. Jang-Il gives the man in sunglasses a suspicious look, but Sun-Woo doesn’t show any reaction until he calls his name. Sun-Woo takes of his sunglasses and holds out his hand for a handshake, but it’s in the wrong direction. Jang-Il shakes his hand and pulls Sun-Woo into an awkward hug. *bromance alert!*


When asked about how he’s living until now, Sun-Woo just states that he’s giving massage treatment and teaching Braille, but Jang-Il sees that his appearance has changed tremendously. He even offers to give them free massage treatment. They talk about marriage, in which Sun-Woo thinks that Jang-Il cannot love someone wholeheartedly. Jang-Il keeps looking at his watch and his father repeatedly and the awkward silence dawns between them until the coffee is served.


Sun-Woo wants to put the sugar in their coffee but ends up spilling everything on the table. Jang-Il stops him and wipes the coffee on his pants angrily. He asks what is the reason for him to find them after 13 years, but Sun-Woo doesn’t have any special reason to do so. He wonders why Jang-Il didn’t even try to look for him and realizing that he doesn’t have any excuse for it, Jang-Il decides to leave. Sun-Woo is content to meet them and assures his friend that he can go around alone now.


Jang-Il leaves with his father and looks at Sun-Woo from outside of the cafe. He stops, contemplating whether to go back or not, but soon walks away. Sun-Woo sits there, as he returns his focus back to normal.


That’s super good. It’s like a dream, but here he is, the blind and wronged Sun-Woo has returned with his normal sight, all looking dashing and good. Even Jang-Il doesn’t want to believe that he gets to wear all those branded things only from doing massage therapy session. Well, who does anyway?

The transition is done quite smoothly and when the characters are being introduced back into the story after years has passed, I can’t help but feel so happy for them, especially for Ji-Won and Soo-Mi. They are the iron women!

I am heartbroken to see Ji-Won being pushed away by Sun-Woo but he’s doing it purposely. Imagine if she’s to continue being with him, itwon’t be the same. Letting her go might have been the best choice he has seen but he still wants her to wait for him. It’s a pride to see her as successful as others in her career, because she’s someone who can do anything. I do hope she will meet Sun-Woo soon. I want them to be together again!

As for Soo-Mi…she makes me so happy to see her so glamorous and famous! When says she will be successful, she really means it. And now, look at her. The people whom she used to chase for chance are now chasing her. Watching that is beyond satisfying. With she finding out about Jang-Il’s attempt to kill Sun-Woo, she’s so going to use it for her benefit. I don’t care, as long as she gets to teach him some lessons.

The revenge plot is starting to get into the story and that might explains why the ratings are improving. It looks like everyone is holding a piece of puzzle to the big picture and it’s just a matter of time before the truth is brought into light. Revenge never feels so sweet like this!

Last but not least, remember these scene? Sorry if there are too many pictures, but they’re beautifully done and so detailed. Kudos to the directors! Jang-Il always gets beautiful scenes, but I’m not complaining~






4 thoughts on “[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 9

  1. I think I know why do I love this drama so much.

    1. It is logical/reasonable/believable

    and still

    2. unpredictable.

    I love your recaps! Thanks!

    Do you remember ep 8?
    “You have terrible insight for art.” Said the doughter to Mrs. Jin.
    Ep 9:
    “You have a discerning eye for art.” Says Soo Mi to Mrs. Jin.

    It was awsome.

    Yes, there are the details that make this drama the best!

  2. Can’t say enough about this episode. It did well with the next transition; nicely done, writers! I hope it continues as it is being well presented! I am so hooked!

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