Im Siwan – Elle Girl May 2012

2012 can be regarded as Siwan’s breakthrough year in acting. If his name was only known as one of ZE:A’s members before, it’s not like that anymore. His role as the pretty boy Heo Yeom in The Moon that Embraces the Sun introduced him to the public and gained him so many new fans (including myself ^^;). He didn’t stop right there and continued to act as the young Jang-Il in The Equator Man. Currently starring in the sitcom Standby, Siwan is featured in ELLE Girl’s May 2012 issue.

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1st Look Loves Jung Il Woo..

..even if he’s the ‘ordinary’ Jung Il-Woo, walking around the New York city with some MCM bags. No more traces of Yang Myung or Chi- Soo in him; what’s left is a man with many faces, Il-Woo..

Here’s some photos of him, again being on the cover of 1st Look.

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[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 8

Some of the things that I keep thinking throughout this episode: is Chairman Jin going to kill Sun-Woo? If not him, is it Jang-Il? How Sun-Woo is going to avoid the attempt to kill him? Will Ji-Won get involved in this matter? What about Soo-Mi and others? Luckily, these things don’t happen, but they are slowly getting involved in the secret, whether directly or indirectly.

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[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 7

Since The Equator Man was the only drama broadcasted on Wednesday despite the other two dramas’ decision to pull out of the slot due to the election, the ratings went up a bit (14.3 % if I’m not mistaken?). A good sign because it showed that people were checking out this drama and there’s possibility they will stick to it. I’m happy for it and let’s hope it will continue steadily until the end. A little rise is always welcomed.

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TEN : Random Musings

You know you’re addicted to something when you can’t stop thinking about it. Blood trails and murders, investigations and corpses; this is not for the fainthearted people. There’s a reason why the drama was slated for midnight slot. Am I addicted to it? For the current time, yes! I’m proud to chance upon this drama and until now, I can’t stop watching it till the end. I’m writing this as I’m watching/downloading the episodes of Special Affairs Team TEN and somehow, I am grateful for the chance!

poster cr: koreanty

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