1, 2, 3, 4, 5…SIX

Oh hey, this is mimi aka thetalkingcupboard’s founder. You might not notice it but the blog has turned six two days ago. Time sure flies faster than a bullet train or the lightning these days, and I hate to admit that this year is the first time I’m late for the annual blog birthday post. Shame on me, but I’m not slacking without a reason, I promise! Anyway…I really hope there are still people hanging around here, although it’s kind of quiet with less posts compared to the cupboard’s heyday…

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“I am Five!”

Said the cupboard. I thought that it would be a phase, but it has come a long way to become my pride and joy. I thought that the cupboard would last at most two years before I went MIA, but the blog pulled me out of my lowest points and made me write, write, and write to distract myself. From a little space for me to write about dramas, the talking cupboard has become a big part of me that I cannot let go just like that. It’s not too much to say that this is one of the places I spent most of my twenties, and I intend to do so for years to come.

Thank you for the wish, WP!

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Fourth Year – Thank You!

Another year passes by and the blog turns four today! It’s hard to believe, but four years seems so short when I look back at the time when I first started the talking cupboard. There were times when I felt unsure of what to do with this blog before spazzing like there’s no tomorrow, or stressing over the possibility of quitting this blog altogether. So many ups and downs but I am glad that I am still here, typing these words for the fourth year celebration of this cupboard. This post is dedicated to you, you, and YOU! Thank YOU, for making it possible for the talking cupboard to last until today!

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