Somber Sunday

I’m back, but with flu.

Rain washed  away the words from my mind and left me in a crappy mood until today. I revisited my tumblr and found the joy I’ve forgotten, and ended up editing some pics to satiate my endless spazzing on my alternate universe pairing: So-Yi and Yoon Pyeong. Someone make a fanfic please!

I’m probably going to do a review for the six last episodes of Tree with Deep Roots. So much thing to be spazzed, but I’ll wait until it finishes airing. I dread the ending, actually, and praying for a good one to end the year of 2011. The news about it having not one, but two specials makes me all giddy. Can’t wait for it!

I tried out watching Vampire Idol, and it’s bloody hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing, so I had to stop watching for the time being. Another aim before Christmas = to watch White Christmas. I’ll try my best!

*Juggling several reviews and some posts, but the words just can’t come out from my slacking brain. Bah.

11 thoughts on “Somber Sunday

    1. hehe..for me, it’s really good! since it is a sitcom, some acts might be exaggerated, but it will make you laugh more! though it’s quite sad to have no one subbing it. too long, maybe…

      you’ve watched what’s up? wah..I envy you! I don’t find any suitable time to watch it yet :S lee soo hyuk (yeah, that’s his name! ^^) looks cool + funny in it~

      1. You should watch it! It’s fresher than THE MUSICAL, bolder than HEARTSTRINGS and fiercer than DREAM HIGH 😀 I didn’t expect that I will love this show but here I am, anticipating every episodes.

        IM JOO HWAN and KIM JI WON are the initial driving forces that made me watch it but later on, it’s the whole cast that made me crave for more.

  1. definitely agree with Purple lee, What’s Up! is really good. Honestly i started watching it because of Im Joo Hwan(*drools*). I loved Dream High, so didn’t really expect liking any other drama in the same category/genre but so far IM ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s sorry haven’t stop by for a long while, was extremely sick :*( for the past 2 weeks but I had a lot to think about, which lead me to write a lot. So now time to start updating!!!!

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