Kim Hyo Jin & Yoo Ji Tae’s Wedding Pictorial

“A fairy tale-like wedding pictorial”. The reporter didn’t bluff at all. The pictorial is indeed like a fairy tale, featuring the couple actor Yoo Ji Tae and actress Kim Hyo Jin. With their wedding set to be on December 2nd, they are looking so blissful in this pictorial.

Beautiful, right? It’s happy thing to see a happy celebrity couple taking their relationship to the next stage in life: marriage. Kim Hyo-Jin is simply stunning and beaming with happiness in the arms of her handsome man, Yoo Ji-Tae.

This is my favorite. The hanbok and the picture itself is set for a classic look, but notice how Kim Hyo-Jin is wearing her hanbok with a veil. A brave mix, but it doesn’t look out of place at all. It manages to bring a slightly modern look into the classic atmosphere, setting in a fusion of modern and classic. The thing that I adore the most is how they look like a royal couple.

Anyway, wishing the best for them. Hopefully the wedding will go as planned and their marriage life will be a blissful one! Oh, if you see something like this in you mailbox, that means you’re invited to their wedding! 😉

source : naver news | star in daily


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