Park Yoochun – High Cut Vol 64 (+13)

The return of the innocent and playful Yoo-Hyun…

…or am I wrong?

JYJ recently ended their concert at Barcelona, Spain successfully, and now we’re treated with a new side of Yoochun: bad-ass looking man, away from his usual warm and sweet appearance. Perhaps he could take a new role as the bad guy for his next project. He does have the ability to pull such a look.

But truthfully, he looks hot.

source: High Cut

[UPDATED] Found beautiful scans, credit to Please continue to enjoy the goodness of Park Yoochun and click through for bigger size of the photos.

4 thoughts on “Park Yoochun – High Cut Vol 64 (+13)

  1. I need to blog about these wonderful shots! haha.
    The first time I saw the 2nd photo, I never thought it was him! He looks totally different, knowing that he’s dorky and all, but hey the bad boy aura fits him. I wouldn’t mind him doing a bad guy role in his next drama. ^^

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