Jung Il Woo – 1st Look Vol 9

An Innocent Man. That’s the title used for his article. And I can’t help but laugh. Different from his portrayal of mischievous and playful chaebol Cha Chi-Soo, Jung Il-Woo sports a more masculine look for his photo shoots for 1st Look.

One thing I love about 1st Look is their large-sized photos 🙂

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[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 12

If this episode has a title, it should be something associated with So-Yi, or simply put her name in it. I really mean it. This episode is not about her, but the people’s action is somewhat related to her, and she ends up being the most affected person in every decision they made. I really adore her braveness and determination. She’s one of the few female characters, but she’s on the same level as the male characters. Without having to fight or draw a sword, So-Yi displays her strength through her eyes and expressions, which isn’t easy.

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