Joong Ki’s Teaser Collection

After a bunch of magazine photo shoots from him, this time, it’s his time to shine both on the small and big screen. It’s nearly the time for Joong-Ki’s film Many a Little Romance with Han Ye-Seul and drama Tree with Deep Roots to air, and it feels so good to see him in both hanbok as a king and daily clothing like a normal boy next door. Ah, the charms of a birthday boy!

No more flower boy Joong-Ki, it’s only a penniless guy with a cringe-worthy attitude working together with a stingy girl Ye-Seul in Many a Little Romance. 

a little pissed off?

I’m digging this hairstyle of Ye-Seul more than those in Myung Wol the Spy..

On a second thought, I think that they’d make a wonderful noona-dongsaeng pairing. With all the bickering and kicking around.

The second trailer. More insight into the characters, especially Joong-Ki’s character. Quite a pervy man he is..

More stills:



(source: Many a Little Romance Facebook & Twitter)

In Tree with Deep Roots, Joong-Ki is a young King Sejong. Yeay for him in hanbok, not just the pretty ones, but always in the red ones.

Uh-oh. This is a little weird. Need to get used to this. 

He looks more like a king in his teenage days.

Gu Yong-Ha style, minus his crazy, outgoing attitude.

Oh ,so serious…

Tree with Deep Roots also stars Jang Hyuk, Shin Se-Kyung, and Han Suk Kyu, scheduled to premiere following Protect the Boss. I’m torn between happiness and sadness: No more Ji Sung, but Joong-Ki will be on screen..Hmm..


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