Pissed off?

When something didn’t go as you planned..

You’ll want to snap to somebody,eventually..

but then, don’t try to be someone’s creeper..

because it’s creepy ;D

49 Days is so good! I’m so looking forward to the next episode. Ji-Hyun’s soul in Yi-Kyung’s body is so funny! I do feel bad about how she is going to see her fiancée and best friend’s true colors, but at least she has the opportunity to learn the truth. Maybe Ji-Hyun will end up with the Scheduler Jung and Yi-Kyung with Han Gang?  The storyline is/may be easily predicted, but we can never be sure about it, right?

Hum…because of this soul-switching thing, suddenly I missed Hyun Bin..

They did this Hite Beer CF before Hyun Bin entered the marines. This is the  reunion for both of them since  ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’ days, and Yeon-Hee looks like a foreigner here..Hehe

^Look at how much they’ve changed

Hyun Bin, why you’re so cute?

Rant Out, Souls!

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