Day by Day

SBS’s 49 Days is growing on me pretty well and it makes me go and stalk SBS’s website. I found this on the site. Pretty hilarious but sadly I just can read halfway T^T Pardon my low knowledge level on Hangul..

Girl: Jung Il-Woo~~~Il-Woo-ya~~~

Il-Woo: Why?

Girl: Kyaaa~*spazzing*

Il-Woo: Ya, get off.

Girl: Huh?

Il-Woo: You won’t get off? Hurry up and get off!

Girl: *in rage*

*no idea what he’s talking about*

LOL the girl is pretty upset, I think XD


Next, his turn to be so upset. Haha

cr: DC

Rant Out, Souls!

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