the talking cupboard turns 10!

10 years ago, I published the first entry here on the talking cupboard on March 16th, 2011.

I actually thought long about what to include in this blogversary(?) post. Sometimes, I feel like crying when I browse through this tiny online space of mine. Maybe this is what people feel when they look at their precious child. That is exactly what the talking cupboard is to me: a precious child of my brain.

10 years is certainly not a short time when I had to go through it, but now that I’m looking back it, those times just feel like fleeting moments. All the joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure I have experienced became memories at the back of my mind. There are times when some of those memories came back haunting me, but I can finally say that I can get over them.

This space has evolved from the place for me to spew random spazzes to some sort of personal notebook. These days, most of the posts are what I have written so that it will be easier for me to find something I want to read again in the future. From articles about history and culture to the interview translations, each of them carry a special meaning and they took a little piece of my heart with them. Maybe it’s just my habit of including my love into my writing, hence I tend to pour my heart and soul into the posts, pages, articles, and everything in between.

Now that the talking cupboard is a decade old, it means that I’m also a decade older than the person who was excited to have a little blog of her own back then. If I am to go back to meet the 20-year old me on that day, maybe I would hug her and tell her that she will do a good job staying healthy and keeping the blog alive in the future.

Because the blog is what keeps me going, and it is also providing me with the insight for my future πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your support over the years! Even if you’re a longtime visitor or someone who recently stumbled upon this cupboard, your visit means so much to me. Feel free to ask questions here or on twitter!


11 thoughts on “the talking cupboard turns 10!


    I’m a new fan but I will be checking your site daily and expanding my knowledge of all things related to Korea and especially sageuks! THANK YOU, STAY SAFE! πŸ€—πŸ₯°

  2. Oh Mimi….
    I was really moved by all the things you said….I can really understand this blog means a lot to you and just know that I will always support you, whatever decisions you make about it! I can’t remember when it was the first time I stumbled upon it but I think it was 4 or maybe more years ago.
    The talking cupboard brings to me so many memories…it was a time when I was searching millions things about the korean culture and still it wasn’t enough to cure my curiosity lol!!!

    Happy anniversary to the beautiful cupboard~

    1. Awwww hugs Thank you so much for staying with me and the blog through thick and thin 😁 I hope I’ll be able to continue sharing whatever I find in the future as well 😌

  3. Congratulations Mimi!
    That’s certainly not an easy feat, 10 years!
    Here’s to hoping for another 10 and beyond!πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  4. Hi Mimi,

    I have another question that I hope you can answer. Just rewatched The Iron Empress (Empress Cheun chu) [4th time] and have been trying to find the name of the child actor who portrayed Prince Heungju (son of Kim Chi Yang and Empress). I finally found a still picture of him on IMDb (I should have just screen shot from video) but can’t seem to paste it here and I cannot find him listed in any casts shown for the show. I thought he was adorable and did such a good job of acting (especially when he was in bear cave).
    Thanks for any reply and hope you’re safe and healthy.

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