1, 2, 3, 4, 5…SIX

Oh hey, this is mimi aka thetalkingcupboard’s founder. You might not notice it but the blog has turned six two days ago. Time sure flies faster than a bullet train or the lightning these days, and I hate to admit that this year is the first time I’m late for the annual blog birthday post. Shame on me, but I’m not slacking without a reason, I promise! Anyway…I really hope there are still people hanging around here, although it’s kind of quiet with less posts compared to the cupboard’s heyday…

Some of you might have noticed the inactivity on the blog, especially on my part, and I had someone sending me an email inquiring about me. I am sorry if I’ve made you worry, but don’t worry…I am very much alive, just very busy with work. I’ve started working part time last June with a fast food chain, and surprisingly, I’ve been holding on quite okay despite the taxing job. Hence, I continued spending more time working, going on to become a full timer and getting promoted at work..and I’ve become a manager earlier this month. I hope that explains why I’ve been MIA these few months, and answering questions only after days (or even weeks) you posted on the blog. I apologize for that!

Although the responsibility is huge for a manager (and trust me, lots of patience needed when you have to deal with all sorts of hungry customers, whose attitude can be quite a pain in the *** (please excuse my language), the bright side is I have more off days compared to the normal crew despite the longer working hours every day, and hopefully, once I am more accustomed to this new position, I will be able to indulge myself in more dramas to chase away all the stress and write more for the blog.

So…happy sixth anniversary to the special talking cupboard!

12 thoughts on “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…SIX

  1. 6 is no small deal, big congrats, dear mimi!! 😀 And congrats on your promotion as well!! Do your staff have any idea they have a cool k-blogger in their midst? 😉

  2. Happy birthday, a little late, sorry. I’m glad your absence was for work. I really am not studying much English I have no time. But something else is. But not to communicate. Let there be many more. I always read you.

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