[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 15

Nothing plot driven happens in this episode nor were there any revelations. It wasn’t one of the funniest episodes ever since there wasn’t much shenanigans being pulled by the vampires. But there was a guest star in this episode with Kim Wan Sun!

Episode 15: Maid


In order to show that Girls Girls are philanthropic, they have to make 300 batches of kimchi and of course, that job is given to Soo Mi. She pretends that she hurt her back in order to escape the duty.

image image

Once in the room with Dong Yup, she cackles happily and tells him that she’ll die from making 300 batches of kimchi! They decide to go on a date instead but before they leave the door, the new maid Kim Wan Sun walks in. Dong Yup is happy at seeing her and Soo Mi is bitter that the date has been cancelled. She ends up watching over Wan Sun instead as she starts preparing the kimchi. Soo Mi gets irked when Wan Sun called her “grandma”. Dong Yup explains that Soo Mi is his mother, so Wan Sun addresses her as “mother” instead and compliments Dong Yup. The President walks in and he gets giddy when he sees Wan Sun too. Oh, boys will be boys. Soo Mi doesn’t think Wan Sun knew anything about cooking, but it turns out she’s pretty good at it. As Wan Sun is cooking, she dances and the guys are just entranced by it.


In the vampire room, Woo Bin hears the sound of cutting and Jong Hyun informs Prince Jung what kimchi is. They head to the kitchen where everyone is amazed by Wan Sun’s version of cooking which is making her look pretty and doing sexy movements while marinating the kimchi (lol). Soo Mi tries the kimchi and she knows it’s good, but she gives a small compliment. Wan Sun tells her that she doesn’t use any msg and that it’s all natural. Everyone tries it an compliments it. Prince Jung says its good too and Soo Mi walks over to yell at them for the betray, but she ends up really hurting her back when she slips.


Jong Hyun and Soo Hyuk lift Soo Mi back to her room before running back down to the kitchen.The president and Dong Yup stay a little longer while she criticizes Wan Sun. The president tells Soo Mi to rest while he runs back to the new maid. Soo Mi asks Dong Yup to heal the ouchie by rubbing the sore spot on her back, but he’s reluctant to do it. He tucks her in and leaves stating that it hurts him to see her like this. She calls him a traitor as he closes the door.


Min Kyung helps Kwang Hee take some photos while he poses with a guitar, looking soulful. He scolds her photography skills and tell her to take it so it gets his profile. He tells her to get him an espresso instead and she repeats what he wants in it just to make sure. When Min Kyung leaves, Girls Girls walks in and tells him to go see the new maid because she’s really pretty. Kwang Hee doesn’t believe an ajumma can be pretty. He decides to see for himself in order to get the girls to shut up. Kwang Hee ends up liking her too after Wan Sun says that she’s a fan of his. He even gives up the espresso Min Kyung brought for him and tells Min Kyung to give it to Wan Sun. Min Kyung as if they need help and the apron-clad boys protest as Kwang Hee tells her to just get out.


Woo Bin notifies Dong Yup that his phone has been ringing for a while, but he says it’s not important. It turns out to be Soo Mi calling him. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Prince Jung jumps up like a dog to eat the kimchi Wan Sun feeds them (haha). The screams of “Shin Dong Yup” can be heard, but Dong Yup just ignores it and Soo Mi even calls out for the “vampire bastards” (LOL).


Soo Mi’s imagination runs wild with Wan Sun seducing Dong Yup. Soo Mi keeps calling out to them and Woo Bin hears her with his super hearing. The vampires head up to her room and she asks for Dong Yup, but Soo Hyuk says he’s busy. She request that they tell him to come here. Soo Hyuk goes to fetch Dong Yup under Prince Jung’s orders, but comes back by himself because Dong Yup is currently busy. The other vampires rush off also but only Woo Bin comes back after Soo Mi’s shouting.


In the kitchen, Wan Sun announces they should have a rice wine party after all this is done which makes the others cheer. In the room, Woo Bin is relaying everything to Soo Mi like a radio and he’s even imitating them (LOL). Soo Mi’s imagination runs wild and she pictures Wan Sun and Dong Yup sharing food like Lady and the Tramp. She protests and ends up pulling Woo Bin’s hair and hitting him to vent out her anger, Woo Bin leaves when he hears of how delicious the food is. Soo Mi asks to be carried to the kitchen, but Woo Bin just leaves without her (aww).


Soo Mi heads to the kitchen and confronts Wan Sun head to head with lettuce flying everywhere and hair pulling. It turns out to be her imagination as she ends up tossing a bag of artificial ingredient on the floor and picking it up in shock. Wan Sun is wrongly accused and dismissed. Soo Mi gets a massage from Dong Yup as she states she is happy, not knowing Dong Yup is sending a picture message to Wan Sun of their photo together. Sly Dong Yup!



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