[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 16

Lots of misunderstanding in this episode and shenanigans again by the vampire gang! Of course, this was another human lesson for the vampires with the topic being desires. So be prepared to have your little vampires’ innocence be taken away in this episode!

Episode 16: A Chaebol’s Daughter



Min Kyung is running back to the agency with Kwang Hee’s coffee when she spots a phone on the ground. She picks it up and answer it, telling the person that she’ll return the phone. Back at the agency, Kwang Hee gets mad that the coffee is now cold. He scolds her and says coffee taste the best when it’s at 82 degrees so she has to get another one. She accidentally leaves her bag behind so Kwang Hee ends up picking up the phone call from the lost phone which has a frantic man telling Kwang Hee he has to make sure the “Agassi” answers because the president is at the hotel waiting. In Korean, agasshi is how you would address a young woman politely, but it can also be what some people call the daughter of a rich person (chaebol). Kwang Hee begins to suspect that Min Kyung is the daughter of a rich person and decides it seems about right…her skin is really white and smooth. Kwang Hee starts asking Min Kyung what her father does for a living and Min Kyung stutters and asks why he would ask that so suddenly which makes him suspicious.


Soo Mi and Dong Yup wake up on the cold floor because the vampires have taken over their bed since it has a nice heating pad. Soo Hyuk explains that the prince was cold and Jong Hyun’s research told them that in this house, the couple’s bed is the warmest. Soo Mi gets mad, but Dong Yup asks her to understand because in Vampire Deuce, there is no winter.  She stomps out with Dong Yup following to assuage her.


Prince Jung wonders what makes this bed so warm and Jong Hyun, the ever curious and adorable nerd, decides to examine the heating pad. He uncovers the pad and Woo Bin spots a “book”, but it’s actually a gentlemen’s magazine. Jong Hyun reads the English title: “Hot Body” and translates it into Korean, and realizes this may hold the key as to how to keep the body warm (LOLOL). He looks at it strangely because “there’s women in the magazine that look weird” (pfft). The boys ends up looking at the magazine.

Woo Bin: Their chests are so…big. (haha!!)

The boys start turning red from embarrassment.


Girls Girls greet them outside in the living room and they start fantasizing the girls doing sexy poses. Jong Hyun about Minah, Prince Jung about Woo Hee, Soo Hyuk about Soo Yun and Woo Bin about Yu Bi. The boys are panicking and acting like malfunctioning robots as the girls surround them (of course, Soo Hyuk has a poker face in all this haha). Their fantasy is broken when the girls ask if they’re not going to practice. The boys end up running back into the room to look at the magazine some more. While with Kwang Hee, Min Kyung ends up getting a phone call from the person and leaves for a little bit.


The boys are enjoying their magazine when Dong Yup walks in so they frantically hide the magazines. Dong Yup finds out what they were hiding and laughs that even vampires are curious about these kinds of things. He begins to explain to them what pornography is (oh dears!).


Soo Mi is mopping the floor while cursing at the vampires for the morning’s rude awakening when Min Kyung walks in holding an expensive bag. She had gotten it after returning the phone to its owner. Kwang Hee spies the bag and realizes it’s a high end brand (I think it’s Chanel). His evidence that she’s rich gets stronger when Min Kyung decides to just give the bag to Soo Mi as a present.


Dong Yup begins showing the vampires his secret collection which begins under the heating pad that is home  to a pile of dirty magazines. The magazines are from different countries and the boys are surprised each time he opens them. It’s not just literature he has though, he has a fan from France. He opens it and shows it to them. Jong Hyun comments that compared to the magazines, it’s weak…that is until Dong Yup starts moving the fan a little. Oh dears the vampires’ innocence. The third item he shows is from Ancient China and it’s in the form of a rice grain; the vampires have to look through a magnifying glass just to see it. Prince Jung wants to see more, but Soo Mi walks in to show Dong Yup the bag. The boys panic and dog pile on the bed to hide the stash.


Kwang Hee’s having trouble hitting those high notes and he sighs, wondering how long his singing career will last. But if he’s with Min Kyung, he could be living the easy life. He starts imagining him and Min Kyung stepping out of a fancy car and into a high class hotel where everyone bows at them. Min Kyung rushes in with the coffee and he tells her that she doesn’t need to get him coffee anymore. They go out to lunch with Min Kyung picking this time and they bump into Girls Girls who join them also. Girls Girls talk about some rich chaebol’s daughter who owns an expensive building and Kwang Hee starts smiling and looking at Min Kyung like she’s a cash cow. He starts picturing them at a press conference and how Min Kyung will announce that she chose Kwang Hee because he fell in love with road manager her and not chaebol her; he’s different from other guys. Kwang Hee treats Min Kyung nicer by giving her more meat to eat.


Prince Jung asks Dong Yup to show him more stuff and if he does, he’ll give Dong Yup a diamond the size of Prince Jung’s head. Dong Yup shows him a rock from the leaning tower of Pisa and Jong Hyun, excited, starts spouting out facts about the Pisa which starts to irritate Prince Jung (it’s a running gag that they tell him to shut up). It turns out the reason why the pisa tower leans is because some person saw some graphic drawings in the rock and pulled it out (haha). Dong Yup spits some water on the rock so it shows and it’s so graphic that Woo Bin faints (hah).


Kwang Hee overhears Min Kyung saying she’ll thinking over something and assumes that she’s thinking about leaving the agency and going back. He has to act fast! Meanwhile, Min Kyung sulks in the kitchen as Soo Mi walks in to cheer her up and invites her to eat some of the soondae she just brought back. Jenny walks in and sees the bag, stating how it’s an expensive 3,000,000 won ($3000) bag. The two clueless women end up fighting over the bag when Min Kyung gets a phone call from Kwang Hee. Min Kyung runs off with the bag while Soo Mi curses at her.


Dong Yup asks the vampires if they’ve seen the Pisa stone and thinks they took it. It turns out that it Jenny took it back with her and used it to press the food in her fermentation jars.


Kwang Hee starts creating a romantic event and confesses that he likes her. Min Kyung tells him that she can’t be with him and that she’s been lying to him, she’s actually a hotel chain owner’s daughter! Kwang Hee feels betrayed and turns around which ends up with her running to him to give him a back hug (this is a total drama scene haha). It ends differently in real life as Min Kyung asks if it’s some special day and before Kwang Hee could confess, she asks if they could stop by a department store (pfft). He finds out that she’s not a chaebol’s daughter, but she got that bag as a thank you from the cell phone owner and now she wants to return it for cash. He rushes off in a fit of anger and leaves Min Kyung asking what he was going to say.


5 thoughts on “[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 16

  1. Hello there, i wanna thank you for the recaps, its superb! But wondering why arent you continue with it? I am really curious with their story…

  2. Hi!! I’m a new fan of Kim Woobin and I just started watching Vampire Idol. Only 7 episodes are subbed so I relied to your recaps to understand what’s going on on the show. I really love your recaps! I hope you can continue it. Thank you!! Your blog is awesome! Keep up the good work! FIGHTING!! 😀

  3. please continue recapping this show. I love it so much. I fell in love with LSH from this show 😀

  4. Hi there! Could you please continue to recap? I love reading your recaps- just found out about this show and your recaps today 🙂

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