Smiles, Tears, and Glares Abound in Seven-Day Queen’s Early Promo

I know that getting too excited for a drama this early might not be good for me as I tend to grow tired of the promotional materials, but right now, I just want to enjoy myself and get immersed in the pretty (but short!) teaser for Seven-Day Queen. Good thing KBS is at least being generous now that we’re already in May, and it’s great to know that the premiere has been moved to the end of this month instead of June as reported earlier. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it will deliver in both visual and story; go ahead, make me smile and make me weep for the beautiful story!

The first teaser is ethereal but it doesn’t waste even one second in hinting the tragedy that will befall the three leads: Queen Dankyung (Park Min-young), King Jungjong (Yeon Woo-jin), and Prince Yeonsan (Lee Dong-gun). History is the huge spoiler for the plot, but if it’s woven well and executed decently, we might have another gem in sageuk genre that is becoming scarce recently. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to wait in anticipation and have some faith in KBS. Maybe we will enter another golden era of sageuk….?

More names have been added to the cast roster: we’ve got our younger counterpart of Jungjong/ Grand Prince Jinsung in Baek Seung-hwan, who played young Moo Hyul in Six Flying Dragons. So this will be a reunion for him and Park Shi-eun, though they didn’t share any scene in Dragons. Song Ji-in (Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho, Hogu’s Love) and Son Eun-seo (Voice, Let’s Fight Ghost) are confirmed to play the ill-fated women around Yeonsan, as Deposed Queen Shin and Jang Nok-su, respectively. Kang Ki-young (Tunnel, Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo) and Chansung, on the other hand, will become the politician Jo Gwang-jo and fictional character Seono, both being Prince Jinsung’s close confidante. The elders of the series have also included familiar faces: Kang Shin-il (Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho, Descendants of the Sun) will become the two-faced treacherous subject of Yeonsan, Im Sa-hong, who, in history, sacrificed his own son’s life for his greed. Park Won-sang (W, Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho) is another addition to the list as Park Won-jong, a key figure in bringing Shin Su-geun and ultimately Queen Dankyung/ Shin Chae-kyung, before exerting his influence in putting Queen Jangkyung/ Yoon Myung-hye (Go Bo-kyul) on the seat once occupied by Jungjong’s first wife.

There will be comparison with regard to Yeonsan and Jang Nok-su’s characters especially, since the historical figures are currently being portrayed in MBC’s Rebel by Kim Ji-suk and Lee Honey, respectively. Interestingly, Lee Dong-gun and Kim Ji-suk are actually close friends in real life, so they might have laughed about the coincidence over drinks (who knows?). It’s worth the anticipation for me, since this will be Lee Dong-gun’s first historical drama, and I want to see what attracted him to accept the offer. He’s all scowls and fiery in the teaser, but I do hope to see the upright Yeonsan (even for a short while) before he went all crazy for the sake of avenging his birth mother, just to see how Lee Dong-gun will bring the character to life.

As for Yeon Woo-jin and Park Min-young…well, I’ve seen them both in sageuk before, but I’m so stoked for this pairing to happen. I don’t know, they just seem bright and lovely together, and the script reading photos gave good impression on how their chemistry will be in front of the rolling cameras. Hence, it’s justified on why I am sooooo giggly and excited upon seeing these stills, from behind the scene of the teaser filming. Yeay for cute teaser coming up! (TEASER SPOILERS ALERT!)

…just before the third wheel waltz in..

Okay, these look hella awkward but funny at the same time LOL

May 31st, come to papa mama! As fast as you can~!

And bring these two precious characters to me! ❤

(Credit to KBS)

EDIT: Aaaand the teaser is out! Kekekekekekeke


6 thoughts on “Smiles, Tears, and Glares Abound in Seven-Day Queen’s Early Promo

  1. Mimi, I’m so excited for this drama! The teaser was so beautiful and gripping despite it’s short length. I can’t wait till the 31st.

  2. Very excited for this drama! LOVE Yeon Woo Jin and just thrilled to see him as the romantic lead in a saeguk. Also love Park Min Young. Can’t wait!

  3. Oh also, I agree with you that I think the pairing of Yeon Woo Jin and Park Min Young will be excellent. I felt it when I heard they would be in the roles and after seeing these stills, I feel confirmed. Both their styles and sweetness, as well as their acting skills and strength, I think will blend well.

    1. Yes! high five Both of them have the youthful vigor and the ability to pull off emotional scenes, so I think we’re in for a treat this time ❤ I can’t wait to see them on my screen 😀

  4. I love this drama. BTW, i learn a lot bec of this blog. I am addicted to sageuk dramas more than modern (bec of lee joon gi LOL) Thank you for doing this!

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