Park Yeol, the Anarchist from Colony

Director Lee Joon-ik delivers the first teaser for his anticipated movie Park Yeol earlier today, with a lighter tone as compared to the heavy premise everyone expected it to be based on the subjects alone. With its English title Anarchist from Colony, the movie’s first teaser is considerably campier compared to Sado’s breathless and Dongju’s subdued teasers, the two most recent productions from the director. At least the wait won’t be that long, since Park Yeol will be gracing the Korean big screens in June.

The teaser opens with an introduction to the titular Park Yeol, who works as a rickshaw runner by day and writes poems by night. One of his poems (hilariously entitled ‘Bastard’) ends up being published in a presumably local paper, gaining him the attention of his soon-to-be lover and comrade, Kaneko Fumiko. Fumiko even asks him to live in with her, although she could mean working together for their cause as budding anarchists.

Park Yeol soon transforms himself; from the worst of the worst Korean living in 20th century Tokyo, to the activist cum troublemaker who keeps the jeering Japanese in his area in check. Things gets quite complicated when the Great Kanto Earthquake hits the region, spurring arrests of Korean citizens in the city out of fear for independence movement.

Park’s response? Yeah, he decides to let himself taken into custody, playing with the Japanese police with his confession of planning a bomb attack on the Japanese royal family members (to the police’s horror!). Between resting in his cell and daily meetings with the investigator to place charges, the movie also recreates the most memorable portrait of Park and Kaneko, as Park narrates that they should become ‘Korean heroes’ the Japanese wanted them to be.

The movie could be darker towards the end, but I believe that Lee Joon-ik wants to highlight how absurd the arrest and the charges were in history, despite Park Yeol’s movement (and his aptly named group Bullyeongsa/Futeisha or ‘The Outlaws’) which could be a source of restlessness among the Japanese. It’s still early to chip in all the guesses, so I think we should all wait for more promos to be out. Starring Lee Je-hoon, Choi Hee-seo, Min Ji-woong, and many more, the latest ‘child’ of Director Lee Joon-ik is still waiting for its exact premiere date. Stay tuned for (hopefully) more goodies~!

credit to NAVER 영화

4 thoughts on “Park Yeol, the Anarchist from Colony

  1. Lee Je Hoon! I cant get enough of this man! I’ve been giggling so bad lately watching Tommorow with you that I’m afraid might give me diabetes! It’s good to see him in screen so much nowadays, he’s a good actor 🙂

  2. LJH is one of today’s versatile Korean actors. I simply can’t imagine what role can he not do. So talented. Btw, i;m glad to stumble upon your blog. Very interesting!

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