Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In for W

Their friendship is a well-known secret to the fans of kdramas, especially after the highly anticipated cameo Yoo Ah-in had in Song Hye-kyo’s hit drama Descendants’of the Sun last year as a birthday gift for her, hence it’s not a surprise W Korea nabbed both of them to be featured on the cover of the March issue for the magazine. Being both fashion icons and trendsetters, the pair is ethereal and dreamlike in the pictorial, which is accompanied by interviews with them. Check out the shots!

Credit to W KOREA 1 | 2 |

5 thoughts on “Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In for W

  1. Strangely enough, the pictures don’t feel romantic at all if that’s what the photographer was going for . Romantic setting – sure. But I think it’s because they don’t look at each other in any of the pictures.

      1. Thanks for the info. It just seems like in the pics with both of them, one is always looking away. The image we’re left with is one person is more invested than the other.

        Just my own personal preference that if they’re going to put to beautiful people in the picture…give me not only the one more invested (I want that too), but also a couple of meaningful or longing looks.

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