Jung Kyung Ho for GEEK

We last saw Jung Kyung-ho as a warm-hearted man in the recent One More Happy Ending, but I already miss him! He was so adorable together with his on-screen partner Jang Nara, along with the comedic parts that made me burst out laughing XD Thankfully, GEEK Korea gave us a pictorial of the actor this June and I am so happy that we got some eye candy ❤ As we await his next project, check out the black-and-white pictorial!

Credit to GEEK



2 thoughts on “Jung Kyung Ho for GEEK

  1. Like the last photo (minus the shoes). Not too fond of the clothes in the other photos. I prefer his Heartless City styling, heh.

    1. My favorite shot from this pictorial is also the last one 😛 I think the shoes are not bad! Still we got 5 photos of the handsome JKH ❤ Haha his look in Heartless City was classic – he looked so good in the black and dark blue suits!

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