June Dramas : What’s Your Pick?

I just realized that June is a month full of doctors and police, which means a lot of medical and crime cases coming to us very, very soon. Most of June dramas are premiering in the second half of the month after a lot of teasing (I’m looking at you, OCN!), with some shuffling done before the pilot episode airs in this upcoming week and the week after. So, should we take a look at them?

OCN has made the decision to officially join the cable ratings battle on the ‘golden’ Fri-Sat slot through its latest original series starting today, Police Squad 38. Also known as Task Force 38, the series was originally scheduled to begin on 18 June but the channel has announced that it will be moved to the current slot. Starring Ma Dong-seok, Seo In-guk, and Choi Sooyoung, the drama will follow an unlikely cooperation between tax collectors and con men in the effort to get the taxpayers to pay their share. I hope this will bring back the glory of OCN dramas after a string of underwhelming series before this, but coming from the writer of Bad Guys and Vampire Prosecutor Series, it is not too much to put high hopes on this one!



After undergoing lots (LOTS!) of issues with casting and a title change, Beautiful Mind has secured its place on the Mon-Tue slot of KBS2. Jang Hyuk joins the cast as the titular surgeon lacking nothing saves for his emotions, which makes him a dangerous doctor with psychopathic tendencies. That will surely bring in a number of problems for him no matter how skilled he is, but a series of mysterious patient deaths and the appearance of a female cop spark something in him, opening the path towards changes. Writing is the Kim Tae-hee, who also penned Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Great King Sejong, in the writer’s first attempt at medical drama. It also stars Park So-dam (in her first prime time drama), Yoon Hyun-min, and Park Se-young), set to air starting 20 June.



SBS is pitching up Doctors with Beautiful Mind not only for the ratings battle, but with the same genre as well! While Beautiful Mind seems to lean towards solving cases, Doctors‘ focus on the characters and it is being promoted as a human medical drama. A rebellious female high school student meets her high school teacher, and they will inspire each other before meeting again years later as a fellow and a professor at a hospital. The drama stars Park Shin-hye, Kim Rae-won, Yoon Kyun-sang, and Lee Sung-kyung. I think it will be interesting to follow the ratings battle since Doctors will also be the first attempt of writer Ha Myung-hee (High Society, One Warm Word, Can We Get Married) in that genre, and it is also premiering on 20 June, taking over the slot from Jackpot.



The premise of Wanted does ring a bell when I first read it: an actress has to do a live reality program as requested by her son’s kidnapper. It reminds me of God’s Gift (although there are lots of differences, of course) but I am more interested on how the drama will be, since this will be writer Han Ji-wan’s first drama. There has to be something in the story that attracts the cast, and I am curious to check it out. Kim Ah-joong will portray the titular actress and mom, together with Uhm Tae-woong as the PD for the reality program and Ji Hyun-woo as the detective investigating the case. It will occupy the Wed-Thu time slot on SBS after Entertainer ended this week, with its pilot episode airing on 22 June.



Baek Hee Has Returned actually premiered on 6 June and the four-episode drama aired on KBS2’s Mon-Tue slot after Neighbourhood Lawyer Mr Jo Ended. The show raked in 10% ratings despite its short run, which is something rare in dramaland these days. It told the story of a woman who turned her life around as a successful home shopping channel representative and was living decently, but her return to her hometown island brought back her past and of course, hijinks in the form of her old flame(s). Kang Ye-won, Kim Sung-oh, Jin Ji-hee, In Gyo-jin, and Choi Dae-chul were leading, and the reviews are praising the story and the cast.



What will be your pick this June?

10 thoughts on “June Dramas : What’s Your Pick?

  1. Oh dang, I did not know Beautiful Mind CE from the writer of SKKS, which I saw, and The Great Kong Sejong which I heard good thing about. Hmmmm! Thatight be something to keep in mind for marathon. I had not plans of watching that previously after all the behind the scenes drama.

    Squad 38, I will check out when it airs this weekend. Production team is good. And I’m glad to see Seo in Guk back to dramaland after last year’s I Remember You.

    Other than that, I’m still busy with Mirror of the Witch, which decided to finish after the last two episodes. Thank you, by the way, for providing analysis and historical background. They do help a lot.

    I’m also watching Dear My Friends — a drama that always drained me every episode, but I keep coming back for more. Each episode seems to offer certain healing to viewers. And it looks like I am in need of one everytime. That’s how much I love it.

    1. I am glad I did a quick search on the writer and found out about it. Since the promo looks promising so far, I hope Beautiful Mind will be decent!

      Awww that is great to know! Glad that the posts make you change your mind on MOTW 😉 I am still finding time and mood to watch DMF, which is not an easy watch at all.

      I’ll just edit your display name 😉

  2. Just an note from an over 70 years old viewer – Dear My Friends is awesome, if hard, and should be required viewing, Ageing is so much the same, no matter what country you live in, but so many seniors don’t have this wonderful group of friends to rely on. This an amazingly sensitive show.

    1. Thank you for the short but great review of DMF! It’s definitely a keeper and a rare gem among the newer dramas. I’m definitely marathoning it after it ends, bringing with me boxes of tissues :’)

  3. A bit late to this, but Beautiful Mind is very intriguing and thought-provoking despite its flaws. Jang Hyuk is blowing everyone else out of the water and I’m intensely glad the previous casting choices skipped out cuz I can’t imagine anyone else in that role now. Give it a shot if you have time!

    1. Hi junny!
      Beautiful Mind is high on my to-watch list and I already have the episodes downloaded 😀 I can’t wait to start it after I clear my watchlist and I am excited since the reviews have been promising. Thanks for giving me yet another reason to see it~!

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