Ji Sung Becomes the Vampire Next Door

Yeah, you read that right. Ji Sung turns into a vampire for his secret project, a short film feature by Director Im Sang-soo for 20th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 2015 this October. The 20-min feature, entitled The Vampire Lives Next Door, is a part of Color of Asia – Masters, a joint project of BIFF, Youku, and Heyi Pictures, Inc, which showcases the short features by Asian filmmakers, namely Im Sang-soo, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Naomi Kawase, and Wang Xiaoshuai.

The Vampire Lives Next Door tells the strange fate entwined between a dead girl and a vampire. She drowned and her body was brought to a morgue, where the vampire lives. The trailer only makes me even more curious about the plot, although we might have to wait for an awfully long time until it’s available for public viewing.

I think we will have the chance to see this piece eventually because it involves Youku, and having a streaming site involved means bigger chance of seeing it (even if it will be a long wait)! For now..let’s just wait, replay the trailer for countless number of times..and not to forget, enjoy the stills~!

BIFF l 2015 Color of Asia - Masters.avi_20150912_174832.101

BIFF l 2015 Color of Asia - Masters.avi_20150912_224001.492

BIFF l 2015 Color of Asia - Masters.avi_20150912_175027.893

BIFF l 2015 Color of Asia - Masters.avi_20150912_175133.871











Credit to BIFF & DC inside

8 thoughts on “Ji Sung Becomes the Vampire Next Door

  1. Ze hair!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard at his hair. He kind of reminds me of a Hollywood character which seriously I can’t even think of the name! But, like you, I’m very intrigued by this short film. I like the clip you posted, I’m very curious with their stories. Why is he a vampire? Is she now a vampire? I mean she’s dead to begin with! So many questions… Do you have the answer for me? Don’t tell me to wait 😛

  2. From trailer, he showed many diff personality from KMHM. When the gurney comes near him, I could swear I heard Yona the way he threw the clothing he was washing. 😀

    1. I don’t know… He kind of reminded me of Perry Park in that scene. But, yeah, I can see Yona too. I’m dying to see this, pun intended!

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