More Teasers for Sado/The Throne

August is coming to an end soon, which means September will be here with lots of new offerings! Although it will be another long wait for the movie to be subbed, the thought of getting to watch Sado/The Throne alone makes me so, so excited. The main trailer has been released yesterday following the first teaser and character teaser before, and the production conference was held last week, with Director Lee Joon-ik and actors Song Kang-ho and Yoo Ah-in in attendance. But the reason I’m posting the teasers in a separate post? Moon Geun-young.

Heh, I might have been too excited to see Moon Geun-young in the main trailer..not once or twice, but thrice! But there’s ground to that level of excitement..this will be her first official appearance on big screen after almost 10 years(!) and hopefully the first for more to come, because she’s been sorely missed in good productions. Come on writers and directors…give her a good role and she will nail it!

Korean Movie 사도 (The Throne, 2015) 메인 예고편 (Main Trailer).avi_20150818_180811.130

Korean Movie 사도 (The Throne, 2015) 메인 예고편 (Main Trailer).avi_20150818_180747.469

Korean Movie 사도 (The Throne, 2015) 메인 예고편 (Main Trailer).avi_20150818_180752.072

Besides Lady Hyegyeong, we also get to catch glimpses of Sado’s birth mother Lady Yi (Jeon Hye-jin) and Queen Inwon (Kim Hae-sook) in the same trailer. Judging from the promotional stills and teasers, there’s no doubt that the movie will be focusing on the father and son pairing: Yeongjo and Sado, portrayed by Song Kang-ho and Yoo Ah-in. Still, there’s glimmer of hope that we will get engaging side characters that will surely shine in their own ways, not to forget complimenting the performance of the main pairing.

Main Trailer:

Character Teaser:

Let’s hope Sado will continue Yoo Ah-in’s successful movie streak after Veteran and extend it to his upcoming drama, Six Flying Dragons!

sado21  sado22


sado14 sado16 sado17




(credit to NAVER 영화)


4 thoughts on “More Teasers for Sado/The Throne

  1. I’m new here and I already love your site! Thanks for all that stuff!
    I’m addicted to Yoo Ah In since Jang Ok Jung ❤
    Will you do a review of this movie? Can’t wait to see this!

      1. Thanks!
        I watched The Throne and… WOW! What a movie! I cried like a baby! T.T YAI was amazing as usual ❤
        But I had some doubts about the story and characters because the subtitles had many korean royal titles as jungjeon mama etc… Can you explain something to me?

        In the beginning, when Sado was sentenced to his prison in the box, he said that he was mourning because of Jungjeon mama and daebi mama( I found out that these meaning are the queen and the great queen who was the woman of the former king), so… Daebi mama is Queen In Won, but who is the queen(jungjeon mama) he was talking about? Or those titles refer to the same person?
        Here is the scene:

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that jungjeon mama was Queen Jeongseong and I guess she is that woman who was beside the queen In Won and Sado’s mother… But I thought she is not that close to Sado, at least in the movie… and according to wikipedia about this queen: “Her death distressed her stepson, Crown Prince Sado, contributing to his declining mental condition.”
        link here:
        Here is the woman I mentioned:
        If she’s not the Queen, then who is she? :0

        1. Hello~ Glad you enjoyed the movie. I get teary when I recall even the tiniest detail about the movie..

          Regarding your question, you were right. Daebi was referring to Queen Inwon and Jungjeon was Queen Jeongseong, the lady in the picture (she was wearing the dragon emblem on her robe, which was only reserved for the queen). Both of them died only a month apart in 1757. The movie might not put much focus on Sado’s relationship with Queen Jeongseong, but she was known to be affectionate towards him, like Queen Inwon. Sado was also made adopted son of the queen.

          Hope that answer your question^^

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