Park Seo Joon for Singles

Oh hey, what a great time to return from my holiday! Park Seo-joon keeps himself busy in between his dramas and movies with pictorials, and he brings alive the manly side of him through his latest photo shoot for the August edition Singles magazine. He is rumoured to make his drama comeback through MBC’s She Was Pretty, which will reunite him with his Kill Me, Heal Me co-star Hwang Jung-eum, if both of them accept the offer. I am happy to see more of him on my screen, although there is no rush since he won’t be leaving for army…because Park Seo-joon completed his service!



credit to Singles Korea via naver


6 thoughts on “Park Seo Joon for Singles

  1. Nice to read you again. Did you enjoy your vacations? Happy to have u back. Thank u for this pictorial

  2. Hot stuff. And yes to pre-debut military service! Gotta love em. Because now we get to keep Park Seo-joon for longer!

    Also, quite excited for the possible re-pairing of him and Hwang Jung-eum, although the story is kind of iffy to me. Similar to Oh My God which is starring Shin Min-ah and So Ji-sub (amazing pair, but the drama premise is meh). Maybe these superficial dramas might be good but who knows. At this point I’m suspicious.

  3. He will never leave..except maybe when he has decided to retire? Hehe!

    Let’s hope that the writers are at least consistent with their writing and won’t butcher the stories jsut because they have decent cast. No more sacrificing actors/actresses and giving them traumatic experience with dramas!

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