Awards, Awards!

I am no celebrity to receive big awards but it is heartwarming to have fellow kdrama bloggers nominating me for various blogger awards. This time, they are from the cool ladies of The Crazy Ahjummas and the veteran reviewer LeeJIN of LeeJIN‘s Drama Corner. Thank you so much for the love, lovelies 😉 


Kmuse and Dongsaeng from The Crazy Ahjummas are nominating me for Liebster Awards while LeeJIN nominated me for two awards, namely Sunshine Awards and The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Awards.’s my response!


The Crazy Ahjummas’ questions

  1. What is the most underrated drama you have seen? One that was amazing but it seemed no one was giving it the love it deserved. Mandate of Heaven. It is a historical drama, hence it is understandable for the drama to receive less hype compared to the modern and contemporary dramas, but I didnt really see much buzz from the sageuk enthusiasts as well. I just love the consistency that the drama had and I truly enjoyed all the twists and turns.
  2. On the flip side of that, what would you say was the most overrated drama? The one that everyone was gushing over and you wondered what was in their Kool-Aid. Hah! There are so many series I can point out but one of the recent examples was Heirs. The hype surrounding it turned me off from even starting the drama. Lots of my favourites were there but I couldn’t get myself to watch it.
  3. Play, rewind, repeat. Which drama have you watched the most? I rarely do it nowadays because of the abundance of dramas: new series keep coming and there is never enough time to catch up on the current shows! If I have to pick one, it has to be Full House, back when I was crazy about the drama (and also because it was the only drama my aunt had on her laptop).
  4. It’s like watching myself on screen. Which drama character do you most identify with personally? Go Dok-mi from Flower Boy Next Door (although I am nowhere as awesome as her). Watching her living by herself and truly enjoying the solitude life, she proves that the description ‘alone but not lonely’ can be true after all. Her house is her safe haven just like my dark room is to me, and she travels around the world through her television and internet, just like how I explore the outer world through my laptop (because I’m broke).
  5. Since Mother’s Day is coming up here in the States, which drama momma would you choose to be yours? Of course the Reply Series mommy, Lee Il-hwa! She’s most similar to my mom: good cook and has beautiful smile.
  6. Which drama momma would you chuck off a cliff? Hyun-soo’s mom in Heard It Through the Grapevine, Ji Young-ra. Urgh, she comes off as an annoying, nosy mom and I’d hate it if I were in Hyun-soo’s shoes. Luckily that girl knows how to deal with her mother!
  7. Pick your favorite and least favorite genre. Or even your favorite country of origin (and if your favorite is Korea, which it probably is, because, duh, they’re the best^^, then your second favorite). Or even your favorite ice cream. Knock yourself out on this one. Favourite genres: historical (because I love history) and crime/thriller (yep, bring all the gore!). Least favourite genre: medical. I am not sure why, but I can’t stand all the medical talks and blood, although I’m completely fine with pools of blood in thrillers and crime procedural. Favourite country after South Korea: Japan, because of people and the language.
  8. Casting couch. If you could recast a drama, what would it be? Can I take Hyun Bin with me and run away from his last drama? That if we can turn back the time..
  9. Idols. In Kdrama. Pro or con? Pro if they are capable of carrying out the characters, con if their existence in a particular drama is just for hype purpose.
  10. Have you ever tried a new food just because you saw it in a drama? If so, what was it and how was it? I have tried ddukbokki and just like what I expected, I couldn’t handle it because it was so spicy!
  11. Loser or Bae Bae? Loser!!


LeeJIN’s questions
  1. What was your first ever k-drama and back then what did you think about it? Imagine, what if, that drama didn’t air back then, but is airing now – would your review about the drama still be the same? My first ever kdrama that I completed was Endless Love aka Autumn in My Heart. To be honest, if the drama is airing now, I won’t even watch it because of the plot (which has become so typical that it’s one of the well-known tropes of kdramas) and the potential crying fest. Oh, the memories..
  2. Name me one drama you’ve watched till the last episode, but regretted watching it. If there isn’t any, name me one drama you swore not to watch, but ended up watching and loving it. I am a scaredy cat and swears off any horror dramas/movies, but I just couldn’t resist the chemistry of So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin (SoGong!) in Master’s Sun. I gave in to the temptation and I didn’t regret it, although there were lots of screaming and watching from behind the pillows.
  3. What is the most difficult thing about running a kdrama blog? Maintaining the consistency of blogging, like publishing posts. Real life and mood does affect the frequency of posting, and I find it frustrating to know that I can’t publish new posts more frequently. Not to forget…the annoying writer’s block!
  4. Name me three actors (male or female) who you like best, and why. My favourites change from time to time, but here’s my top three for now: Song Joong-ki (because he’s one of my first crushes and coming back from army soon!), Baek Jin-hee (I loved her in Empress Ki and fell for her charms through her variety show Law of the City in New York), and Ji Sung (still not over his characters in Kill Me, Heal Me!).
  5. If you were a writer, is there any particular plot you want to write about? Who would you cast in it and why? Since my dream drama from 2013 has not been made yet, I’m still hoping to see a drama about two men who cross-time-traveled: one transported from the past to the future and vice versa, taking each other’s roles in the course since they look alike. I’d like to cast TOP and Kang Dong-won as the man from the future and the man from the past respectively because of their resemblance. I know it’s far-fetched but hey, a girl can dream, right?
  6. Is there any drama that you’ve watched, and you think that it is underrated? Mandate of Heaven! Also, King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang. It’s a daily sageuk but worth every hour spent for the drama!
  7. Name me three of your all-time favorite dramas. Nine, Tree with Deep Roots, and King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang.
  8. Why do you like watching kdramas? Do you watch dramas of other languages, and if you do – what is the main difference between those and kdramas? The main appeal of kdramas to me is that they’re shorter in length compared to Chinese dramas. They also have dramas of different genres and one can pick what’s the best for them. I used to watch Chinese /HK dramas and also Jdoramas. Kdramas are undeniably flashier than Jdoramas, which are more on slice of life series, and Chinese/HK dramas tend to be longer than Kdramas.
  9. Just for fun, if you get to be in someone’s body for a day – which actor (male/female) would you be? Why? Ha Ji-won, because I want to know what is it like to live as a gorgeous lady even for one day.
  10. Which drama are you looking forward to currently? Six Flying Dragons! I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous after reading about the withdrawal of Pinnochio‘s PD from directing Ha Ji-won’s new drama. It seems that SBS is having some problems behind the scene and I hope nothing will happen to Dragons!

I won’t be nominating anyone because I’m a bit lazy to think of the questions (sorry~); instead, go and check out these awesome blogs!

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Thanks again for the awards!

(Pictures credit to Google Images and Wild Rose Studio)


7 thoughts on “Awards, Awards!

  1. Nine is one of your favorite shows!! YASSSS
    Knew there was a reason I loved you 🙂

    I liked this so much mimi. Thanks for loving sageuks and Ji Sung

  2. I’d meant to check out Mandate of Heaven when it came out, and then never got around to it. I should definitely check it out sometime, since you recommend it so highly!! 🙂 I did see King’s Daughter, tho! Seo Hyun Jin is fab in it, I luff her ❤

    Also, your mom sounds wonderful. Good cook AND a beautiful smile! I hope you take after your mom, mimi! 😉

  3. Thanks so much for the response! Enjoyed reading your answers ❤ ❤ ❤ I would probably reconsider picking up Nine again 🙂

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