First Look at Detective Hong Gil Dong

Back in July, Lee Je-hoon has confirmed to make his comeback on the silver screen together with the director of A Werewolf Boy, Jo Sung-hee in Detective Hong Gil-dong. The film was said to start shooting in November, but it was pushed back to December, with one of the reasons being Lee Je-hoon’s drama shooting schedule for Secret Door. Since the hero’s schedule is finally free, there’s nothing holding them back from filming and we got the first batch of stills featuring the titular Hong Gil-dong today!


I actually thought that the movie would be set in Joseon but it is actually set in the modern era, with the man bearing the name Hong Gil-dong, like the Robin Hood of Joseon in the famous classic novel, becomes a private detective. The character is being described as a man of ‘distinctive personality and extraordinary memory’, with his job having a 100% success rate. Despite his successful stint in his career, he is still searching for a man: Park Geun-hyung’s Kim Byung-deok, and gets caught in a big case while trying to locate the man’s whereabouts.


To make it worse, the chaser is being chased too: Hong Gil-dong becomes the target of another man, Kang Sung-il, whose intention remains a mystery for now. Trust Kim Sung-kyun to bring the character to life, because he’s more than capable of being scary, unlike his oddball Samcheonpo in Answer Me 1994. Go Ara is also joining the movie, set to portray the character President Hwang. I guess her character is going to be Gil-dong’s boss since she is the owner of his workplace, aptly named Hwalbindang (literally means ‘Band of Thieves’, ha!). Rounding up the cast is Jung Sung-hwa (he was Lee Min-ho’s co-worker and fake gay partner in Personal Taste), playing a suspicious motel owner who will provide the important clues to the hero.

A prayer ceremony was conducted earlier this month and the cast, including several child actors like Go Woo-rim (little Dong-chul in Triangle) and Noh Jung-ui (little In-ha in Pinnochio), joined the production team wishing for the movie’s success. Hopefully the filming can be completed successfully without any problem!






Detective Hong Gil-dong is planned for 2015 release.


Photos from NAVER movie × TI Entertainment

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