September Spreadelicious: Girl Crushes

If the actors are taking turns to serve in the army, the actresses I usually see on dramas are also disappearing, mostly making their debut on the big screen. But the entertainment market has no time to rest and new faces are appearing in dramas. I don’t have that many favourite actresses on my list but one thing I know, I like to see these three young stars in their dramas. It might be a coincidence that they are all dressed in white and pastels for their September pictorials 😉

Baek Jin-hee has been making headlines these few days for her volunteer work in Indonesia few months ago and it’s no surprise to me to read about her wish to build schools for the kids in the poor countries as well as becoming a good mother to her children. Awwh. She had got married twice in her dramas but in the recent pictorials for VOGUE girl and GQ, she flaunts her youthful vigour and innocence.

baekjinhee+gq+sep14+1 baekjinhee+gq+sep14+2 baekjinhee+gq+sep14+3 baekjinhee+gq+sep14+4baekjinhee+voguegirl+sep14+1 baekjinhee+voguegirl+sep14+2 baekjinhee+voguegirl+sep14+3

Yoon So-hee and Lee Yeol-eum were both in tvn dramas and they are featured in the ARENA Homme+’s September issue. I am familiar with ARENA’s tendency to have bizarre concepts for their pictorials but this time, it’s just..weird. I mean, what is the relationship between..

..long dresses..

leeyeoleum+arena+sep14+2 yoonsohee+arena+sep14+2


leeyeoleum+arena+sep14+1 yoonsohee+arena+sep14+1

..and a slimy octopus?! leeyeoleum+arena+sep14+3

Even the poor girl is horrified. Owh.

Source(s) | GQ | VOGUE girl | ARENA HOMME+

One thought on “September Spreadelicious: Girl Crushes

  1. Takes away completely from the pretty dresses and girl and all you see is the messy chocolate and the poor dead octopus, to which she did indeed look horrified to be clutching. Funny article made me laugh.

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