Dancing Leads for My Secret Hotel

I thought that tvn was going for a standard teasers and previews for the new Mon-Tue drama My Secret Hotel but I’m wrong! They released several teasers, which include the three leads belting out their dance moves. And I can’t stop myself from watching these teasers, because they’re simply adorable.

Jin Yi-han showed off his dancing skills, albeit smiling sheepishly at times while Namgoong Min looked so shy but his awkward moves were so cute. Awww! I need to watch the making of the teasers! And Yoo In-na? She’s so lovely and gorgeous and everything, plus she pulled off both cute and sleek moves with both guys.

Jin Yi-han is totally channeling his character Gu Hae-young’s vibe when he disturbed NGM and YIN before stealing the limelight from the lovey-dovey couple. Can’t they be any cuter?!



Check out http://blog.naver.com/clear016/220086350576 for more screencaps and http://blog.naver.com/sandra98/220086037974 for more videos, plus gifs of dancing JYH. Woohoo!


7 thoughts on “Dancing Leads for My Secret Hotel

  1. Haha, Nam Goong Min is the same way in WGM. Singing and dancing is not his forte, but the man can act so beats me. I can’t help but find a slight similarity in the last bit of the preview with the bell and the view of the entire hotel to Wes Anderson’s, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    1. He’s so embarrassed when told to do so! His character seems like a hoot so I hope for the best for the drama ^^v

      Maybe they’re going for the standard look of a grand hotel: majestic and castle-like building? 😀

  2. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Namgoong Min is sooo cute!!! I can’t. His dancing skills are soooo cute. Even when he is shy. And what about the interrupt the dance part???? It’s so cute!! Yoo In Na is cute too and I love her dress.

    NAM GOONG MIN baby…. So cute. Argh. Why can’t you be born in my lifetime?

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