Dancing Leads for My Secret Hotel

I thought that tvn was going for a standard teasers and previews for the new Mon-Tue drama My Secret Hotel but I’m wrong! They released several teasers, which include the three leads belting out their dance moves. And I can’t stop myself from watching these teasers, because they’re simply adorable.

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Approaching and Arriving Dramas

I am still struggling to catch up with the handful of currently airing dramas I am watching right now and I never thought that being away for only eight days could result in this mess: lots of episodes to be watched and lots of drafts waiting to be published. Time doesn’t wait for me and so are the new dramas ready to take over the current dramas which will soon come to an end. As much as I love the dramas (I hate to be separated from the characters! sobs), it’s something inevitable and I can only welcome the new shows with open arms while bidding goodbye to the soon-to-be-ending dramas.

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