Looking Forward to Empress Ki

Formerly known as Hwatu, the drama is probably one of the few dramas that prefer to stay away from the limelight instead of making headlines for several months prior to its broadcast. Not much information was known about it except for a few: Ha Ji-won will play the titular character and the writers are the same people behind Giant, History of the Salaryman, and Incarnation of Money. It’s not until last month that the production team started to release tidbits about the drama that has changed its title to Empress Ki.


It tells the story of Empress Ki, a Goryeo born woman who made it into the Yuan Dynasty court as Emperor Sunje’s wife and then made into the country’s empress. The drama will focus on the life of the empress prior to her entrance to Yuan’s court, including the fictional romance between her and Goryeo’s King Chunghye. Empress Ki was mentioned several times in the drama Faith last year since she’s the younger sister of Ki Chul, one of the drama’s villains.

Ha Ji-won will be the empress stuck in between the two nations and also the leaders: Ji Chang-wook as Yuan’s Sunje and Joo Jin-mo as Goryeo’s Chunghye. From the trailers released, it seems that the drama will be filled with wars and action scenes. Not that I’m complaining, I just need it to be decent 😉

I wasn’t thinking of hopping into the drama bandwagon because of its number of episodes: 50 of them (or more than that, if extension happens in the future), but this year’s sageuk offering has been quite disappointing except for a few. So I’m approaching Empress Ki with the hope that it will be good. I miss watching an epic one, so pretty please, Kdrama gods…make this awesome, will you?

Right, I sound so desperate, but that’s my true feelings. I mean, how can Kdrama gods be so cruel…


…to waste a kick-ass empress like this?


…or to make a cute king like this upset?


…or to make this handsome king broody all the time?

And yeay for an (almost) back hug. Congratulations on catching my weak point, show.


5 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Empress Ki

  1. Excited for my queen Ha Ji Won!
    Will you do a post on historical background of the characters in this drama just like what you did for Jang Ok Jung?

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