[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 16

Oh, the tug-of-war game is so amusing to watch. At this point, it’s like the team seeing the strong guys being all confident in winning while the weak guys in their eyes are slowly snatching people from their side. It might look like an unfair game, but there are times when brain is deemed more important than power in the game.

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Cha-don is still looking after Bi-ryung at the hospital when Se-kwang drops by to visit here on the next day. She’s angry that Se-kwang didn’t come to her rescue on the night before. Cha-don tells Se-kwang about the house condition and suspects that it’s not a mere burglary. Se-kwang confirms the suspicion to Prosecutor Kwon that the intruder was indeed Kang-seok. He thinks that Kang-seok’s blood is already on its way to be utilized for the murder case but Manager Yang and Secretary Hong manage to swap it with Bi-ryung’s blood.

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The blood is successfully sprinkled onto the muffler to tamper with the results and Prosecutor Kwon is now assured that they only have to wait for the result. Kang-seok sends him another chat message and Prosecutor Kwon shows off his early victory, giving Kang-seok his promise to make him a murderer just like his mother. Se-kwang wants to catch Kang-seok this time and he still thinks that Cha-don is actually Kang-seok. It is because Cha-don was always there when something happened around them.

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Se-kwang goes to meet the asylum’s director, who’s now in the prison. He wants to know if the director saw Cha-don before since he suspects that he was the one who brought Madam Park out of the asylum. The director was actually approached by Cha-don beforehand, telling him to pretend that they never met in return of reducing his sentence. Se-kwang is disappointed again with this finding, but he’s not going to give up on it easily.

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Cha-don is invited by Se-kwang to his house for a drink, where Se-kwang thanks him for helping Angelina. However, he still finds it hard to trust someone who is corrupted like Cha-don. He wants to know why he keeps running into him but Cha-don has his own curiosity, questioning Se-kwang and Bi-ryung’s history with Kang-seok. Se-kwang warns him not get involved and Cha-don tells him to contact him once Kang-seok is found, just for the sake of making more money. Unknown to him, Se-kwang actually plans to take Cha-don’s saliva from the glass to be compared with the DNA of Kang-seok.

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Mr Kim accidentally enters the room while Madam Bok is recording her thoughts and she says that she’s just recording her beautiful voice. She is informed about Jae-in, who’s suddenly binge eating again. Jae-in is stressed out from the audit report from the committee, which turns out to be perfectly fabricated. Madam Bok can’t help her with the report but she tells Jae-in that there are two types of money: the honest money that can be seen, and the dirty money that can’t be seen.

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Jae-in gets an idea and decides to confirm the report herself. She goes to visit several companies that received loans from the company and finds that they are just ghost companies fabricated to get the money. She presents the findings in front of the directors and Bi-ryung, who is the person behind all those loans. Bi-ryung escapes the meeting with the excuse of having an interview with the TV program. She’s confident that Jae-in will be fired because of the crashing stock price even if Jae-in decides to publicize the matter.

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Cha-don gives someone the cue to start a plan. Prosecutor Kwon is just talking about him with Se-kwang when Kang-seok suddenly sends him a mail chat, asking for a chance to meet and negotiate with them. He wants to meet them at a place but unknown to them, Cha-don also tells Ji-hoo about the meeting place. He doesn’t plan to meet all of them yet since he’s going to join the TV program with Bi-ryung.Se-kwang and Prosecutor Kwon arrive at the agreed place but it’s empty. Ji-hoo arrives there shortly afterwards and sees a laptop there. It contains a video and it’s the black box recording of Eun Bi-ryung driving Prosecutor Kwon’s car. Ji-hoo asks who the woman is and Se-kwang doesn’t have any other choice but to reveal her name to Ji-hoo.

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Bi-ryung and Cha-don are being interviewed by Reporter Go in the live program but Bi-ryung seems to be distracted. She receives the black box video sent by Secretary Hong and watches it with horror stuck on her face. She can’t answer the question and Reporter Go thinks she’s trying to ruin his program. She walks out of the broadcasting station with Cha-don’s help, but Ji-hoo suddenly appears to arrest her for the murder case. Reporter Go witnesses everything and he immediately calls Se-kwang to find out what’s actually happening.

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Prosecutor Kwon now realizes that Kang-seok is just teasing them while he already had the video in his hand. Se-kwang wants to be the prosecutor-in-charge for Bi-ryung’s case in order to avoid any of their crime history from being dug out. They are still waiting for the test in order to make Kang-seok as the murderer. Chief Jo breaks the news about the prosecutor change to Ji-hoo and also informs it to Cha-don.

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The interrogation is about to start but Chief Jo suddenly joins it with the reason of staying informed about the case. Se-kwang treats Bi-ryung like a criminal but soon decides to interrogate her without any disturbance. Prosecutor Kwon manages to drag Chief Jo out of the room as Se-kwang changes his tone. Se-kwang calmly asks why she killed Atorney Hwang, but she knows that he wants to save himself instead of helping her. Cha-don barges in, saying that he’s Bi-ryung’s lawyer and states that the proof is still not concrete enough to make her the murderer.

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Bi-ryung is detained but she’s reminded by Cha-don not to say anything to Se-kwang as he’s a prosecutor that’s good in playing with someone’s psychology. She doesn’t want to talk with Se-kwang when he drops by to visit her. He tells her about the muffler’s test results that will come out and Kang-seok will be the guilty party. He wants to know the reason why she murdered Attorney Hwang, but she doesn’t want to believe him anymore.

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Madam Bok gets to know about Cha-don becoming the defense attorney for Bi-ryung and thinks that he’s trying to betray her. She soon realizes that she might have forgotten something important and checks her recordings. She actually met Cha-don and he told her about his plan to defend Bi-ryung in the case. Madam Bok thought that he’s betraying her, but Cha-don assured her that he’s not going to go against his benefactor, who’s also like his own mother.

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Bi-ryung is bailed out thanks to Cha-don and he shields her from the reporters on their way out of the prosecutor’s office. Se-kwang thinks that Cha-don really resembles Kang-seok. Bi-ryung watches the news about her but Cha-don soon turns off the television. He wants to leave and tells her to leave; however, she asks him to stay and protect her. He takes the chance to ask why she killed Attorney Hwang. It was Attorney Hwang who called her to extort some money from her before he told Cha-don about the five people that killed Chairman Lee. Bi-ryung refused to do so at first, but the she decided to give him the money.

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She set the meeting place at the rundown building and gave the money to Attorney Hwang. The money was actually fake notes and Bi-ryung took the chance to push Attorney Hwang down the building, assuring herself that it was a good move to protect Se-kwang. Bi-ryung regrets doing that for Se-kwang while the man doesn’t even try to help her. Cha-don tries to calm the crying Bi-ryung as he recalls the moment his mother was deemed guilty for murdering his father.

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Cha-don goes to Se-kwang’s office since Se-kwang is the one who invited him over to see the test results. Se-kwang is very sure that he will get to confirm Cha-don is indeed Kang-seok. The results arrive but it’s not what he’s hoping for. The blood found on the scarf was a female and it’s a decisive evidence to accuse Bi-ryung as the murderer. Prosecutor Kwon calls him, telling him that the blood samples were swapped and Cha-don isn’t Kang-seok either. Se-kwang tells Cha-don to inform Bi-ryung about it and Cha-don acts like he’s surprised to find out about this. Bi-ryung thinks that Se-kwang was planning to frame her from the start. The prosecutors come over to arrest her and Se-kwang is also there. Bi-ryung spits on her face and vows she will never go down by herself.

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Jae-in goes to work just to see all the shareholders and reporters raging about the recent case of Bi-ryung. The directors don’t have any way to resolve the crashing stock price of the bank and Jae-in suggests that they publicize the results of the audit. She wants to prove that Bi-ryung is indeed an incompetent and corrupt Chairman and aims to get her stocks confiscated. Jae-in is planning to use the stocks to revive the dying company.

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Se-kwang tries again to coax Bi-ryung in order to prevent her from spilling their secrets, but she doesn’t have any trust left for him. Prosecutor Kwon assumes that Bi-ryung will end up just like Madam Park, who got ignored by Se-kwang. He’s more interested in taking over the bank rather than thinking about Bi-ryung’s influence on them. Cha-don gives Se-kwang hints that prosecutor Kwon will betray him. Se-kwang tries to ignore the warning, but Cha-don, in his Kang-seok persona, tells him that Prosecutor Kwon is the mastermind behind all the things that happened and he’s trying to gain something out of this situation…

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Isn’t it amusing that the situation is just like what happened in the murder trial fifteen years ago? The only that has changed is their roles. Se-kwang goes from a lawyer to a prosecutor while Bi-ryung falls into the accused seat from her high position as the spectator. Cha-don gets the most fulfilling role after all these years: from the son of the accused to the defense attorney of the accused. His situation is very similar with Se-kwang, where they are actually trying to bring down the accused instead of helping both Bi-ryung and Madam Park. History will repeat itself and it seems that the cycle of revenge is just endless. I hope that Se-kwang won’t have any children or else, the revenge will never find its own closure.

The Incarnation of Money.E16.130324.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_003079446

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  1. All good things will come to an end but allow me to bask in the glory that is Cha Don/Kang Seok revenge! 😀 Let’s hope a few more baddies go down first. Like the reporter and Prosecutor General. I think Ji Se Gwang will be a tough one. And let’s see a romance growing too. Here’s hoping.

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