Yoon Si Yoon – Ceci Campus March 2013

Mondays suddenly become very dull and unappealing to me after Flower Boy Next Door ends last week. This time, I don’t think I’ve caught that crazy withdrawal symptom (that needs constant supply of BTS etc) but when I see any of the cast, I miss them and the drama. Yoon Si-yoon makes me miss the drama even more, not to mention his Enrique. Yeah, he’ll always be my Pandarique forever. This pictorial must have taken place when the drama was still airing, hence the hair and the goofy vibe of Enrique are still there.










4 thoughts on “Yoon Si Yoon – Ceci Campus March 2013

  1. Gah! He knows how to do adorable, doesn’t he? (Though my comic book loving friends would be horrified at his treatment of those books… but I’m missing the point, aren’t I ;))

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