[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 5

Awww yeah, I like this episode! It definitely tunes down the comedy, but ramps up on the plot progress. The only witness got killed and now, the only evidence is in the wrong person’s hand. At least we can see Cha-don showcasing his talent and someone is noticing it.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_001457323


The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_000176109

The cake lands on Cha-don’s face and Jae-in wastes no time to launch on him, beating him while he’s covered with the icing. Officer Yang sneaks away to avoid getting involved with the trouble as both Cha-don and Jae-in demand for the police to be called. The ex-Mayor’s henchman is also there, witnessing the whole thing that happens. Se-kwang calls Officer Yang to ask where Cha-don is at that moment.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_000219185

Cha-don and Jae-in both end up at the police station, where Jae-in accuses Jae-in of molesting her: he dragged her to an alley and kissed her forcefully before groping her. He denies all that, and we all know what really happened then! He tells the police officer that he’s a trainee prosecutor but the officer doesn’t want to believe him. Jae-in is given the permission to leave after she signs the report. The camera focuses on the fountain pen she uses to sign before putting it back into her handbag.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_000449015

The henchman, Mr Lee is also there, waiting outside the police station. The flashback explains the reason why he’s there: during his ‘mission’ to kill Jae-in’s superior, he accidentally dropped a pen in front of the house. He was about to retrieve it when Jae-in arrived there and picked up the pen, which is the fountain pen she used at the station. She took it and Mr Lee was about to make her his second victim but Cha-don’s call saved her. He saw Jae-in walks out but doesn’t have the opportunity to go after her as the ex-Mayor has ordered Mr Lee to meet him.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_000780847

Se-kwang arrives at the station with Officer Yang and tells him to bail Cha-don out. He follows after Jae-in as he already knew about Cha-don’s reason for approaching her from Officer Yang. Jae-in keeps crying while cursing Cha-don for what he’s done and goes to fill her stomach at a pojangmacha. She keeps drinking and gets a little pissed off when the food she wants has ran out of stock. Se-kwang, who’s also there, offers his portion of untouched food to her. He also offers to help Jae-in with her job, provided that she’s willing to help him with the mystery of her superior’s disappearance.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_000873473

The ex-Mayor is lying happily in his warm house while watching the news about the serial killer, which the latest victim is the recently found corpse. Mr Lee arrives and he explains that the killing happened as the person couldn’t be persuaded anymore. The ex-Mayor finds out that the prosecutor in charge is a woman.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_000890390

Cha-don isn’t the luckiest man on the next day, as he gets thrown out of Se-kwang’s office. Se-kwang accuses him of being the team’s traitor and no matter what Cha-don says, he will try his best to block his way to become a prosecutor. Ji-hoo walks along the corridor and witnesses the whole thing.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_001074541

A meeting is held, with Ji-hoo on one side and Se-kwang on the other side, together with the other prosecutors. Chief Jo enters and he’s angry when Se-kwang’s team is still unable to locate their witness’ whereabouts as Ji-hoo is still unable to identify the corpse’s identity. When he goes out, he instantly gives the report to the ex-Mayor, all relieved to have both teams meeting dead end in their investigation. Ji-hoo approaches him, asking for additional manpower and he warns her to do her work properly.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_001200133

The manpower is actually Cha-don and Officer Yang, who gets kicked out together with Cha-don earlier. Ji-hoo isn’t too happy to have a potential troublemaker in her team and cuts the introduction short. She orders Cha-don to drive her somewhere. Cha-don is head over heels as she’s super pretty, but Officer Yang warns him that the ‘pretty Ji-hoo’ will soon turn into a ‘witch Ji-hoo’.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_001341808

On their way to the forensics institution, Cha-don keeps stealing glances at Ji-hoo and she warns him to drive properly. She’s angry when Cha-don seems to take on the case lightly but he manages to recite all the related cases perfectly, all thanks to his memory. He promises to follow all her instructions, as long as she doesn’t chase him out of the team.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_001409409

They arrive at the forensics and join the autopsy session. Ji-hoo is so calm throughout the session while Cha-don looks like he’s about to puke all the time. However, she’s actually not that strong , as she also vomits in the toilet after that. She doesn’t want to hear his ideas about the case and snaps, thinking that he’s trying to ruin the case just like what he did with Se-kwang.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_001790657

Ji-hoo actually has a bad experience, where a girl was killed because of her family’s agreement to become the witness. She was working under Se-kwang at that time and the matter still bugs her. She’s about to go out of the meeting room when she overhears Cha-don talking about her theory with Officer Yang, that the current killer isn’t the same serial killer associated with the cases before this. His explanation makes Ji-hoo thinks about the case.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_001801901

Jae-in is still depressed over the matter with Cha-don and she’s looking at several pamphlets about plastic surgery and slimming treatment. Madam Bok gives her a luggage full of money and asks her to deposit them at the bank. She’s not happy to see Jae-in being tricked by a man again and sticks to her opinion that men will only find her attractive if she lose some weight.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_002007240

Jae-in then brings the money not to the bank, but to a plastic surgeon for her treatment. Madam Bok decides to report her to the police although she’s her daughter so hat she’ll learn her lesson. Jae-in gets prepared for the surgery and assures herself that she’s going to be reborn as a pretty girl soon.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_002224891

Se-kwang knows that the mole inside their team isn’t Cha-don and plans to catch on the real one soon. He invites the team to go for a dream and intentionally gives a false lead to them. The mole immediately informs Chief Jo about it. While the others are having fun at the noraebang, Se-kwang checks the phone and confirms that the mole is one of the detectives.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_002362195

Bi-ryung goes to Madam Bok’s restaurant and Madam Bok greets her warmly. She’s not that polite and even insults a dish served in front of her. Madam Bok soon loses her temper and treats her rudely. Their argument stops when the ex-Mayor arrives. Bi-ryung wants to join a society to help with her business and she’s surprised that the president of the club is Madam Bok.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_002586453

She persuades the ex-Mayor to put some words for her to enter the society at any cost and he will invite her to a fundraising party on the weekend. He also decides to send an invitation to Se-kwang and Bi-ryung’s face changes a little at the mention of that name.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_002705405

Se-kwang receives a call from Prof Kwon and also gets the invitation from the ex-Mayor. Prof Kwon gets to know about the change that will happen in the office and Se-kwang will be transferred to the rural area. He also met the ex-Mayor and warns Se-kwang that he will be crushed if he decides to continue with the case. Se-kwang doesn’t look like he’s going to stop and sees the fundraising as something that can’t be missed.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_002897297

Ji-hoo gets the order from Chief Jo to stop the investigation as no clue has been found, be it on the case or the corpse’s identity. She refuses to follow his order and he gives him a little more time for her to at least identify the victim. Cha-don answers the call from a broadcasting station asking them to make an appearance in their program. Officer Yang tells him to ignore the call.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_003046680

However, Cha-don takes the matter into his own hands and decides to make his appearance in the program, hosted by Reporter Go. Jae-in, who is still recovering from her surgery and working hard to lose her weight sees him and she’s surprised that he’s actuall a prosecutor. He discusses about the recent murder case and the team watches the broadcast, including Ji-hoo. She immediately heads to the broadcast station. Meanwhile, the ex-Mayor and Mr Lee also watch the program and the murder case was done by Mr Lee.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_003246680

Cha-don ends his appearance with a warning to the murderer, something that affects Mr Lee deeply. Mr Lee can only thinks about the pen he dropped before, but he doesn’t tell the ex-Mayor about it. Ji-hoo barges into the waiting room and Cha-don explains that it’s a trap for the murderer but Ji-hoo slaps him. She’s too mad at him because of his action and tells him to leave her team.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_003532966

The ex-Mayor attends the fundraising with Bi-ryung and Madam Bok tries her best to ignore the fox. Muahaha! Reporter Go also attends the party and he spots Bi-ryung there with her latest man. Se-kwang is on his way to the party, giving false leading to the mole. Mr Lee is disappointed that Jae-in is nowhere to be found and decides to focus on Cha-don.

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_003748415

Madam Park is acting like her normal self and asks the warden about her parole case and disappointed that it has been postponed to next month. She pleads the warden to help her so that she can get out and find her son. Her Kang-seok, Cha-don, is drinking alone and staggers on his way home. Someone is following him but suddenly, Cha-don runs away. The man runs after him and Cha-don is waiting for him at the end of the alley. The man doesn’t want to admit that he’s the murderer, but Cha-don knows that he’s caught by him…


 Perhaps, if this a comedy, we’ll get to see Se-kwang gets thrown away by Jae-in, if she manages to catch him following after her, Alas, that is just my imagination and it will remain as my personal joke, just to run away from the evil person inside the respectable prosecutor Ji Se-kwang.

So far, Cha-don has met two people from his past and the same bunch of people who made him lost his past. I don’t know if I should be angry at Se-kwang, Reporter Go, and Prof Kwon, since they are living according to the law, but who knows, maybe their hidden horns will come out if their history resurfaces. Plus, with people like Bi-ryung and Attorney Hwang around, maybe their lives won’t be that peaceful. Hmm…the perks of having such accomplices for an old crime…

The Incarnation of Money.E05.130216.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel.avi_003517484

Finally got to know the current year shown in the drama, which is still in 2007, not 2003 as I assumed earlier. I posted in Soompi that we’ll probably have at least two time jumps: 1997-1998 to 2007 to 2013. It takes time for the characters to build up their resumes to match up with their character profiles so I assume it’s logic, plus it takes time for the phones to evolve, from the sliding ones to the smart hones. Just saying.


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