[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 4

“There’s nothing in the world that the money cannot buy; it’s just that you might not have enough money to do so.”

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If only I can buy my own time, I’ll be happy. And free. And I’ll be able to finish off this one faster. Forgive me ㅠㅠ


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We open at a court trial, where Se-kwang is acting as the prosecutor and Attorney Hwang as the defense lawyer. The trial ends with Se-kwang’s failure to flesh out a confession from the witness for the case. They meet outside and Attorney Hwang laughs at Se-kwang’s hypocrisy, acting all kind when he was once a bad guy like him. Prosecutor Kwon and Reporter Go join the ‘gathering’, warning Attorney Hwang to be careful of his words. While they think that Attorney Hwang has changed, he thinks that he himself is the one who’s consistent after all these years but it’s different for the other three: Se-kwang is the hero in the prosecutors’ world, Prosecutor Kwon is now a lecturer, and Reporter Go is a reporter seeking for the truth.

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Attorney Hwang’s client, the ex-Mayor Jung Hae-ryung, just pretends to be sick and he contacts Chief Jo to complain about Se-kwang. Enters Cha-don, who’s the trainee prosecutor assigned to the office. Chief Jo decides to stick Cha-don to Se-kwang so that he can spy on the investigation through the trainee. Se-kwang refuses to take Cha-don under his care, afraid that the case will be leaked to Chief Jo, who’s the ex-Mayor’s friend.

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Cha-don doesn’t get Se-kwang’s consent to join his team and remembers the real reason of him becoming a prosecutor. It turns out that his benefactor, the Gentleman of Jingogae, made a promise to meet him if he’s successful in becoming a prosecutor. He gathers himself and marches into the office bearing the case files. He tries to flatter one of the officers, Yang Gu-shik, but he gets thrown out as Se-kwang already warned them about him.

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Se-kwang presents the possible leads to the ex-Mayor’s case and it has some connection to the bank where Jae-in is working at. He warns Officer Yang not to say anything to others about their case. Later, Cha-don chooses another way to join the team by trying to get close Officer Yang. He brings him to the gisaeng parlour that belongs to Madam Bok to treat him for a drink. Mr Kim sees him and informs Madam Bok about it. She monitors them from the CCTV and she smiles, looking all proud to see Cha-don growing up well, even being able to lie very well for his own benefit.

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Jae-in barges into the office, asking why Madam Bok sends her to work at the bank. Unknown to her, her mother is secretly training her to become the company’s successor. Cha-don tries to bribe Officer Yang and it seems to be successful as Officer Yang promises to give him some work regarding the case that Se-kwang is handling right now. Officer Yang starts to pay more attention to the case but someone in the team is also one of the ex-Mayor’s moles, planted in the team to extract out information regarding the case.

The Incarnation of Money.E04.130210.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_001749883

Cha-don takes the first step to pick up a witness to be on their side but the one that he chooses isn’t from the list obtained by Officer Yang. He decides to make his move on Jae-in and boasts about his skills in psychology for him to be able to steal her heart in minutes. Well, he isn’t that lucky when Jae-in mistakes him as a man who tries to sweet talk to her in order to take out a loan. When Cha-don tries to send her home, she mistakes her for a salesman and throws him away before kicking the car’s door apart.

The Incarnation of Money.E04.130210.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_001902335

It’s not a smooth journey for Se-kwang as the his team can’t find any witness for the next trial. It’s because Attorney Hwang has been walking around bribing the witnesses with money. Chief Jo is happy that Se-kwang is in a big problem and Attorney Hwang wonders who the mole is in the team. Prosecutor Kwon (I should call him Prof Kwon from now on, since he’s a lecturer) thinks there is someone leaking the information to other people, but Se-kwang trusts his team member so much that he doesn’t think anyone of them is.

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With no witness on their side yet, Cha-don decides to continue pursuing Jae-in and finally, his effort shows some results: Jae-in thinks he’s completely in love with her and chides herself for not being able to see his intention before. However, she doesn’t like him that much and agrees to go out with a few times to see if he’s up to her liking. They go to a buffet restaurant but Jae-in acts like she only eats a little. She takes the opportunity to eat to her heart’s content when Cha-don is away answering a call but the plates ruin it all. She feigns innocence, acting like it was someone else’s doing.

Jae-in is happy that someone is in love with her, but Madam Bok thinks that the guy is only chasing her for her money. She warns her daughter but Jae-in is upset that her mother always try to shatter her dream. She looks at the list of things she wishes to do with her boyfriend:

The Incarnation of Money.E04.130210.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_002755288

1 Wear couple t-shirt and have fun at the amusement park (Cha-don doesn’t look like he’s having fun. More like…scared?)

2 Watch a horror movie while cuddling up in the guy’s arms (It’s Cha-don who hides in her arms)

3 Slow dance to the music at the club (He ends up stepping on her feet)

The Incarnation of Money.E04.130210.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_002900233

Jae-in decides it’s best for them to sit and stop dancing. On her way to the table, she accidentally hits a woman, causing the woman’s boyfriend to call her names. Cha-don senses that she is going to encounter a big problem and tries to sneak out as the guy gets ready to hit Jae-in. However, the guy is thrown away by Jae-in first, and Cha-don makes his move to protect her. He lost his memory, but his fighting skills are still there. Jae-in looks at him with starry eyes.

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They walk down a neighbourhood and Jae-in tells Cha-don that she’s willing to accept him as her boyfriend. She gives him the permission to kiss him and he looks a little reluctant before giving a peck on her lips, all for his chance to become a trainee under Se-kwang. She thinks he’s being too considerate with her and kisses him hungrily. He tries to resist but soon gives in; a single tear rolls down his cheek. With that, Jae-in’s fourth wish comes true..

4 Have a dreamy kiss with the loved one

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Se-kwang gets to know from Kwon Hyuk (Do Ji-han), one of the prosecutors in his team which also happens to be Prof Kwon’s son, that one of the potential witnesses has agreed to meet them. The time for the meeting clashes with the hearing about Madam Park’s release, so he decides to postpone the hearing.Madam Park isn’t getting any better. She keeps hallucinating about Kang-seok and the officer as Bi-ryung  before apologizing to her, telling her to return Kang-seok to her.

The Incarnation of Money.E04.130210.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_003283516

Speaking of the devil, Bi-ryung returns to the country under a new name Angelina. She comes back because of the ex-Mayor, who’s one of her business acquaintances. He asks her about the person she’s holds a grudge on but she thinks it’s not the time for her revenge yer. The ex-Mayor receives a call  informing him about the meeting between the possible witness and Se-kwang. The possible witness is Jae-in’s superior and the ex-Mayor takes his action as soon as he receives the info. A masked man captures him and drags him away.

The Incarnation of Money.E04.130210.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_003623590

Se-kwang receives the news about the witness’ disappearance and orders for him to be located as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a corpse is found and a woman comes riding her superbike to take a look at the scene. She introduces herself as a prosecutor, Jeon Ji-hoo (Choi Yeo-jin). The corpse is not identified and it’s currently in gruesome state, but Ji-hoo insists on taking a look at it. While the other male police officers are gagging, she calmly inspects the corpse and some blood accidentally splashes out, causing the officers to run away in disgust. Se-kwang, at the same time, realizes that Cha-don knows about their investigation from Officer Yang.

The Incarnation of Money.E04.130210.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_003696730

Jae-in walks into the elevator to meet someone. It turns out that she is going to be introduced to Cha-don’s cousin. She tries to gather herself and she’s sure that he won’t hate her just because she’s fat. Cha-don brings along Officer Yang, who’s going to act as his cousin. He promises not meet Jae-in after he completes his mission because she’s not up to his standard. Jae-in overhears those vicious words and falls on her knees, crying. She soon goes to meet Cha-don, who waves happily at her. She looks around and spots a big and pretty cake. Without thinking twice, she reaches for the cake and marches towards Cha-don. He screams, knowing where the cake will end up at…


Oh, the hilarity. The episode is better in terms of comedy, but not that much progress in terms of the main plot. Well, it’s still early for each and every secret to be out, so I expect it to be slow with the main plot for two or three episodes.

The Incarnation of Money.E04.130210.HDTV.XViD-HANrel.avi_002475642

I momentarily forgot that the time jump won’t  go straight to the year 2013 and as I went through this episode, I realized that we’re still in the past. The phones didn’t have touch screens as what I saw in episode 1 and Jae-in was still in the same shape as her young self. So it will surely take several years for her to lose some weight (and probably plan her revenge) and rises to the position described in the character description. I think it’s 2003 based on the newspaper read by Se-kwang, but can someone shed a light on me regarding this matter?

And…the epilogue is to die for. Jae-in as the dancer and Cha-don as the ‘high’ DJ. Hehehehehe


2 thoughts on “[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 4

  1. l think you’re right about the 2003 thing and its not yet 2013. You really are particular to realize about the phone. To be frank, l just don’t like Cha Don’s character here, he is really unlike him when he was a teenager who is more serious and not hillarious. Kang Ji Hwan looks terrible in this drama, Lie to Me is just really handsome.

    This episode had lead us to nowhere. It definitely takes time for Jae In to lose her weight and also time is needed to build the relation of those two to plan the revenge together. Cant wait for those eps.

    There will be ep when Cha Don will be sent to isolated island, but by whom and why, it will takes few more eps for us to find out.

    l just like revenge drama.

    1. Thanks! The adult Cha-don is a little too cheerful, even after he lost his memories. Maybe he brought along his playful side to the adult counterpart. Haha but they’re two different actors after all, so it will look disconnected with the transition 🙂 Oh, I’d like to blame it all to the hair for the look!

      I’m looking forward to the progress too!

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