BTS Galore – Cheongdamdong Alice

One of the signs of myself drowning into the addiction of a certain drama is endless playback of the videos. That includes the BTS, trailers, previews, and MVs. Cheongdamdong Alice has that effect on me and I’m still watching the episodes again and again, followed by marathoning and hunting for BTS. I just can’t get enough of Se-kyung and Seung-jo! Someone save me!


This is the the best BTS for me so far. It’s from the scene in episode 4, where Seung-jo brought Se-kyung to Artemis, gave her a pair of shoes, and hired her as his stylist. The funniest part is Park Shi-hoo accidentally calls out SHIN Se-kyung instead of HAN Se-kyung. LOL! I know, the names are a little confusing and he must have blurted out the wrong one unconsciously. Hahaha!

Even the director thinks he’s having difficulty of saying Han Se-kyung naturally after the mistake. Poor guy 😛

This is from the first scene in episode 1: the long speech/presentation of Seung-jo about Artemis Korea.

Seung-jo is the good bag catcher but sadly, Park Shi-hoo isn’t. But hey, he finally did it after several attempts! From the scene of a customer demanding a refund for her faulty bag in episode 2.

Yoon-joo and Seung-jo’s meeting at his house, episode 3.

Seung-jo’s imagination of Se-kyung right before the epic dance in episode 3.

High five scene, episode 6. So cute!!!

This is from the poster shooting scene but it’s worth the watch. Darn it, there goes my shipping heart for Moon Geun-young and Park Shi-hoo!!

If Se-kyung and Seung-jo look like they’re doing a wedding photo shoot, our Mad Hatter and Queen are probably in their own world, posing for a magazine pictorial. Hehehe.

Another poster shooting scene. I really want to see the pictures! Please release them, dear SBS!

Opening credit, just because I love to watch the drama openings.

Any other good videos that any of you found elsewhere? Do tell me, because I really need some distractions while waiting for episode 7! Hmm hmm…

These videos aren’t mine! Credit goes to the sweet uploaders 🙂

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