Empress Ki: Eps 46-47

Your choices are what will pave your road.

Episode 46.

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The news about Maha was too much for Seung-nyang, who couldn’t stop her tears after hearing that the Prince was indeed her long lost child. Eunuch Bang told them that the plan to attack Maha would be carried out at the temple since the Prince was there to carry out a memorial for his ancestors. At the same time, Byung-soo and his men in black, were ready to attack the guards. Soon, the guards were shouting “Assassins!!” to alert the people inside the temple, including Dok-man and Maha. Dok-man told the Prince to escape first but the assassins saw him running away. Dok-man managed to pull Bayan’s ring which was given to Byung-soo by Yeon-hwa and he seemed to recognize the ring. Dun dun dun! Maha ran out to see Lady Ki but then, Byung-soo said that he was there under Dangkise’s order. Yeah, as if that man would order you to kill the child, huh? The poor boy was forced to choose side and he walked towards Byung-soo before Dok-man screamed at him, telling the Prince that those were the people who were trying to kill him. Maha ran towards Seung-nyang but an arrow was shot and hit him on the back before he could reach his mother.


Oh God, of all times…why the reunion had to be at this heartbreaking moment?! Seung-nyang held Maha in her arms, crying at the sight of her child hurting while the boy was wondering why he was crying buckets in front of him. Ackkk! The boy soon lost his consciousness as Seung-nyang continued to call his name. sobs

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Meanwhile..Ta-hwan was running across the palace, heading towards the palace gate as he seemed to be running away from someone else. He reached the gate but it was closed, leaving him to pound on the gate repeatedly. An arrow was shot but it hit the gate as the camera showed us the person who was chasing him: Seung-nyang. The lady was holding a bow and decked in red, ready to shoot Ta-hwan for killing Wang Yoo. The vengeful Seung-nyang admitted that Yoo was the only person forever in her heart and she aimed her bow right at Ta-hwan before shooting the arrow…


..and Ta-hwan woke up from his nightmare. He wanted to go to Lady Ki’s quarters but cancelled his plan. His mind was clearly disturbed..

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Dok-man took the arrow from Maha’s back but found out that it was laced with poison. Seung-nyang was so worried but the eunuch told her that the boy wasn’t hit on his vital point so he would be safe. He noticed that she looked so sad to see Maha being injured, plus Eunuch Bang’s worried look didn’t escape his attention either. He pressed Eunuch Bang for the reason why Lady Ki was so sympathetic towards her own son’s rival but Eunuch Bang chose not to tell him the truth for the time being. Seung-nyang finally had the chance to verify Maha’s birthmark and he was indeed his Byul. She recalled the moment she gave birth to him before losing him and apologized for hating the child as she kept calling him her son, Byul. Seung-nyang ah…don’t cry (ㅠㅠ)

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Byung-soo reported the outcome of the attack to Bayan (and they looked like secret lovers meeting each other =.=”) and she had never thought that Lady Ki would appear at the temple but it was better for her plan. Byung-soo would spread the rumour that Maha was attacked by people from Goryeo and Lady Ki would be inflicted this time. At the palace, Taltal informed Ta-hwan that he couldn’t find Yoo’s corpse and added that if he was indeed alive, Yoo would head towards Goryeo. Ta-hwan wondered if there’s someone who would help Yoo and Baek Ahn was quick to suggest that the person might be someone indebted to Yoo, for example…Lady Ki (enough of your assumption =.=”). Ta-hwan didn’t want to hear it and told Taltal to send his order to Goryeo: Yoo would be beheaded if he reached Goryeo. Ouch. Empress Dowager came over to tell him another bad news: Maha had been attacked and it was said to be the work of people from Goryeo. Lady Ki’s presence at the temple put her in suspicion, because according to their logic, she would be eager to get rid of her son’s opponent. Yeah, right.

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Bayan acted like it was something she heard for the first time when Court Lady Seo told her about the rumour of Lady Ki ordering Goryeo people to kill Maha. She was thinking of wearing her ring (it was given by Ta-hwan on their wedding day) but it was nowhere to be found. Could it be that…Yeon-hwa stole the ring?? Maha was escorted back to the palace but he was still weak. Even Ta-hwan looked so worried for his injured son and he refused to hear the Dowager’s rambling about Lady Ki. He went to visit Maha and realized that he had no memories of holding Maha’s hand. He even told Dok-man to keep his visit a secret from Maha, afraid that it would be another reason for the boy to be harmed. It’s okay to show your affection in private, Ta-hwan!

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Seung-nyang met Bayan and the latter expressed her (fake) concern regarding Maha’s attack (Court Lady Seo’s face was priceless, though) and kept reminding Seung-nyang that she might be on the losing side. Seung-nyang thanked her for her concern but she’s determined to bring down Bayan, who tried to harm her children. Yes, the ring was in Seung-nyang’s hands right now! Dok-man gave it to her and she recognized the ring as the Empress’ ring. It was a proof that Byung-soo was indeed working under Bayan’s order. Seung-nyang went back to her quarters and Ta-hwan was waiting for her, ready to hear her explanation. He knew that she would do anything for Ayu’s sake and Seung-nyang swore to the Heavens that it wasn’t her. She wanted to reveal the real culprit in front of everyone and Ta-hwan could have his way if she failed to do so.

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So everyone gathered in the throne hall and Seung-nyang was given the chance to explain herself. She was the one who saved Maha, not the person who tried to kill him. Empress Dowager tried to oppose her every word and Seung-nyang showed them the ring which belonged to Bayan. Ta-hwan wanted to hear the explanation from the Empress but she accused Seung-nyang of stealing her ring. Dok-man then testified, saying that he got the ring from the person who tried to assassinate the Prince. Bayan accused them of being Goryeo people who tried to trick the Imperial Family but Ta-hwan knew that Bayan was lying: Byung-soo was Lady Ki’s enemy and she would never work with an enemy! Hahahaha~ She was cornered now and the last defense she had was to act like she didn’t know Byung-soo. Seung-nyang requested for Court Lady Seo to tell the truth, whether Byung-soo and Bayan knew each other and she admitted that those two had met each other but it had never occurred to her that they would try to kill Maha. HA, Bayan was dragged away and no one dared to interfere with Ta-hwan’s decision this time. Muahahaha.

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Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001704037  Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001702836

A nun was escorted to the throne hall and Seung-nyang had another thing to be disclosed: Maha was not Tanashiri’s son. Uh-oh. The whole court was indeed surprised to hear that except for a few who knew about it beforehand and Seung-nyang brought in the nun to testify about Tanashiri taking away the abandoned child before burning down the temple. Empress Dowager was so shocked upon hearing that (she had never thought that she would lose her power this soon..right?) and passed out. Again, Taltal and Seung-nyang exchanged glances…don’t worry, no one but me saw both of you!

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Maha regained consciousness but he closed his eyes when someone entered his room. His visitor was Lady Ki, who checked whether his fever had went down. She wanted to tell the truth to Maha once he woke up and Maha, unable to hide his curiosity, opened his eyes and asked what she meant. Seung-nyang put on her iron lady mask and told him that he was not the Emperor and Tanashiri’s son. Maha demanded to know where his parents were and Seung-nyang was on the verge of crumbling but she steeled herself, saying that he was just an abandoned child (ㅠㅠ) Poor boy…He kept crying and Seung-nyang told him to stop crying.

Seung-nyang: Come to your senses. Stop crying! No one..no one won’t protect your life. Hence, you have to be stronger. And don’t expect anything from anyone…then you’ll be able to live. My words…make sure you remember it.


She walked out and Maha’s sobs could be heard outside. Seung-nyang let out the tears she held in in front of him and spoke out the words she really meant to tell him, although she could only tell it to herself.

Seung-nyang: Byul, my son..this is the only thing I can do for you. Just hold on for a while..just for a while. Byul, my son..

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Moo-song, Jeombakyi, and Suri were heading towards the promised place, where Yoo would be waiting for them with Bi-soo. They were somewhere remote but still in the Yuan territory. Bi-soo cooked some meat for Yoo and he noticed that her face was smeared with soot. Yoo tried to clean it for her but she stopped him from doing so. Suddenly, she saw a few men approaching them and told Yoo to drive the cart while she tried to protect them. It was Dangkise, who was more than eager to end Yoo’s life. Dangkise and his men chased them while Bi-soo tried to shoot them but in the end, she got shot by those filthy arrows 😦 Yoo held her in his arms and cleaned her face 😥 Bi-soo hoped that Yoo would think of her once in a while and with that….she passed away. WHY…………


The rest of the Goryeo team helped Yoo to bury Bi-soo and Moo-song gave Yoo something which Bi-soo kept with her all this while: a lipstick case. She was a true woman,after all. Suri told Yoo that Bi-soo had loved him and Yoo recalled the conversation he had with her before: she was asking for his permission to stay in Goryeo since she didn’t really have any other place to go. He wondered why she needed his permission to do so and she promised to tell him the reason once they reached Goryeo’s capital. sobs Yoo decided to go back to Yuan’s capital, although he’s aware that his life was in danger if he stayed in Yuan.

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Baek Ahn went to see Seung-nyang and told her that he won’t stop Ayu from being crowned as Yuan’s heir. She knew that he was trying to negotiate regarding Bayan’s issue but it was already decided that the Empress would be deposed. Baek Ahn decided to to forget his wish to protect her but Seung-nyang laughed it off, saying that it was her who wanted to protect him. Bayan was still hoping that her uncle would come to her help but it was the declaration of her being deposed which came to her. Even Baek Ahn refused to help her and Seung-nyang told the deposed Empress that she would be exiled. Cry no more, Bayan…no one would help you! Seung-nyang smiled victoriously at the frowning Baek Ahn and Taltal witnessed their exchange…come on, make your decision, Taltal!

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Byung-soo and Jo-cham were surprised that even the Empress was deposed and they would soon be finished too. Well, look around, boys! You have your face on the wanted posted on every corner of the city! Suddenly, someone approached them, holding swords on their necks…and it was Dangkise (with a brand new, upgraded eye patch). He wanted to kill Byung-soo for planning to get rid of his nephew Maha but Byung-soo told him that Maha wasn’t Tanashiri’s son. Yoo was also told about the news but the reason he went back to Yuan was to disclose the real identity of the Eagle Group Leader-nim. Jeokho reported that the leader were different people. Yoo suspected that it was done for the real Leader-nim to keep his identity hidden.

Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002851551  Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002856990

Seung-nyang went to the Dowager’s quarters to offer her some medicine but Empress Dowager refused to accept anything from her. She demanded to know whether Seung-nyang found out about Maha from a long time ago, but Seung-nyang only said that she had prevented the Dowager from committing a grave mistake. She called Seung-nyang rudely and Seung-nyang corrected her that she should be addressed with respect since her son would soon become the heir. Dok-man informed the Dowager that Maha wanted to bid her goodbye before he left the palace but she refused to see him.

Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002936069  Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002995028

Maha was waiting outside the quarters and Seung-nyang came out, telling him that the Dowager did not wish to see him. Ta-hwan joined them in front of the quarters and asked whether it’s time for Maha to take his leave. Ahhh…Maha was still addressing Ta-hwan as his father but soon changed it. Ta-hwan said that it wasn’t Maha’s fault; it’s his lacking self that caused all those things to happen. Maha told Ta-hwan to convey hi gratitude to Empress Dowager for raising him and bowed on the Dowager’s doorstep. Boy, you are breaking my heart! (ㅠㅠ)

Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003031398  Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003128028

Ta-hwan went to see the Dowager, noting that she was cold to abandon a child once that child was deemed unworthy to her. He recalled that it was the same when his younger brother became the Emperor: the Dowager sent him to exile coldly but once he himself became the Emperor, she welcomed him with bright smile like nothing happened before. He thought that Seung-nyang was different from the Dowager but he recalled his nightmare..and he’s shaken again. He collapsed, giving up to his own insecurities…

Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003143376  Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003246279

Seung-nyang brought Maha to a temporary residence and said that he would be her responsibility from now on. Awwww yeah! She spared Court Lady Seo because of Maha and told the court lady to bring Maha to Goryeo once he had recovered. Eunuch Bang found out about the arrangement and told the secret keepers about it, but Yoo was nearby and overheard them. He demanded to know what they meant by Maha was his real child and asked whether Maha was really his son. About time, sir!

Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003293493  Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003383850

Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003408842  Empress.Ki.E46.140414.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003424924

The court gathered again but this time, it’s for a happy occasion: Ayu was made the Crown Prince. So cute! Ta-hwan declared him his heir while Baek Ahn and the Dowager were both fuming with anger directed towards Seung-nyang. Hahahaha! They were still unable to accept the fact that the Emperor made a half-Goryeo the heir for Yuan’s throne but Baek Ahn was already planning to deal with Lady Ki. Uh-oh, Taltal, this is the time for you to save your Ladyship!


Seung-nyang was congratulated for becoming the Crown Prince’s mother but she was aware that the position didn’t mean that she could stand still and do nothing. Although she was the future Emperor’s mother, Baek Ahn and the Dowager won’t let her live in peace.


“The Chancellor and Empress Dowager will get rid of this person.”


Episode 47.

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000033767  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000051718

Seung-nyang went to Ta-hwan’s quarters but Golta informed her that the Emperor was still sleeping. It wasn’t a calm sleep for Ta-hwan as he’s haunted with the image of Seung-nyang aiming her bow at him, this time taking place in his own throne hall. The imaginary Lady Ki didn’t need him anymore as her son was already made the heir to the throne and she’s more than willing to avenge her father and Yoo’s death. Just like another big blow for Ta-hwan, an imaginary figure of Empress Dowager appeared, laughing hysterically at him, pointing out that the throne he’s sitting on right now was a position where brothers would kill each other and sons would kill their fathers in order to sit on it. Scary. He told her to stop rambling but imaginary Seung-nyang replaced the Dowager, ready to shoot him as he continued to beg her not to do it..


..Ta-hwan continued to mumble in his sleep, clearly affected with the nightmare and Seung-nyang tried to wake him up. He opened his eyes and saw her in front of him, with the same robe in his dreams. She asked what was wrong and Ta-hwan suddenly choked her, accusing her of trying to kill him. Uh-oh! She tried to shake him off, telling him that it was just his dream. Ta-hwan soon snapped out of his imagination and apologized while telling her not to nag since he didn’t drink. He’s getting worse, really 😥 Golta barged into the room and told him that the officials are pleading for him to strip off Baek Ahn from his position as the Chancellor.

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000228395  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000256056

The officials were already waiting in the throne hall when Ta-hwan made his staggering entrance and they wanted Baek Ahn to be demoted since he was a relative of the deposed Empress who tried to kill a prince. But then, Baek Ahn was already kneeling in front of the hall, pleading for himself to be demoted. You were trying to show off your sincerity, huh? Lady Ki could see through you (thus that smile~!) but unfortunately, not Ta-hwan. He thought that Baek Ahn was doing it out of hi loyalty to him and warned the others not to accuse the Chancellor of any crime in front of him, because he was his pride. Ummm…how about considering it one more time, Emperor??

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000368935  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000402569

Lady Ki and Baek Ahn met each other and I really love this scene! Baek Ahn thought that she was rather bold in moving the officials against him but she thought he was better than her since he managed to gain the Emperor’s trust. Baek Ahn was still thinking that Lady Ki was out to ruin the country if he was defeated by her and Lady Ki stated the obvious: it’s not that she’s becoming his rival to fight against him; it’s because of the fight started by him which made her him rival. Truer words had never been said, Lady Ki! She was confident to go against him although it could cost her a big loss: not only her own life but also the lives of Goryeo people in Yuan could be endangered. Both of them were ready to face the war, aware with the outcome that one of them would have to die.


Maha went to a temple and insisted on praying in front of the Buddha continuously although Court Lady Seo told him that he could harm himself. He didn’t look too healthy..was it the poison? Yoo made his trip to the same temple after finding out that Maha had been staying there for a few days. Maha coughed out some blood but hid it when someone entered the temple, not realizing that it was Yoo. He thought that Yoo was there to get his revenge. Awwww kiddo…he won’t kill you! Yoo saw that his face was full of sorrow and wondered if he thought that his world had ended when he found out that he wasn’t the Emperor’s child. Yoo told Maha that no matter who his father was, he’s who he was.


Maha thought that Yoo saw him as a pitiful child but Yoo said that in order for him not to be treated like that, he had to be stronger. The same words Seung-nyang told her son (ㅠㅠ) and Yoo silently apologized to his son for that was the only thing he could do to comfort him. Maha asked whether there would be another chance to meet him and Yoo caressed his son’s cheek tenderly to Maha’s surprise, giving him his promise that he would come over once in a while. I can’t with these two..(ㅠㅠ)


Yoo realized that Maha did have some similarities with him…yeah, like father, like son! After finding out that Seung-nyang had planned to send Maha to Goryeo, he decided to take the boy with him and tell Maha his real identity being Yoo and Lady Ki’s child. While you’re at that, guys, mind if I remind you NOT to talk about secrets in public? Because someone might hear you…and this time, Court Lady Seo was nearby to hear everything. Darn.


That why I tell you NOT to discuss your secrets in public, guys…

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000797230  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000888421

Lady Ki was in a hurry but it wasn’t because of the state issues or her rivals: it’s Ta-hwan, who had started drinking again and he was playing around with his concubines. Ta-hwan ended up catching Lady Ki in his arms during his game but she wasn’t interested in playing games with him. She asked half-heartedly about what made him so happy and reminded him that the doctor had warned him against drinking, but Ta-hwan’s excuse was that the drink made him able to escape the nightmare, the absurd one in which Lady Ki was trying to kill him. Hence, he hoped that Seung-nyang won’t stop him from doing so. This is so sad…

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000910377  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_000975041

Baek Ahn arrived to see the Emperor and Ta-hwan hugged him (it looks like Ta-hwan has a drinking habit that is hugging random people), glad to see a potential drinking buddy but the Chancellor wasn’t there not to drink, but to ask Ta-hwan to join him in reviewing the petitions sent by the officials. Ta-hwan couldn’t care less about it and he trusted Baek Ahn enough to give him his Imperial seal. Lady Ki insisted that he had to take a look at those petitions himself but Ta-hwan was set on entrusting Baek Ahn with his seal for the matter. So…did Baek Ahn thought that he won the first round?

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001051217  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001094027

Golta escorted Baek Ahn to Ta-hwan’s quarters and the Chancellor got his chance to play with the ink stamp using the Imperial seal. Taltal was shocked that the petition Baek Ahn had approved with the seal was to deal with the high ranking officials whom he thought to be competent, but Baek Ahn couldn’t care less about their ability. According to his belief, instead of ability, loyalty was more important; plus, they’re all Lady Ki’s people. Taltal tried to persuade him into changing his mind but Baek Ahn alluded himself into believing that he was doing it for the country and vowed to deal with the Three Lords and all the officials on Lady Ki’s side. When Baek Ahn said that his words were the Emperor’s words, Taltal seemed to have realized that his uncle had changed for the worse. Hurry up and stop him!

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001126159  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001272105

Baek Ahn tortured the captured officials and Lady Ki went to the prison to have a word with him, demanding to know the reason why the officials were treated like that. In the midst of the officials’ cries, pleading for Lady Ki to save them, Baek Ahn said that they were believed to have misused the government funds, but Lady Ki demanded to see the evidence. He treated the petition (with the Imperial seal) as the concrete evidence and she wondered if he was accusing her of conducting the crime, since they were her people. Lady Ki thought that Baek Ahn was the one who was slowly destroying the country instead of her.

Baek Ahn: This is not Consort’s country. It’s mine, and the Mongol people’s country.

Lady Ki: I am this country’s Consort.

Baek Ahn: But deep down in your heart, you’re a Goryeo people, right?

Baek Ahn stated that blood couldn’t lie, especially if it’s the lowly bad blood running in someone’s body from Goryeo. Lady Ki reminded him that so-called bad blood was also running through the nation’s Crown Prince, in case he had forgotten that she was the future Emperor’s mother. She accepted him challenge and left. Ahhh…I can watch them in a debate all day long!

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001272105  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001430597

Ta-hwan was talking to Ayu and he seemed to tell him something about Goryeo, because Ayu said that the court ladies were thinking that if Ayu became the Emperor, it would mean something for Goryeo. Ta-hwan was furious and he chided the boy, warning him not to talk about Goryeo anymore. Ayu was scared to see Ta-hwan  like that and ran to Lady Ki, who happened to be there to see Ta-hwan. He thought that Baek Ahn did the right thing and wondered if watching her people being arrested made her heart ache. Instead, he’s more concerned about what he heard from Ayu just now and slightly warned her that he wished to hear no more of that issue. Seung-nyang was disappointed, thinking that Ta-hwan still saw her as a Goryeo woman, but Ta-hwan gave his excuse, saying that with her getting involved in the politics, people would talk about her. He hoped that she would stay as she was quietly but Seung-nyang was doing it for the country’s sake. Ta-hwan still held his grudge against her for saving the traitor Yoo in front of him and ordered her not to meddle in the state affair. Seung-nyang darted off (I really need to hear her go,”Yeah, yeah…I got it!”) and Golta was staring at her, clearly glad that she’s losing the Emperor’s favour.

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001474774  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001527527

Eagle Group’s Leader-nim ordered Byung-soo and Jo-cham to meet Baek Ahn and those two cowered in fear, knowing that they would die once they met the Chancellor, but Leader-nim gave them the instruction to make themselves Baek Ahn’s minions. After the group’s meeting, Leader-nim took off his mask and revealed his identity…he was GOLTA (I got my second guess right!) but what surprised me more was the fact that Namu, one of Ta-hwan’s bodyguards, was his assistant. Woaaaahhhh!!! Golta predicted that Lady Ki would soon lose control over the officials as the Emperor had grown further apart from her and with Baek Ahn being the winner, his era would come. Yup, as expected from a merchant…all he cared for was money. sigh

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001567367  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001585552

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001654921  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_001805205

Baek Ahn was suspicious to see Byung-soo and Jo-cham approaching him all of a sudden but upon learning about the group’s willingness to give him some funds in return of his help, he agreed. Taltal was out dealing with Goryeo merchants on the street (?) and Yoo was nearby spying on them, taking note that the situation had gotten worse. Yoo decided to contact Suri to find out more about Eagle Group but this time, he’s working alone instead of helping Lady Ki. Taltal went back to see Byung-soo and Jo-cham going through the officials’ asset record and he was about to kill them but Baek Ahn stopped him. He didn’t want to believe the people who used to be on Yeon-chul’s side and thought that the country was slowly crumbling because of the merchant group. His concern was on the suffering citizens, but Baek Ahn thought that he was trying to school him. Ouch, more than the slap, I’m sure Taltal’s heart was aching to see his uncle’s changes..


The merchants were dragged to the palace ground but Taltal didn’t plan to kill him; instead, he’s sending them away as slaves so that they won’t be able to continue their business in Yuan. Lady Ki demanded to know what he was doing, but Taltal stopped her (he held her hand~~) , stating that it wasn’t her place to do so. Taltal admitted that he couldn’t do whatever Lady Ki thought he would do that was to go against the Chancellor and advised her to stop the fight, but she had set her mind fight until the end, unlike him whom she deemed as a coward. Awwww…please accept the challenge, Taltal! Don’t leave her alone in this fight!

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002030797  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002032298

Wang Yoo went to the temple again to meet Maha and it was cute to see them praying together, although Maha’s complexion was something to be worried about. Yoo asked Maha about his wish and the boy said that he wished for his parents to be well in the afterlife if they were dead but if they were alive, he sincerely hoped to be reunited with them one day. Ahhhh stop it, show (ㅠㅠ) When asked about his own wish, Yoo said that his wish was for Maha’s wish to be materialized. Awwwwwh~ It brought a smile to Maha’s face and he himself didn’t know why he suddenly smiled. Double Awwwwww~! Maha didn’t want to make Yoo worried about him and told him that he was okay while Court Lady Seo was sneaking around, scrutinizing those two’s every movement.

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002095228  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002148114

Ta-hwan was strolling around the palace when he saw the laundry section and he entered the place. He looked around between the hanging clothes and it’s like he was searching for someone. He was surprised when Seung-nyang appeared in front of him…and it was similar to, yet so different from the past. She invited him for a short, fun trip outside the palace. The trip was actually to show him the reality of his people living in famine and Lady Ki tried to persuade him into thinking of the citizens, but Ta-hwan believed in Baek Ahn’s loyalty and trusted his Chancellor’s decision. If you pay more attention to your country…then Lady Ki will voluntarily stop from protecting the country, Ta-hwan.

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002266766  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002267734

They traveled back to the palace but the citizens were probably muttering curses towards the Emperor while glaring at him. Ta-hwan suddenly felt sharp pain in his chest and stopped his horse but as he looked around, he saw a familiar face: Wang Yoo. He screamed while pointing at Yoo’s direction but Lady Ki didn’t see him. Ta-hwan was so shocked and he passed out before falling down from the horse. Lady Ki ordered for the Emperor to be escorted back to the palace and Yoo studied Seung-nyang’s worried expression from afar.

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002312178  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002362128

Ta-hwan was lying down on his bed unconscious while Seung-nyang continued to stay beside him. The physician informed Seung-nyang that the Emperor was safe for the time being but it was unknown when he would be able to wake up. Bad timing, especially with the Dowager and the Chancellor waiting to attack her! Meanwhile, it was the day for Maha to go to Goryeo but was getting worse and he couldn’t even swallow his medicine. Eunuch Park was there and he told Court Lady Seo to leave for good as he would take care of Maha. But then, he realized that the boy stopped moving….Noooo…

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002555155  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002623223

Yoo was waiting outside as he would bring Maha to Goryeo and he was happy that he got to call Maha his son. Gosh, this is heartbreaking 😥 Eunuch Bang went inside to tell Eunuch Park that they were ready to leave…but he was welcomed with the sight of the boy, who was lying lifeless on the bed. He couldn’t even bring himself to inform Yoo about it, causing Yoo to ran towards Maha’s room…but Maha had already passed away. It was hard to see Yoo in denial and called his son’s name, telling him to open his eyes (ㅠㅠ) He told the boy that he was his father over and over again. This is so cruel….



Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002668501  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002717350

Ta-hwan didn’t show any sign of regaining his consciousness and Seung-nyang was worried for him. She pleaded for him to wake up and not to be sick or lonely again while hoping he would understand that she was doing everything within her power to protect him. Eunuch Park went back to the palace but Yoo told him not to tell Seung-nyang about Byul’s death. Seung-nyang should be told that Yoo had brought him to Goryeo since he didn’t want to cause any more sadness and heartaches for her. Ahhh!!! She received the information that Empress Dowager and Baek Ahn had started to make their move and she ordered for the officials to be summoned to the throne hall for an official audience.

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002859826  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_002960060

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003009709  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003043810

Baek Ahn and the Dowager was planning to deal with Lady Ki while Ta-hwan was unconscious but they were one step too late; Lady Ki had the officials gathered in the throne hall. They were surprised to see her sitting on the throne but she’s following the law to become the regent since Ayu was still young. She took the chance to disclose that the Dowager had been neglecting her responsibility to take care of the Imperial Treasury and ordered for the treasury seal to be put under Dok-man’s responsibility. Meanwhile, Eunuch Park would be the new general leading the soldiers and guards in the capital including the palace. That’s not all; Lady Ki also ordered for Baek Ahn to hand over both seals in his possession: the Imperial seal and the twin seal. Yeay! It’s nice to see the baddies fuming in anger once in a while~

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003077277  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003149949

Taltal went to see Seung-nyang, reminding her that she’s started a dangerous hunt but she’s confident that she could deal with it before Ta-hwan woke up. She wondered if Taltal had decided to offer her his help and he told her to find Sun Tzu’s Art of War in the library. He had written down the name of the officials who were on Baek Ahn’s side, together with their bad deeds. She planned to deal with them by inviting them over for Ayu’s birthday celebration and Ta-hwan was to be transferred to her quarters.

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003239239  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003386886

The officials accepted her invitation and she thanked them for coming but they were only served with plain water. Baek Ahn thought that she was pulling a prank on them but she answered: how could they sit in a lavish banquet when the citizens outside are suffering day and night? Lady Ki pointed out some of the officials with their corruptions and showed them the record. Since it’s the Crown Prince’s birthday, she had put a special ingredient in the water served to them, which was a type of poison. She offered them a chance: if they were innocent, they should drink it and she would step  down from her position as the acting regent for killing innocent people; however, if they didn’t drink it, that would mean they admitted to their crimes listed in the book and she would deal with them. In the count of three, only Baek Ahn drank the water since he knew that he didn’t commit any crime and Lady Ki admitted that there’s no suck thing as poison; she was just testing them. Haaa~ But then, the officials had admitted that they were guilty and that left her with no choice but to punish them accordingly. Haha!

Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003457023  Empress.Ki.E47.140415.HDTV.XviD-LIMO.avi_003482515

Urgh, Court Lady Seo had found her way into the palace and she went straight to the Emperor’s quarters. Golta told her that Ta-hwan won’t be able to receive anyone at the moment but suddenly, Ta-hwan called for him. He had regained consciousness! Court Lady Seo seized the chance to tell him something and he gave her the permission to do so.

“Your Majesty, Prince Maha is actually…”




Translation for episode 48 preview has been posted HERE.

172 thoughts on “Empress Ki: Eps 46-47

  1. Will empress qi be aired on this Monday ? Why’s there no preview of ep 48? Or it will skip concern about the ship accident and the dead of people. Well, hope they’ll not cancel the air on Tue together.

  2. It seems that lady soh didn’t tell TH about maha’s real identity but told him about his death.SN needs to have a conversation with WY ,

    Anyway , seeing little ayu in BA arms is hurting. It seems like SN is in trouble again lol : TH BA and ayu in one side and SN in the other side …Do you think the GOVERNORS will rally her ?This scene seems awkward as if TH still protecting BA …..AS IF HE ALREADY CHOOSE HIS SIDE.

    But if she becomes empress it’s maybe because they choose her and not TH…..I love TH but his weakness and blind eyes makes me tired .Hope SN gonna do some badass actions to wake him up….

  3. I like SY taking control. Other than that the writers are doing all that they can to build negativity towards the emperor going against history acting like he was some war mongering tyrant when all i read about him was that he had little interest in politics but if they want a warm response regarding SY and WY then they have to damage the emperor. Too bad, this is the same writing that killed Maha and Feisu. Kinda makes you really indifferent about the ending. Except i don’t want to see SY with WY you now because of the characters that were corrupted and the people who unnecessarily died. What are they gonna do with that extra episode anyway? It’s already hastened plot point that are beyond obvious. I only watch when I’m super bored. This stopped being a priority a little before the time jump.
    I’m watching to see SY put people in there place and to hopefully see the emperor gain some common sense.

    1. @Ariel DuBenion
      The writers didn’t damage TH. They just let him stay the same. Meaning no improvement. He is still immature and insecure. Remember WY is a fictional character and one thing I learned about being a fictional character on sageuk is that they die. Like I said I want SN free of TH. Let her and Tal Tal end up together.

  4. I’ve have seen the preview for episode 48, but sad to say, looks like it will be a dream for me to see wy and sn consoling each other because of maha’s death. Eunuch bang sent the maha’s remain to sn and she was crying….. There was a scene at the hall and lady ki seemed to announce something when paeha came with baek an carrying Ayu…. Looks kike the rmaining episodes were as its saddest,,..

  5. oh man! the 46 and 47 were good but the 48 makes me feel uneasy for SN. TH choose o spare BA. This explain how much he care for him. ED smile in the 49 preview …SN seems so sad and hurt after all she did for TH.I’m not so exited for the 49.

    It seems that the writters are in a rush and it’s not fair for us .I mean , we follow it since the beginning so we deserved respect ..I”m sorry but I really don’t get them.

    See you soon guys to share our sadness and tears .

  6. this is waaay tooo much for poor WY!! first his crown then SN then Bee so and now Maha dammit! i was hoping he will end up happily w’ Bee so!
    why they killed Bee soo and Maha why!! it doesnt make any sense dear writers : 0 <)9

    Plz Emperor understand SN TT 0 TT love her again plz !
    but dammit SN must give him more attention she cant see hes in need for her! the man is going crazy ! poor you Ta Hwan TT 0 TT poor everyone lol ahh my heart (x ^ x) …

  7. NOOOOOOOO, Why does Bi-Soo have to die? I love the actress :C. Hoping that wang yu and bi soo could have a happy ending.

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