Are You Ready for School?

Time flies really fast and before I know it, we’re already at the end of November. Luckily I came across a few pictures of School 2013 cast yesterday because I totally forgot about it for a moment! Blame my rusty brain for it! Anyhow, the cast gathered for a press conference yesterday, since the drama is set for its first episode broadcast on December 3rd, which is next Monday. I’m trying to be calm over here but it’s useless; I’m already excited for it! Yes, I’m ready for School 2013!

I won’t be this excited if I’m to talk about my school. Haha 🙂

School 2013 is the fifth installment of the School series produced by KBS and it’s been 10 years since School 4 ended. That was a long time ago and throughout the 4 seasons of the series, many actors and actresses had ‘graduated’ and became famous thanks to their roles in School. The reason why I’m so excited for this one?

And also…

I just can’t stop grinning. I mean, I was excited to know that Jang Na-Ra and Daniel Choi will be starring in the drama together again,after Baby Faced Beauty. But to see them at the press conference is just pure bliss.I’ve never shipped teachers so hard like this, so can the drama please make them end up together, although they’re teachers? Well, teachers can have a happy ending too, right?

Cutie pies! Even the reporters ship them so much to have them to make the big heart. Weeeee~

Not to forget the student pairing, Lee Jong-Suk and Park Se-Young.

Pretty couple! I did the right thing to ship them right after I knew that they’re going to be a couple in the drama, because they are looking so good. Maybe it’s just me and my shipper feelings, but Jong-Suk never let go of Se-Young’s shoulder except in few pictures. Hahaha! My OTP! I’m truly blessed to have two OTPs to ship in a drama way before its broadcast 🙂

Together with Jong-Suk and Se-Young, Kim Woo-Bin and 5dolls’ Hyo-Young round up the main cast for the students, while Park Hae-mi and Yoon Joo-Sang will join Na-Ra and Daniel as the teachers.

Some of the students are made up of actors that are familiar to me, such as Kwak Jung-Wook as the problematic student. You might remember him as the photographer in White Christmas and based on the teasers, he suits his role here really well. Another one is Choi Chang-Yeob, Suribang’s arrow boy in Faith. Yeay for more cuties! Hihihi~

If you’re still not clear about the story, check out these teasers and previews. School 2013 takes over Monday-Tuesday drama slot on KBS2 replacing Ohlala Couple. Since I’m into light and fluffy dramas these days, a drama about school might be a good choice.

Looking forward to next Monday!

(Pictures credit to respective news agencies via naver news, videos credit to KBSDrama)

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