Daniel Choi for SURE

Daniel Choi has taken part in two movie productions this year, namely The Chronicles of Evil and Untouchable Lawmen. The Chronicles of Evil was released in May 2015 and opened in first place at the box office and had over 2 million admissions by the end of its run. He last appeared in kdrama Big Man last year, and I last watched him in School 2013 as the teacher who had faith in his students by the end of the series. This month, he is featured on SURE magazine and I like the simple, basic look for this pictorial 🙂

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Are You Ready for School?

Time flies really fast and before I know it, we’re already at the end of November. Luckily I came across a few pictures of School 2013 cast yesterday because I totally forgot about it for a moment! Blame my rusty brain for it! Anyhow, the cast gathered for a press conference yesterday, since the drama is set for its first episode broadcast on December 3rd, which is next Monday. I’m trying to be calm over here but it’s useless; I’m already excited for it! Yes, I’m ready for School 2013!

I won’t be this excited if I’m to talk about my school. Haha 🙂

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[recap] Baby Faced Beauty – Episode 4

So-Young’s life is pretty much full nowadays, with problems circulating around her. If it’s not because of So-Jin, it’s caused by her colleagues, particularly Jin-Wook. If I’m someone like her, I don’t know if I can survive my own life. The only good thing? Maybe a cute little brother that act like your big brother, or your hot boss, who has started to pay his attention to you, and has more expressions. Heh.

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[recap] Baby Faced Beauty – Episode 3

Sorry for the delay. I don’t know why, I’m still haunted by Na-Ra’s hurtful slaps and words to So-Young. I’m like that, always have some extra sensitivity towards some characters that have too much anger or annoyance in them, and I have to stop watching for a while. This month also marks my new semester beginning, so I have too much things on my head. I think now I have somehow work some things out, so I will start back my recap! 🙂

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[recap] Baby Faced Beauty – Episode 2

I have started shipping them : Jin-Wook and So-Young. Although there is a huge gap between their age, that is what makes them so cute : Jin-Wook thinks he is the oppa but So-Young acts like a noona. Everyone is going for noona-dongsaeng relationship nowadays, so why not? It is a trend now. What i am afraid right now is what will be his reaction when he gets to know the truth about her. Will he accept it just like that? Plus, I don’t get to see the chemistry between Seung-Il and So-Young yet(I AM already attracted to him LOL) and I am afraid I will end up shipping So-Young with both of the guys around her.

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