Jin Se Yeon – Instyle September 2012

I was surprised to find these amidst the recent news about Jin Se-Yeon. Since this is a pictorial for makeup, Jin Se-Yeon is prettily dressed with some makeup for Instyle magazine, September 2012.

Since I’m already here, let me spill my thoughts about the latest news of her being cast in Five Fingers. Hummm…

I was shocked when I found out about it, because it’s something that has never crossed my mind before. Eunjung is to be replaced, and the actress that’s going to replace her is no other than Jin Se-Yeon. Wow. So now, we get a new Hong Da-Mi for the show, and the news was only disclosed after the press conference, where Eunjung was present.

That’s like a huge blow to Eunjung and everything isn’t working well for her these days. Since SBS didn’t give any hint about replacing her for the drama, I was looking forward to see her in Five Fingers and I couldn’t help but felt sorry for her.

But then, when people started to criticize Jin Se-Yeon for taking up the role, I felt sorry for her too. Although her current project Bridal Mask is still airing, she’s willing to accept the offer, and that means she has to manage her schedule between the two dramas. Reading hateful comments directed towards her makes me feel that it’s so unfair. I believe she’s not the only one who has the authority to decide her own next project, and I wish people would try to understand this fact.

Plus, she starred in the film White: the Melody of the Curse alongside Eunjung, and they aren’t strangers to each other. I believe Jin Se-Yeon didn’t mean to be her replacement, but again, in entertainment industry, the artists aren’t the only ones who can decide what their lives would be. It’s harsh, but it’s the reality.

Anyway, I wish all the best for both of them, and I’m looking forward to see Jin Se-Yeon in Five Fingers. She’s grown on me as part of my OTP in Bridal Mask, so I am curious about her chemistry with Joo Ji-Hoon in the drama. I just hope that she’ll be able to get a good rest after this as she’s been working non-stop since the drama My Daughter, Flower.

source: Xports News


2 thoughts on “Jin Se Yeon – Instyle September 2012

  1. Sigh… this is why it’s hard to take fan girls seriously. They’re so defensive of their unnies and their oppars. What “hateful” comments are you talking about, lol? No one’s blaming/hating on Jin Se Yeon for taking Eunjung’s role. Anyone with half a brain knows that it’s the producers who decided to drop and replace Eunjung. People are just questioning Jin Se Yeon’s judgment in deciding to film two lead roles at the same time. Also, you can’t deny it was inconsiderate of her to start co-filming Five Fingers without prior notice and force Gaksital’s production team to accomodate her new filming schedule when they’re as busy as hell shooting Gaksital’s finale. Most people just feel sorry for Eunjung, but life goes on.

    And actors are the ones that ultimately decide which projects they want to take on. No management agency can force their actors to take on projects, especially if it means filming two lead roles at the same time. That would be illegal. Let’s not let fangirling interfere with our logic, yeah?

    1. I think this article explains it all about Se Yeon…


      I don’t think a rookie actress like her would blindly accept any offer without prior consent from Bridal Mask’s production team. In this case, there’s a lot of factors that made her accept the role.

      As you’ve stated above, life goes on…luckily the news about the replacement had died down and it gives more space for the drama itself to take the lead, instead of having the stories floating around that made the drama a popular search term on the internet.

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