More Posters for Penny-Pinching Romance

So much cuteness I almost want to pinch their cheeks. Apparently, another batch of posters were released for the movie Penny-Pinching Romance, featuring the main characters: Cha Ji-Woong and Goo Hong-Sil. The movie is currently being premièred in the cinemas around you. Well, it is the truth, technically, if you’re in South Korea. How I wish I’m there right now..

Can’t get enough of their cuteness? Here’s more:

Ye-Seul looks like a baby here! 

LOL if there isn’t any title on this poster, I’d say they’re doing an advertisement for some skincare products 

My favourites among the posters:

Beautiful. Enough said.

Looking at the posters, plus the other two that have been released before, the movie might be funny at first, but it will eventually take one a more serious tone at the latter half of the première. Anyhow, wishing the best for this movie and hopefully, I can watch this as soon as possible!

These are the other posters..

Also, MV of one of the OST for the movie by HITT, entitled I’ll Always Love You..

shared by : WithJoongKi


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