Flower Boys of the Ramyun Shop

Please read the title carefully. Yes, it’s not the drama. No, I haven’t watched it yet. But hey, I  found something about the casts: the flower boys behind the drama! 1st Look recently gathered the five new actors behind the drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and boy, they look so fresh in this photo shoot!

I believe this is their first time acting in a drama together (correct me if I’m wrong!), and although the story is focused on the three main characters: Cha Chi-Soo (Jung Il-Woo), Yang Eun-Bi (Lee Chung-Ah), and Choi Kang-Hyuk (Lee Ki-Woo), these five gentlemen would surely be able to capture some of the viewers’ hearts. Especially those with low immunity towards pretty faces like me.

Here’s their individual shots, the interview can be found here. It’s in Korean and I’m afraid I couldn’t translate it that well, so I’m just going to share the faces of the princes.

Jeon Bong-Hyun, a 1986-er. Name in the story: unknown. Chi-Soo’s sidekick.

Do Sang-Woo, a 1987-er. Name in the story: still unknown. Another Chi-Soo’s sidekick.

Song Jae-Rim. Born in 1985. Unknown character name. He’s the third member of the F5.

Jo Yun-Woo. 1991-er, the youngest. Going with the character Woo Hyun-Woo. The fifth member of the F5 group.

Park Min-Woo. A 1988-er. Crazy Chicken a.k.a Kim Ba-Wool. A student in Eun-Bi’s class.

Here’s a clip taken during the photo shoot.

Even my mom said they’re so good looking. Yay!

source : 1st Look


3 thoughts on “Flower Boys of the Ramyun Shop

  1. YUM! YUM! YUM! Song Jae-Rim is hot!!! His long hair adds appeal 🙂 I watched episode 1 already and it was quirky and cute! The eye-candies make the series fluffy! I totally love them! But Jo Yun-Woo is my pick! His role in the drama seems nice and because I have a thing for good guys, I have my eyes set on him ^^

    Oh! Of course! JUNG IL WOO! How can I forget the cutie scheduler??? His character as Cha Chi Soo is refreshing! Though I saw him already as a playful dude in 49 Days. CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF HIS NAUGHTY ACTS!!! :p

    1. I’m patiently waiting to watch the drama! Yes, I agree with you. Totally loving SJR’s grin, but I’m already captivated with JYW’s innocent smile ^^;
      JIW is shining throughout the drama, even from the stills.. I’m afraid I can’t stand his awesomeness and ends up having some nosebleed while watching it! 😀

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