[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 5

The main characters: King Sejong, Ddol-Bok/Chae-Yoon, and So-Yi are all trapped inside the entangled complex of their own. Sejong once felt inferior towards his father, Chae-Yoon is still living solely for his father’s revenge, and So-Yi probably is living indebted to Sejong. The main focus of the story is about the murders, but their entwined history is quite appealing and add more mystery to the plot.

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Song Joong Ki – Vogue Korea Nov 2011

And when I thought he’s not going to do any photo shoots in the nearest time, here he is! Recently being highly praised from his portrayal as young King Sejong in the drama Tree with Deep Roots and promoting his new movie Penny Pinching Romance/ Many a Little Romance with Han Ye-Seul, Song Joong-Ki goes to the Vogue photo shoot accompanied by his new girlfriend.

Chill everyone! ‘She’ is a scarecrow. Just kidding.

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[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 4

It’s been 1/6 of the journey but not much thing has been disclosed, apart from the characters’ pasts. While everything has been moving smoothly, especially the storyline and the surprises, there’s more coming in the next episodes. If the past was quite a thrill, the future will be more intriguing and addictive.

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[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 3

As much as the story focuses on serious issues such as power struggle and war between two different ideologies, there are some trivial issues that seems to be insignificant, but if they are not dealt properly, the effect will show up. People tend to judge based on what they can see and what is in front of their eyes is what they believe. In other words, people want to believe what they can see and avoid believing things that can’t be seen. This often lead to conflicts and confusion, and it can even cause a country to collapse.

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[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 2

Watching a sageuk demands more concentration than watching a modern days drama. It can be much more thrilling if you pay close attention to it and when some scenes appear, you can’t help but stay silent to hear what the people are saying. It’s like being engrossed in a chess game or a puzzle, or simply, reading a book. It’s a major distraction when someone tries to distract you, even for a brief second.

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