Welcome Back!

To commemorate the first episode of Tree with Deep Roots which is going to be aired tonight and the surprise that Joong-Ki filmed Running Man again this evening, it’s quite appropriate for me to say, “Welcome back to the small screen, dear Joong-Ki!”. Including the latest trailer of Many a Little Romance, these are like a triple happiness for me. Way to go, Joong-Ki sshi!

err…now who’s that? Is that you, Joong-Ki sshi?

LOL it’s not Joong-Ki actually, it’s Gary 😛

It’s reported that Joong-Ki will return to variety show Running Man (!) but sadly, he’s just a guest this time, together with Kim Sun-Ah. Well, half a loaf is better than none, right? I’ve been missing his crazy self in RM (remember Enthusiastic Youth Joong-Ki?) and I’m quite at loss when he departed from the show. Now, he’s back with his old team and forming alliance with Gwang-Soo and his Song sister, Ji-Hyo. This was filmed at Daejeon.

We got a tall tiger, a skinny cow, and a  petite chicken. 😀

cute! 😀

Looks like Joong-Ki is the cow. hehe^^

Sun-Ah unnie! And Jong-Kook, are you a Pikachu here?

They’re jumping rope again~

Strolling around under the sunny sky

Being surrounded by people..

A solo shot! Gosh, I envy those people!

This will be featured on Running Man Episode 66. It seems like he’s never leave the show at all, seeing him all comfortable with the casts. Ahh..can’t wait to see this, but I’m also impatient for Tree, although I can only watch it after my connection improve a little bit.

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