Spazzing Around #3

Guess that holiday has started to drag me along its way. Too much time means all you have to do is spend it away, be it playing, or simply laying around. If only my internet connection is better, then I’ll be happy.

  • He Who Can’t Marry was so addictive. Finished watching it in three or four days, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Then got addicted again with Running Man. If this is a drama, then I’d call it a well-casted drama. Everyone has their own roles.

  • Monday Couple is such a sweet couple, but I also like the Song couple.

  • Started watching Chuno/Slave Hunters recently, and couldn’t stop watching since. Eight Twenty and counting.

  • One thing that bugged me: how can a white hanbok be so clean after a long journey on the run? Tsk tsk..the prop team has to do it better to make it more believable.

  • I’m focusing right now on…General Choi and Wangson. LOL I love them when they are together. Possible bromance? Well..not likely..

  •  I think I’m more attracted to sageuk nowadays. Been re-watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal aimlessly and ended up crushing over Yeo-rim again.

  •  Looking forward to meet my friend to take some dramas from her. Se-Ryung and Seung-Yoo, wait for me!

  •  Hope she has Dong Yi too in her collection. And when I’m going to download Queen Seon-Deok? Guess I’m really addicted to sageuk now. But these are quite long =.=

  •  Playful Kiss and Royal Family…need to find some time to finish them.
  • Finally got to download Protect the Boss, finished it, and also started Tree with Deep Roots. Gosh, it’s so addictive I’ve to put it away last night to sleep.

Life lesson this week: humans are so complicated. That too, implies to me.

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