Princess Hours : my mini review

One word that comes into my mind when I open my folder of Princess Hours : classic. Re-watching it makes me feel like I’m fifteen again, giggling and crying alone, watching the DVD in the middle of the night. The fact that the story is about school girls and boys makes it dearer to my heart, although I’m nothing near to any kind of royalty. This drama surely brings back so many memories and I can’t help myself but laugh at Shin and Chae-Kyung’s silliness all over again.

To those who haven’t watch it yet, hurry up and watch it!. Although it centers around high school students (but a bit abnormal with the royal backgrounds), it is not an ordinary high school drama. The characters are very mature, maybe due to their royal backgrounds and you will be falling in love with them in no time. You may fall for Yoon Eun-Hye and Joo Ji-Hoon’s chemistry, so don’t be surprised if you keep wishing for them to be together in real life. Just a friendly advice from an experienced person here.

 – The main characters –

The Sassy Chae-Kyung

Meet Shin Chae-Kyung (Yoon Eun-Hye), the main dreamer in this drama. Because of her imagination, we  get to see the fictional modern version of Korean monarchy. She also includes herself in her imagination, where she is the oh-so-Cinderella-like Crown Princess of Korea. The only girl in entire nation who hates the Crown Prince initially, but she is the one that manages to make him fall for her. Perhaps, the only girl in KDramaland who’ve seen her future husband proposing for another girl. A playful and carefree girl at first, but in the end, matures from all the things happening around her. Easily hurt because of her new life as Crown Princess, but just like what Shin and the Queen say, it’s the palace adapting to her, not the other way around, and she doesn’t lost her identity throughout her duration of adapting to the court rules.

The Lonely Shin

Her husband: the Crown Prince of Korea, Lee Shin (Joo Ji-Hoon). A happy man boy on the outside, but a loner inside. Had an undeclared (and undefined) relationship with a ballerina. He’s the accidental Crown Prince because of his Crown Prince uncle and King grandfather died. Not that he has a cold heart, he is just unable to express his feelings freely due to his strict upbringing as a prince. Being rejected by his best friend when he proposes to her, he agrees to the marriage with Chae-Kyung due to their grandfathers’ promise.A prince who’s always smiling when he finds his new wife amusing, starts to open his heart towards her, who gives him a new view of life.

The Cool Hyo-Rin

The world-class ballerina in the house, Min Hyo-Rin (Song Ji-Hyo). A very good friend of Shin and the one who rejects his proposal. Wins a ballet competition and offered a scholarship to further her studies abroad, but turns it down in order to pursue Shin. He waivers at her presence around him, but fate keeps them away from each other. Almost being used by Yul’s mother as a bait to rack the court, but she chooses her dreams again over her unrequited love. Cool headed but can be persuasive at times. She and Shin are so much alike : lonely, quiet, and seldom expressing their thoughts to others.

The Loyal Yul

The ex-Crown-Prince-to-be, Lee Yul (Kim Jung-Hoon). The son of the late Crown Prince. Still have some kind of grudge towards his cousin Shin, whom he regards as ‘the person who takes his rightful place, including his bride’. Strongly influenced by his mother, the ex-Crown Princess. Sweet, typical boy-next-door who is always by Chae-Kyung’s side because he understands her hard life inside the palace. Harbor a one-sided love towards her, who only regards him as a friend and cousin. Likes to help her when she is having hard times, but starts to influence her in asking a divorce so that he could take her out of the palace. Has an eye for the throne due to his mother’s influence but his yearning for Chae-Kyung exceeds it. Ends up taking the blame of the things that his mother did.

My favorite moments and things~

  • Chae-Kyung and her family members’ imagination – it is a family trait.

her over-the-top imagination

with her parents’ reaction to the violence report of Shin

not to forget, a perfect house hubby Shin in her imagination

and her brother’s imagination of perfect husband Yul

  • Shin’s way of showing his affections – through more actions and less words

Shin’s comfortable back hugs (from the way they look like), unlike the pervert-like back hug from Chae-Kyung


sneaking a kiss when your wife is sleeping

  • The youthful energy kicks in – …

Chae-Kyung’s attack on Shin’s back

while Shin’s restraining himself

  • Couples’ time –

Shin and Hyo-Rin

Yul and Chae-Kyung (luckily Shin isn’t around)

Chae-Kyung and Shin

the forced dance scene that never fails to make me laugh

  • Beautiful scenes – because the places are so pretty

  • My favorite quotes :

 I don’t know since when, but we both came along the same path. Just as you shook me, you brought my heart out of my hidden cave. Just like my heart was broken, I became more and more curious of you. I wanted to see you, and with the mere thought of you, I smiled. You made me into a fool.  ~Shin

We promised the citizens that you will receive the punishment for our mistakes.So I want to keep that promise. Because I am the Crown Princess of this country. ~Chae-Kyung

I too, won’t give up until they find out I’m innocent. Because I am the Crown Prince of this country. ~Shin

In the world, if there is a fate that can be held onto,then there will also be fate that should be abandoned. It was a meaningless fate from the beginning. I feel that Crown Princess and I belong to the last category.  ~Yul

Crown Prince proposed to me, but I rejected him, because to me, my dream is more precious. I’m not like what the rumors said : ” A Woman Abandoned by the Crown Prince.” I chose this myself. Right now. I just want to be known as Min Hyo-Rin, the ballerina.  ~Hyo-Rin

Chae-Kyung : Hyo-Rin-ah, if we meet each other again one day, we could become friends, right?

Hyo-Rin : One day, pain will also change into memories.

Chae-Kyung : If we really try our best, there will be such a day, right?

I love all the characters. They are still young, but they are forced to act like adults when people around them influences them so much. Most of their actions did not come from themselves, but rather caused by others. Unlike typical KDramas, the characters here are still green, but the adults are the ones who mold the young ones into what they want them to be. This drama is definitely a classic and must-watch, at least to me.

6 thoughts on “Princess Hours : my mini review

  1. I just don’t like the pathetic ending they gave for Lee Yul. I cried for it the whole night. A great character doesn’t deserve such ending. ;(

  2. I hope there will be part 2…as of now that they are now capable of mature roles..and i hope that it will happen soon…princess hours part 2 please.

  3. I’ve seen this drama back in 2007 and I decided to watch it again last week. Princess Hours has always been one of my favorites,and I just fall inlove with the story everytime I watch it. The best part was when they were starting to fall for each other,but when they finally confessed their love,they ended up separated because of the King’s decision. It was nice that they renewed their vows this time,in their own will. I just couldn’t tell the time difference from the time the princess left the palace until the prince visited her in Macao, if she was pregnant then it couldn’t have been that long since they got separated. I was just curious. I just wish they weren’t apart for so long after what they have been through. When they finally saw each other in macao, the princess casually waived at the prince when she saw him. She could have been so surprised and ran into his arms. When the princess left,it was so dramatic. If the prince passed the thrown to his sister,he could have went straight to the princess and be with
    her.Maybe I was expecting more,now that they know they feel the same way. when the prince proposed to the princess i was also wondering why she did not answer him right away and said she needs to think about it,and that he is only visiting her because he mentioned that he’s leaving the next day.. Anyway,she still surprised him in the car. I guess now they’re married and are expecting a baby,i guess they wouldnt have to be apart anymore.

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