Can’t Get Enough of Seo In Guk?

Well, these magazines sure know how to make me all weak in the knees so early in the morning. Seo In-Guk is featured in both Elle Girl and Nylon magazines for their October 2012 edition.

He looks very ‘tame’ in Elle Girl’s pictorial, showing off his boyish look when compared with the Nylon photos, where he’s giving off his bad boy vibe and looking wild.

This Nylon photos remind me of his photo shoot before with 1st Look. Maybe it’s the concept or because of the black and white photos, but the focus for Nylon is his fake tattoos.

Still can’t get enough of him? Watch his new weekend drama Rascal Sons, set to premiere on this coming Saturday night on MBC. Or keep rewatching Answer Me 1997 😉

source: Newsen | The Star


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