Preview: Three Meals A Day Season 2 Episode 4 with Ji Sung

In case you missed the news, Ji Sung is going to appear on Three Meals A Day Season 2 this week as a guest! For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it is a variety show in which Lee Seo-jin, Taecyeon, and Kim Kwang-gyu are ‘slaving’ around in a farm to prepare three meals for a day, thus the title. The brain of the show, PD Na Young-seok has voiced out his wish to have Ji Sung as a guest in an interview before and guess what, Ji Sung readily agreed when he was invited.

Park Shin-hye was the guest for episodes 2 and 3, and the talented actress has set a high bar for the next guest, hence the reaction when Taecyeon and Seo-jinnie saw that it was a guy coming to their house. Hehehehe!

Ji Sung appears there with enthusiasm and a bag of ice cream for the guys, but it is not enough to coax the heartbroken Seo-jinnie after sending the Cooking Goddess Shin-hye. Ah, poor Seo-jinnie! Taecyeon is then introduced to the ‘female’ guest they have…who is no other than Yo-na. Kekekeke~ Why don’t you hug that oppa, girl?!

[tvN] TMAD E03.mp4_20150531_222044.893

Ji Sung didn’t remember his wife’s phone number and Seo-jinnie wondered if his wife isn’t really a good cook, prompting him to brag about ‘his Bo-young”s cooking skills. His burning enthusiasm is then put into use with moving plants into the green house (with the heart of a private while sighing that it feels like going back to his army service days LOL) and getting used to life at the farm, including preparing the meals.

Since he is the newbie there, Ji Sung is entrusted with the task of washing dishes and he proves himself to be a reliable dishwasher, gaining the approval of the meticulous Seo-jinnie. But then, he might have to improve on his praising skills, especially when it comes to motivating the chefs Seo-jinnie and Taecyeon!

[tvN] TMAD E03.mp4_20150531_224202.607

The best part of the preview has to be their visit to the town office (if I’m not mistaken), with Seo-jinnie says that he’s in the middle of shooting so he can’t take pictures, but he points the girls towards Ji Sung while grinning wickedly at the camera as Ji Sung is being surrounded by the excited ladies. Muahahahaha~ I can’t wait for the episode to air!

[tvN] TMAD E03.mp4_20150531_223729.811

Catch the episode this Friday, 5th June on tvn!

(Oh my, I am really turning this blog into Ji Sung’s fanblog :P)


5 thoughts on “Preview: Three Meals A Day Season 2 Episode 4 with Ji Sung

  1. Must Watch….. Can’t blame you for turning this into a Ji Sung Fan blog because I rely on you for his news…..

  2. Omigosh! Ji Sung oppa! I’m definitely watching this!~ I also love Lee Seo Jin, he’s cutie whiny ajusshi with lots of sense of humor. Been catching him on ‘3 Meals A Day’ and ‘Grandpa Over Flowers’. This show is definitely not like other variety out there, it’s pretty much about mundane daily farmer life, with little things that pinch the heart. I fell in love with their dog from season 1, Minky.

    1. I just love how Ji Sung oppa is so predictable when it comes to his wife, he’s like an automated wife worshipper. He’s definitely a husband material.

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