[recap] Baby Faced Beauty – Episode 2

I have started shipping them : Jin-Wook and So-Young. Although there is a huge gap between their age, that is what makes them so cute : Jin-Wook thinks he is the oppa but So-Young acts like a noona. Everyone is going for noona-dongsaeng relationship nowadays, so why not? It is a trend now. What i am afraid right now is what will be his reaction when he gets to know the truth about her. Will he accept it just like that? Plus, I don’t get to see the chemistry between Seung-Il and So-Young yet(I AM already attracted to him LOL) and I am afraid I will end up shipping So-Young with both of the guys around her.



The episode picks up from last episode, where Jin-Wook finally finds So-Young, whom he is searching for, in front of him at his office.

After a little fight until both of them tumble down onto the floor in front of the coffee machine, So-Young gets dragged outside by Jin-Wook and they starts to argue.

Jin-Wook : Give back my baby.

So-Young :  Baby? What baby? Yah, let me go! You eunuch!

Jin-Wook : Have you seen? Have you?

So-Young : Then maybe it is true. You don’t even any response.

LOL I love them. Jin-Wook begins whining about his how miserable his life has been after meeting her : losing his money, car, and girls around him (like he has one). So-Young also barks about his extreme step, pasting her picture everywhere and calling her a fraud.  Jin-Wook loses his temper and grabs So-Young on the collar, but luckily, a phone call for him saves her.

They return to the design department, where a presentation is being held and So-Young is the model. Jin-Wook eyes her angrily all the time and shows her his fist, mumbling “You’re so going to die!” They keep staring at each other,fury in the eyes. Others are unaware of both of them.

Suddenly, a phone call on Seung-Il interrupts the meeting. Apparently, a guy from a car service company is there at the parking lot, furious because Seung-Il is not there to pick up his car key and the car itself. He threatens to just leave the car key there and leave. At the same time, So-Young is being told by her superior to go to the parking lot and take some things from her car. Jin-Wook is eager to follow So-Young to talk her into matters again and when Seung-Il ends the meeting, he does not waste any of his time.

So-Young, on the other hand, has been given the car key of Seung-Il’s car by the guy, and he quickly leaves. So-Young is confused and does not know what to be done, but a guy in the car behind tells her to move the car aside. Having no other choice, she moves and parks the car with shaking hands, maybe it has a long time since she last drove a car. She looks around in the car and stares in awe. While she is enjoying her time and the seat’s pure leather, someone appears in front of her.

Jin-Wook muses over her car, flailing good, over-the-top comments about the expensive car while So-Young stands there, unable to grasp his real intention. Then, he starts to ask about price, but she does not know while telling him that it is not her car. Jin-Wook is not going to be fooled by her twice and takes out his key. He is “going to give her a taste of how painful it is to lose her car” and..

Jin-Wook begins scratching the polished car until it leaves there a very long scratch. So-Young tries to stop him, saying that this is really not her car but he ignores her. They are interrupted by somebody’s presence : Seung-Il, the real owner of the car.

Seung-Il is angry because his car is being scratched without a solid reason. So-Young leaves the scene quickly, leaving Jin-Wook behind, chickened out by himself. Seung-Il totally looks like an angry, ravenous wolf while Jin-Wook is like a little lamb, trembling in front of the wolf. He tries to talk with his President but he coldly refuses and tells him to pay for the damage.

So-Young is happy to be able to escape while laughing at Jin-Wook who didn’t believe what she said earlier and ended up damaging the President’s car. She happily rides the elevator but gets caught by him before she can escape. Again, she is dragged away by him. Jin-Wook really wants to hit her, but he end up hitting the iron bar instead of her. He asks some money from her, but she says she does not have any money and leaves him.

Jin-Wook is surely not going to give up and resorts to the next step :

He starts to make her pay his money every time he spots the suitable moments. The moments are the situations where she will bring out her money, like buying drinks, food, and even riding the bus. He makes her pay everything on his behalf and considers her ‘paying her debts to him’. Quite childish, but it is effective. He even follows her into a restaurant and makes her orders things which price exceed the amount of money in her purse.

He begins to lecture her about various things, including her weird hair style and says she may get fired if she continues to be like that (and he will not be able to collect his money, heh). Talking based on your experience, huh? The complaint goes into the way she dresses, which he regards as ‘looking like an ahjumma and totally outdated’ and the way she behaves like an ahjumma although she is so young. She chuckles, telling him that he will be surprised if he knows her real age.

The age-guessing game begins : Jin-Wook looks straight into So-Young’s face and makes her blushes while he is trying hard to figure her actual age. He gets it wrong : 24, and then 25, but when So-Young doesn’t say anything, he just takes her as 25 and tells her his age: 27! He chides her about her language and tells him to call him oppa. Things are so going into wrong direction now.

The food arrives and they begin to eat their meal when suddenly, his mobile rings. His senior calls him to invite him for a free drink, provided that he brings along a partner.

So-Young gets dragged to the bar alongside Jin-Wook and she joins them. Everyone starts to toast and drink but when she wants to grab her glass, Jin-Wook stops her, saying that it’s his and he wants to drink two glasses today. Besides, it’s his money and not hers. His friends feel weird about his attitude and offers her the glass, but he still does not allow her to drink. His friends ask what is wrong with her drinking the beer, and he says she is an under-age and only 18.

Everyone around the table is  astonished, buzzing about how young So-Young is. They begin to compare her with IU and things, but she is not too pleased with this and steps on Jin-Wook’s foot. He even says that she is his niece. Then, the guys starts to pick on the girls there because they are old and this pisses So-Young off because she belongs the same category, although unknown to the others.

She grab the glass, drinking half of the glass rapidly, and begins lecturing them about women and men’s indifference in life and how men always think that they are so hot even when they are older, but women don’t think like that at all. She even encourages the women to cheer up and do not think about what they are saying. She leaves, with Jin-Wook trailing behind her.

Jin-Wook tries to make her stay but she refuses to do so (after being called a child when you’re way past your school years? I don’t think I would stay too if it’s me there) and decided she will not do that anymore and storms off. She even talks in her sleep, chiding Jin-Wook about the oppa-noona thing.

The next day, Jin-Wook receives a call from his mother, asking about giving him money and when he is going to return to their family’s business (and even asks him whether he wants some kimchi or not) but Jin-Wook refuses to do so; he is going to learn everything from bottom and then returns. Then, he buys some drink but it gets smuggled by Manager Jang. Talking about karma itself..He also reminds Jin-Wook to buy some decent clothes for himself because the President has been warning him about his clothes. So, he goes to the shopping complex and buys a suit, which is paid by Manager Jang, because he does not have enough money.

While waiting for the promoter, suddenly Jin-Wook overhears a customer complaining about returning a bag that he bought at the duty-free shop, but it is claimed a fake by the promoter. He looks at the situation with great interest and suddenly, an idea comes to him.

So-Young is currently being scolded (again) by the designer Park Na-Ra (Yoo Yoon-Ji) because of several things. Others don’t even back up her. Heh. So full of themselves. Then, she is told to do some tasks, and get scolded again by other people. On the way back to her department, she runs into Jin-Wook.

Jin-Wook asks her to help him return the bag the he bought. His reason? His mother is very sick, having heart problem and she is going to undergo her surgery. Because of that, he needs some money and he has to return the bag. When he senses So-Young has taken his bait, he leaves the bag with her. Having no other choice, she goes to the shop to return the bag.

The salesgirl does not accept the bag because it was not bought from the shop and So-Young looks like someone who doesn’t have enough money to go shopping at a place like the shop. So-Young tries to ask again but she gets turned down by the salesgirl and she says that the bag is an imitation So-Young gets out of there because other customers are waiting behind her to pay for their things.

Among the customers in line is Kang Yoon-Seo (Kim Min-Seo). She is a regular customer, judging from how the salesgirl treats her, or maybe because she is one wealthy girl that have loads of money to be spent at the shop. I freaking love her outfit here, but I don’t like what happens next.

So-Young forgets to take the bag from the counter and when she goes to retrieve it, she accidentally pushes Yoon-Seo’s handbag to the floor. She helps her to pick up her belongings and when Yoon-Seo is going to pay the price for her bag, she suddenly realizes that her purse is missing.

Yoon-Seo tells them it is not much problem but the salesgirl insists that So-Young is the culprit here and goes out to call her back into the shop. Totally miffed with this ridiculous accusation, So-Young suggests they conduct body search on her how many times they want because she knows that she is innocent, but she is annoyed by the treatment that they give according to the money people have.

But then, when she is in the car, she realizes that her purse is there, maybe it falls down and goes unnoticed by her. Poor So-Young…

Payback time. So-Young eyes Jin-Wook, who is totally having the time of his life, with full hatred mode. She marches towards him and at first, she plays along with him, but when he accidentally says the wrong thing (his mother is having problems with her liver, not her heart like he said the first time), she catches him in his own lie. He stammers and she takes an immediate action.

She pours the kimchi onto his head and it stains his newly bought suit. His temper is now have been pushed to the limit and he throws the seaweed soup to her, except that he misses her.

And it hits Seung-Il right on his face (LOL he is so unlucky).

Jin-Wook tries to ask for forgiveness with his I-am-so-sorry-but-I-don’t-even-know-why-it has-to-be-you-in-the-soup’s-way but Seung-Il ignores him and says that he wants to meet him after the meeting and goes away, leaving scared Jin-Wook behind.

Jin-Wook senses that his career is going to end today : he doesn’t have any decent outfit to wear for the meeting and he will get fired because of that. Plus, he has scratched his boss’ car and even thrown soup in his face. What a way to get himself fired! He cries but gets comforted by So-Young, who agrees to help him to repair his stained suit.

Yoon-Seo goes to see her mother, who is Director Hyun (and I think that they are so alike in their taste, no wonder they are so compatible as mother and daughter). The have some talk about Seung-Il, because Yoon-Seo tries to win his heart, while Seung-Il doesn’t give any response. Yoon-Seo assures her mother that his will be a good step, not only for herself, but for Director Hyun, who wishes to take over the company from Seung-Il. Dun dun~I smell something fishy here~

Then, Yoon-Seo goes off to see Seung-Il, who is very happy because she remembers his daughter and even bought a present for her : a doll wearing a designer’s dress. His daughter, Hyun-Yi, must be really happy, he says.

The scene goes to So-Young taking some discarded fabric from the manufacturing department and starts drawing some patterns on the fabric and using a sewing machine.

Jin-Wook is nervously looking at his suit in the meeting. Very soon, it is going to be his turn to give a presentation to the people in the meeting, but he is still looking confused whether to wear it or not. Then, his name gets called and he has no other choice. Which we get to look at others’ reactions.

While Jin-Wook..

..keeps his poker face throughout the presentation and carries it out like nothing happens, although some of them are already giggling when they see his newly altered suit. I laugh so much when I see him in that outfit, but he is still cute and looks like some sort of a detective. Lucky for him, Seung-Il likes the outfit that he is wearing during the presentation and tells Jin-Wook to bring it tomorrow for him to have a look at it.

At the manufacturing department, So-Young is told to do the sewing for the sample as a compensation for using the sewing machine earlier, while the guy sits happily and orders her around. However, when Director Baek (Kim Mi-Kyung), the head of the department comes, he tries to claim her work as his, but she knows better and sends her off to give the sample to the design department. Manager Jang, who is sleeping, tells So-Young to just leave the sample on the table. Which I assume will bring some more problems afterwards.

When she is at the lobby, So-Young spots an advertisement about an upcoming design contest, which offers a full-time job as a designer for the winner. She takes a look at it with full interest, but she interrupted by someone’s presence: her ex-schoolmate, Joo-Hee. She hides in time and she can’t see So-Young, but So-Young is wooried how her cover may be blown if Joo-Hee knows about it.

Ha! It turns out that she is Seung-Il’s younger sister. She comes to see him to talk about Yoon-Seo because he is ignoring her although he knows that she likes him. She also compliments her a bit too much and begins to point out Seung-Il’s wrinkles that have started to show themselves. Joo-Hee starts to teah him a weird face exercise while he looks at his sister weirdly.

Seung-Il’s life also is not that perfect. He argues with ex-wife that refuses to take care of their only child, Hyun-Yi (Ahn Seo-Hyun). He is angry with her, but when he looks at his only daughter’s photo, he smiles lovingly at it. Aww..I love a loving father like him!

At her house, So-Young is still looking at the contest ad and begins to search for some designs in her box. But she then realizes that she is not Lee So-Young who has some experience in the field; she is a part time model Lee So-Jin right now and keeps her designs back. So-Jin comes into the room and she brightens when she sees the reward: 5 million Won for the winner.

The following day, Jin-Wook cheerfully calls So-Young and tells her about his successful presentation yesterday. They are currently on good terms right now but So-Young is totally not able to see the storm that is going to happen next.

The sample is now missing and everyone in the design department is getting scolded by the head of department. She asks about who  is the last person with the sample, and Manager Jang points his finger to So-Young. She is unable to do anything and searches for it, but it can’t be found anywhere. The whole department is in chaotic state because Seung-Il is scheduled to see the sample in the evening.

Na-Ra can’t contain her anger anymore, plus her colleagues keep pressuring her about hiring So-Young and causes this mess. She then slaps So-Young (ouch) twice but Seung-Il arrives before she have the chance to do anything more severe.

He does not let So-Young shoulder the responsibility, instead the whole design team is going to be the one responsible, but she will be the one who causes loss to the company. If the design team will not be able to find the sample before the scheduled meeting, he will account someone in the team to be responsible for this.

So-Young cries alone in the washroom (I feel so sympathy of her!) but after that, she decides to do something about this. She goes to the manufacturing department to borrow the sewing machine but the guy there wants to chase her out. Then, Director Baek comes in and she directly asks her permission.




So-Young is going to be hired as a junior designer, which indicates that she is going to succeed in whatever she decides to do. However, there is going to be some problem when there is something going on that involves her ID, that might be dangerous for her.


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