[recap] Baby Faced Beauty – Episode 4

So-Young’s life is pretty much full nowadays, with problems circulating around her. If it’s not because of So-Jin, it’s caused by her colleagues, particularly Jin-Wook. If I’m someone like her, I don’t know if I can survive my own life. The only good thing? Maybe a cute little brother that act like your big brother, or your hot boss, who has started to pay his attention to you, and has more expressions. Heh.



So-Young returns to her department and finds out that Yoon-Seo is introducing So-Jin to the rest of the team. Then, they enter Yoon-Seo’s room to discuss something.

So-Young find an excuse to enter the room by making coffee. Sometimes, your most hated work can be helpful too. So-Jin is talking about famous designers with Yoon-Seo and her designs. So-Young tries to chase her sister out, instead, she is the one that gets chased out. On her way out, Yoon-Seo asks about So-Young’s age, which makes her drop her tray. Almost get caught there..

So-Young quickly have a word with So-Jin after that, but So-Jin ensures her that she doesn’t have any intention of being a designer. Besides, So-Young is already a designer there, so she is just helping her to get her name acknowledged. Then, So-Jin walks away, leaving So-Young in her wrath.

Jin-Wook is struggling to get his hand on the drinks from the vending machine when someone calls him: it’s Yoon-Seo. Jin-Wook is taken aback by surprise, but Yoon-Seo goes away before they could talk more and hands him her name card. He looks at the card with a longing expression. When he walks goes down, he hears some people talking about Yoon-Seo’s sudden appearance in their company. It has to be for someone that she likes very much for her to quit her flashy job at New York and return to South Korea.

Jin-Wook quickly goes out and tries to call Yoon-Seo, but he hesitates. He remembers the good old days when he and Yoon-Seo were an item. Yoon-Seo was already showing her interest in fashion and design, and they looked so happy with each other. Jin-Wook decides that he isn’t the one that Yoon-Seo likes now, and deletes their old picture in his phone. Ouch..heartbreak for him!

Meet No Young-Joon (Yoon Hee-Suk), another addition to So-Young’s family. He undergoes an audition, probably for a music company, but gets turned up because of his looks that doesn’t fit his young age of 25. Pardon me, but he makes me remember this. Hehe. He walks out in low spirit after being rejected, and sees a poster of  2PM. He sighs and muses over the difference between he and them, although they are all of the same age.

Later, he goes to his sister’s house to have a meal, but he is not welcomed to live there, as they’re also having things only for three persons. So-Young calls him uncle although he’s way younger than her, but So-Jin demands some pocket money if she has to call him uncle.

In the morning, Jin-Wook suddenly comes into the Design Department and buys some milk for everybody. He suddenly becomes extremely cheerful, even Chief Jang is feeling weird about him. And when he’s alone…

…Jin-Wook drops his cheerful mode and returns to his solemn self. Aww. Looks like he’s still sad about Yoon-Seo, and tries to cheer himself up by being all happy in front of others. Then, another bad news comes : Rosemary, the department store which is in process of dealing for some business with The Style, is undergoing some restructuring. Because of that, to secure the business, it is the best if they could introduce a woman to the Director, because he is still searching for a wife.

As the worker from the department store says, the director likes girls of age 25, so everyone starts to sweet-talk So-Young to go along with the plan. Everyone is putting this as a ‘Save Our Company’ mission, so she doesn’t have any other choice but to agree.

Thus, begin the makeover session, using the samples available. Heh. It somehow looks familiar. A dress which is going up for online sale is chosen and surely will be one of the hot items (according to Na-Ra : because even someone with not-so-good figure like So-Young could pull it off). So-Young is not that pleased, but holds her words.

 It’s actually So-Young’s birthday! Someone sends a text message and Jin-Wook manages to catch the birthday word in the text before So-Young grabs her phone from him. It’s Sun-Nam, wishing her happy birthday and asking for the rest of the rent. His reason? His girlfriend wants to go for a holiday and he needs money. Hahah. Nice reason. So-Young smiles, happy because there’s someone who still care about her.

Here comes Director Ahn Jung-Nam (Lee Seung-Hyung), the blind date for So-Young. He looks like a well-mannered guy, from the way he treats her. So-Young quickly denies when he says that she comes to see him only because of the company’s business. They have a discussion about older women (a topic which is sensitive for So-Young) over an expensive red wine. Someone calls her, but she doesn’t take the call seriously.

At the company, another problem appears : Director Hyun (or Yoon-Seo’s mother)  comes over to Design Department to take a look at the latest sample, which is now worn by So-Young. Things never get along with us when we are in trouble, right? Chief Jang, Na-Ra and Jin-Wook try to buy more time to give the sample but she gives time only until 9 pm for them to pass it to the President.

That sends Jin-Wook nervously waiting for So-Young to return, but she misses Seung-Il by a little moment.

They head together to Seung-Il’s house to make sure that he gets the sample on that night. On the way there, So-Young thinks that it isn’t appropriate for her to walk around with the sample on, so she has another idea : she borrows a uniform from a cleaner at the mansion where Seung-Il is staying, something that looks like a pajama.

Seung-Il is on his mission to chase Joo-Hee, his sister, to get out of his house. As soon as she steps out, he only holds his head out and quickly says his goodbye, and closes the door, leaving his upset little sister outside.

At the same time, So-Young tries to leave but Jin-Wook holds her there to keep his company while he talks to Seung-Il and threatens to tell Seung-Il about her using the sample if she goes away. So-Young has no other choice but to stay.

Both of them get all sweet-faced in front of the screen (sorry but I really don’t know what it is called ^^;) while being observed by Seung-Il. After he opens the main door to the elevator, So-Young decides that her role ends there and walks away, leaving Jin-Wook alone.

So-Young walks out of the building on the same time when Joo-Hee pulls out from the parking lot. She recognizes So-Young and stops beside her. It’s funny when her face falls and she starts to misunderstand So-Young, judging from her clothes. Joo-Hee thinks that So-Young is doing several jobs, and one of them as a cleaner there. While So-Young tries to clear the misunderstanding, Joo-Hee looks at her with budding symphaty. Haha. So-Young decline Joo-Hee’s offer to send her to bus stop. That day must be her unlucky day, because the rain starts to fall.

Only then she realizes that her phone is in the sample’s pocket, and off she goes to Seung-Il’s house to retrieve it. He eyes her carefully and he doesn’t allow her to step inside (clean freak, I think). When he goes inside to get the phone, an array of events occur.

  1. Water drips from her clothes: So-Young tries to wipe it.
  2. Her coin purse falls : she tries to pick all the coins.
  3. She steps inside: Seung-Il sees it all.
  4. He gives her permission: he smiles when he sees her struggling to pick all the coins (so adorable!)
  5. The phone rings : both Seung-Il and So-Young tries to pick the call (she remembers about the text message with her age in it)
  6. So-Young slips : she falls onto him.
I love Seung-Il’s expression here. Priceless. Both of them stand up hastily, just in time before someone comes in.
Yoon-Seo is trying so hard to keep her composure. Yeah, who won’t be upset, if someone that you have liked, who never be friendly with his workers, suddenly invites a woman into his house? She tries to look friendly with So-Young (who knows what she’s feeling inside) but So-Young knows it. She quickly say goodbye, but Seung-Il stops her to give her an umbrella. Yoon-Seo sweetly tells her to take it when she refuses. However, Yoon-Seo feels a little jealous when Seung-Il smiles at a 500-won coin that belongs to So-Young.
Jin-Wook, who is composing a text message for So-Young, suddenly gets a call from her. She is not amused at all about the blind date and refused to do so in the future. He is mad at her, but he still considers about his attitude towards her. Adorable.
The rain has made So-Young catch a cold and she keeps coughing. Jin-Wook teases her about her date while she angrily steps into the elevator. Unexpectedly, Seung-Il joins them inside the elevator.
Double awkward. The threesome keeps the silence in the elevator. Only So-Young’s cough can be heard at times. Seung-Il asks about the business with Rosemary, and Jin-Wook answers it confidently and even nudges So-Young. Then, comes the unexpected question : he asks So-Young about her condition! Jin-Wook starts to eye them weirdly. Seung-Il also hands over So-Young’s coin that she left at his house. Jin-Wook keeps asking why she is given the coin by the President while Yoon-Seo looks at her in an unfriendly gaze.
So-Young is still speculating about Seung-Il and Yoon-Seo’s relationships and begins to practice her speech to explain about her presence at the President’s house to Yoon-Seo. She goes “Screw me! They are dating!” when she accidentally drops Yoon-Seo’s notebook and picks up a photo of them. Yoon-Seo then tries to act like an understanding boss and she’s like, ” Okay, I know you’re there, at President’s house for work stuff”  while So-Young can’t bring herself to say what she planned earlier.
She’s sent away by Na-Ra because of her cold, and guess who comes to her home to visit her?
It’s Director Ahn from Rosemary who comes bearing a portion of expensive abalone soup and a gift : an expensive, glittery hair clip for his dearly So-Young. He’s pretty smitten with her, apparently. So-Young feels burdened and tells him that she’s not used to get such an expensive gift like that, but he urges her to accept the hair clip.
Which becomes the source of the next quarrel between her and Jin-Wook. She demands him to explain it himself to Director Han as she is tired, playing a game like that. She refuses to form any alliance with him anymore and tells him to go finish what he has started.
In the meeting room, these iron women are having quite a row with each other while discussing about a problem with the fabric material. Director Hyun and Director Baek are quarelling in their most subtle way, both having their own pride. They are shooting daggers from their eyes at each other and even the President can’t do anything.
So-Young, again, is assigned to go to Rosemary, and she meets Director Ahn, who is walking alongside Jin-Wook. They agree to go for a tea (Jin-Wook’s idea) and while waiting for Director Ahn to come down, Jin-Wook and So-Young argues about the blind date that is solely for the company’s sake, and bad time, Director Ahn hears this. Big trouble cue ahead.
They go for a drink and things start to heat up. Director Ahn begins to say things to So-Young and degrade everything about her : her education, work, and even her lifestyle. She counters it back, but it becomes worse with him beginning to be violent. Added with Jin-Wook’s temper (and his desire to protect So-Young, of course!), they fight and end up at the police station.
Director Ahn wants to charge Jin-Wook and So-Young for fraud, but Jin-Wook has another card against him: he is also guilty in giving bribe through the hair clip. So-Young wants to end this and protect Jin-Wook, but she doesn’t have the gut to reveal her true age, so Jin-Wook gets locked up in the jail.
My favorite scene of this episode! 😀
So-Young : What do you want to do now?
Jin-Wook : Actually, I feel very sorry towards you. Just now, to see you being treated like that, I also feel bad. I really feel like I did things I shouldn’t have done to you. I’m sorry. Ah, don’t worry about me. He can’t kill me. My family is super rich, even if we have to pay a lot, the money will not run out!
So-Young : What rich? You can’t even use your credit card.
Jin-Wook : Oh, you don’t believe me?
So-Young : Hey..
Jin-Wook : Hurry up, go! A woman shouldn’t be at this kind of place for too long. Go home!
(I love him. So much.)
An urgent meeting is being conducted, and it looks like Jin-Wook is in the verge of being fired. So-Young gathers up her courage…
and goes to see Director Ahn. She even kneels in front of him, asking him to forgive him. Ahh..now it’s her turn to protect him! All of a sudden,
Yoon-Seo appears and smiles sweetly at Director Ahn, who recognizes her in a glance.
Why both of them are having tears in their eyes? Why??

Rant Out, Souls!

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