Lee Je Hoon × Park Jung Min – CINE21 No. 1315 Interview

The 10th anniversary of “Bleak Night”, Lee Je-hoon and Park Jung-min look back on each other’s past decade.


(This translation is a collaboration between @jehoonist704 @kryshoon and @muchadoboutlove on twitter<3)

Whenever the topic of the most impressive independent films of the 2010s is brought up, “Bleak Night” would always be mentioned without fail. “Bleak Night”, a feature-length film that was produced through a research on production processes at the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA), quickly brought Director Yoon Sung-hyun and the cast to the forefront as promising talents of the industry. Not only did “Bleak Night” break the stagnation of pretentious violence and cold-heartedness that had been shaping the teenage world onscreen, it also shook the stereotype around what defines ‘good acting’. The actors of “Bleak Night” showed that a face falling apart bit by bit with the tiniest detail is more poignant than an external performance of an emotional outburst, and that there is an enchantment of realism in acting that is saturated with raw subtleties.

As a result, “Bleak Night” gained traction through word-of-mouth and surpassed 20,000 viewers (T/N: it was difficult for indie films to even reach 10,000 viewers in Korea at that time), attracting interest from more people beyond the existing audience of independent films. This led to a ripple effect on the films “Re-encounter”, “Han Gong-ju”, “The King of Jokgu”, and “Socialphobia”, just to name a few. From Lee Je-hoon to Byun Yo-han, with a lineage of actors who established themselves through KAFA graduation projects, rookie actors that agencies are painstakingly nurturing, as well as established actors, started to pay attention to independent films of KAFA graduation project origin. Seeing how a single independent film brought a new wave into the industry, people curiously kept their eyes on how the main players of “Bleak Night” would continue their paths and carve their names in Chungmuro.

Since then, the lead actors Lee Je-hoon and Park Jung-min rose through the industry, as if they were passing the baton between them. In just a few months after “Bleak Night”, Lee Je-hoon gained public interest through the blockbuster “The Front Line” and dominated the newcomer awards that year. “Architecture 101” continued his streak of success, to the point of people claiming that he had no rival among actors of his age. Although his comeback project after his military service did not do well, the disappointment he felt did not last long; he lived up to his reputation and proved himself worthy of expectation through “Signal”, the drama that opened a new paradigm for genre-centric series. By expanding his filmography with “Anarchist from Colony”, “I Can Speak”, “Where Stars Land”, “Collectors”, and “Taxi Driver”, he showed himself to be a clear-headed actor who does not obsess over roles where he could shine by himself but places importance on the work itself and the ensemble cast.

On the other hand, like how the actor himself had expressed a few times before, Park Jung-min experienced a painful time before he met “Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet”, to the point of seriously considering calling it quits. But just as how it once unfolded for Lee Je-hoon, Park Jung-min swept the newcomer awards with his portrayal of the independence activist Song Mong-gyu in “Dongju”. As if the film industry had been waiting for him, he continued to take on lead roles in “Keys to the Heart”, “Sunset in My Hometown”, “Svaha: The Sixth Finger” and “Deliver Us from Evil”. With actors his age in youth films, Park Jung-min entered a territory unattainable by youth icons with his clean, clear and wholesome face as his weapon. With Hwang Jung-min, Lee Byung-hun, and Lee Jung-jae on the other hand, his fully blossomed presence shows that his slump was just a chance for him to prove his perseverance.

One interesting thing about them is that for two people who branched out from the common point that was “Bleak Night”, very few people would put the paths they took into competition. Even when we set aside their relationship that is actually close in real life, Lee Je-hoon and Park Jung-min are far from rivals that win and defeat each other. In short, they each have something that the other does not, like how it was written in the film. In the Zoom-terview Cine21 arranged to mark the 10th anniversary of the premiere of “Bleak Night”, Lee Je-hoon and Park Jung-min’s answers suggest that both of them are aware of this fact. Moreover, even when they are envious of each other, they are not jealous, and they sincerely cheer for each other; as if to show the greatest form of affection–for the next chapter of each other’s lives as actors–possible of solidarity from a relationship formed through work. 

From the stories behind the camera when they were filming for “Bleak Night” to the film’s effect on their acting careers to date; their onscreen reunion on “Time to Hunt” and the “Unframed” project in which both Lee Je-hoon and Park Jung-min are participating as directors; the conversation between two people with a strong decade-long friendship continued for 70 minutes without interruption. While it was delightful, and sometimes touching, to listen to them even from the side, one can’t help but to feel jealous of them for having such friends in the same industry.

Lee Je-hoon and Park Jung-min’s Zoom-terview is now available on Cine21’s official Youtube channel too.

LJH : Hello. How are you doing? 

PJM : Yes, yes, I’m doing fine. What are you up to these days?

LJH : What am I up to? We’re releasing a short film project called “Unframed” on the streaming platform Watcha this December, and we are working on the planning, production, and even directing ourselves. All four directors are actors: Park Jung-min, Choi Hee-seo, Son Sukku, and myself. Word has it that apart from mine, the other three parts came out amazing!

PJM : Ah, that is giving me a lot of headache.

LJH : You’re working on the post-production, right?

PJM : I’m in the process of editing and we’re in a situation where we need to do ADR (T/N: stands for Automated Dialogue Replacement, which is post-recording of dialogue), which wasn’t a part of the plan so to our producer, I’m really sorry! I’m spending the most time on post-production, yet it seems like I still have the most work remaining. I’m in trouble.

LJH : Don’t be too hard on yourself and just do whatever you want!

PJM : I heard from the editor that the number of cuts our short film has is similar to the number of cuts for 20 minutes of a typical commercial movie. (laughs)

LJH : (laughs) There must be a lot of back and forth checking of the source files. Let’s keep fighting for a bit more!

PJM : I’m spending lots of time looking for the source files alone. Now that our producer needs to start directing too, have a taste of it yourself!

LJH : I’m currently waiting for the schedule of the cast [to clear up], and I’ll have to go into post-production and submission as soon as I’m done with the shoot. I’m working on it meticulously but there will be many variables when we actually start shooting, so I’ll just have to try my best.

PJM : I also thought that I prepared a lot, but there are just too many variables that come up while doing it. I feel regretful while editing, like, “Why didn’t I shoot this that time?”

LJH : We’re supposed to make it in under 10 minutes. (laughs)

PJM : I think mine will turn out to be about 20 minutes.

LJH : It’s okay. We can release it as a feature-length film. (laughs)

PJM : This is so difficult. I shouldn’t have picked up your call that time!

LJH : (laughs) But you did pick up my call… even so, I’m just so thankful for you to be doing this, really.

PJM : Oh, it’s a good experience for me.

LJH : By the way, I wonder how our Director Yoon Sung-hyun is doing. Is he doing well in Singapore?

PJM : He’s in Singapore? I didn’t know. Is he in Singapore?

LJH : That’s what he said. It’s about time he returns and prepares himself before going to LA to shoot an American series.

PJM : I see. I haven’t had the chance to contact him recently.

LJH : He won’t call us [to join the cast], right?

PJM : He must be using American actors. Let’s pay him a visit using filming as our excuse.

We were 24 and 27 When We Filmed “Bleak Night”

LJH : By the way, how is it going for the filming of your film “Smuggler”?

PJM : I was shooting in Samcheok and returned yesterday.

LJH : I met (Kim) Jong-soo sunbae-nim at the premiere of “Hard Hit” and I heard about the shoot from him. I saw the still cuts, and the visuals are just whoa~ The sight of you preparing for another amazing character after “Deliver Us from Evil”… I thought it was a Hollywood film. 

PJM : The stills are the only thing that is cool. Will the tone and manner of our film be similar to the stills? I don’t know. Anyway, Director Ryoo Seung-wan, Kim Hye-soo sunbae-nim, Yeom Jung-ah sunbae-nim, (Jo) In-sung hyung, and (Kim) Jong-soo sunbae-nim, they are all really kind so I’m having fun on set as the youngest.

LJH : I heard that there are underwater scenes too so take care of yourself and when you’re in the sea… drink some of the water. (laughs)

PJM : I can’t swim. We had training but it was so scary. We have to go back and forth in just one breath. Even if the water is just this much, I feel breathless like I’m about to die. I have to be careful. I’ll return alive.

LJH : Safety comes first, so I hope you’ll return in one piece. By the way, you sent me a message earlier this year, right, that it’s our film’s 10th anniversary? It made me emotional when I looked at the poster again.

PJM : I was 24 and you were 27 when we filmed that.

LJH : I remember the time we all gathered and ate braised chicken at Andong Jjimdak in Myeongdong! It was also drizzling that day.

PJM : I didn’t get to stay until the end since I had to attend reservist training. That’s why I wasn’t there when the film received the New Currents Award at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). It was such a pity. When you were cast for “Bleak Night”, did you know that the film would bring about such a huge change in your life like this?

LJH : Not even once did I think of that. Honestly, maybe it’s because I wasn’t good at reading scenarios back then, but I was really, really taken aback when I watched the completed film. The film was crazy. Honestly, it was shocking. Was it really the film from the scenario I read and acted out? I realized that I filmed an incredible project. Will I be able to shoot another film like this? I was in a daze when I heard from people who had seen the film that it left a deep impression on them; those were unbelievable moments. How was it for you?

PJM : I have never thought that this film would become an opportunity in my life. Even after the film was released, I never thought that “Bleak Night” would be the reason I could shoot another film. I just thought it would be a short film that’s a bit longer, maybe the director would get an award at a film festival if it did well, but it turned out to be such a huge opportunity given to the actors. Presently, we pick a certain film, shoot it, then until it hits the theatres, we hope it does well and that many people will watch it. But I didn’t even have that kind of hope at that time. I was so amazed by the fact that people in the industry could recognize me after the film did well. I got to enter a company and gained myself an agency. (laughs) I can’t even remember much when I think of that time.

LJH : We attended a lot of GVs (T/N: stands for Guest Visit, Korea’s term for discussion and Q&A sessions with the director, cast and/or crew) after the film was released, and I heard that surpassing 20,000 viewers was incredibly difficult for indie films back then.

PJM : We even had a party to celebrate 20,000 viewers. At an underground bar in Apgujeong, Go Hyun-jung sunbae-nim came and we shook hands with her. 20,000 viewers. So amazing.

LJH : I had done several short films but it was my first time being a lead in a feature-length film, while “Bleak Night” is stated as your debut film on your profile. If you were to look back at yourself during that time, are there any differences compared to you right now?

PJM : Um… 10 years can be both long and short, but it’s funny how those years have made me recognize lots of things, both good and bad. Will I be able to return to the old version of myself? Would I be able to act with the same mindset and attitude I had back then? I don’t think it’s possible for me to do so. Of course, there would certainly be good development as well, but I think I learnt a lot of things that I shouldn’t have seen or heard. If you ask me whether I would be able to do well if I encountered another film like “Bleak Night”, I’m honestly pessimistic. I can show a different kind of development but I don’t think it would be easy to bring back the liveliness of that time. Hence, there are moments when I feel a bit depressed, from time to time. “Bleak Night” still feels like an incredibly huge mountain to me.

LJH : You’re right. Even after acting for 10 years, I would always mention “Bleak Night” as my representative work when I talk with other people. When I think about whether I can outdo the acting, I don’t think it would be easy. I also think doing things without knowing much due to inexperience was great in a way. There is a lot to think about , like my surroundings, now that I’ve gained experience, but my mind was only focused on just doing it back then.

PJM : There was no such thing as being calculative. I miss those kinds of things. I have done two projects together with you, or three, if we’re to include the recent music video. I’m always torn between doing a little bit more to achieve a certain level and doing something I won’t be able to do in this lifetime. But when I look at you, I always think that I can never do it like you. The first time I felt that was during the scene in “Bleak Night” when you said this line to me, “Your mother cooks for you, right? I cook for myself.” I was really shocked. It was your first shoot, and it was the second for me. When I went home after the shoot ended, I thought vulgarly, like, “Sh*t.” I thought if this continued, I might not be able to show my face in the film. (laughs) That scene was a very distressing trigger. There’s also the scene where we fought with each other, “I’m transferring. Because of you.”

LJH : I always think of that moment. You made up your mind about something and talked to Ki-tae unlike before, and I was shocked and felt hurt for a moment. Whoa, it’s like you were digging into something? At that time, your acting was so intense that I could only follow you.

PJM : That scene was shot one day earlier than the original schedule. I was like, “We are going to film this scene all of a sudden?” I was quite flustered but I got a lot of help from you. It was a situation where I couldn’t prepare anything, so I seemed to have relied on you. But did we do it in two takes? There weren’t that many takes.

LJH : We gave each other a lot of strength during “Bleak Night”.

PJM : One thing I still remember about “Bleak Night” was that you passed out because you kept smoking. (laughs)

LJH : Right now, I’m going back and forth between being a smoker and a non-smoker, but back then, I didn’t smoke at all. I learned how to smoke because of “Bleak Night” but I didn’t think I would pass out from smoking so much in one sitting while acting and going to the emergency room in the middle of shooting. (laughs)

PJM : I still remember that very clearly. Even when we were filming “Time to Hunt”, you got dizzy while smoking. I was surprised when your face just went pale. From what I see, it doesn’t fit your body. There are people who don’t fit well with what isn’t good for our bodies.

LJH : I can’t drink, I can’t smoke, I guess my body just isn’t cut out for it. What I felt the most sorry and bad about was the scene where I slapped you.

PJM : Seven slaps!

LJH : I didn’t know I would really slap you like that, but it was a relief it was done in one take. After I filmed that, whoa…

PJM : Ah, right. You cried. (laughs) I was okay about the slap, but I felt really pathetic that time when you grabbed me by the hair in front of the classroom. Everyone was just staring at me. I would’ve cried then if the cut came even one second later. It’s like the memory is stored somewhere in my DNA? It was so humiliating that I wondered if I ever experienced something like that when I was younger. We shot about 20 scenes and I thought that we were already filming for a long time, but it doesn’t make sense for a feature-length film to have only 20 scenes. That was so cute of me to think that we had already filmed for a really long time. (laughs)

LJH : (smiles without a word)

PJM : There are really a lot of memories. When you bought an iPhone when it was first released and showed it off, I liked [the phone] a lot! I was scared to ask my mom to buy me one, so I bought it myself too. So Hyung, “Bleak Night” was a film made when smartphones were first introduced!

LJH : We got along so closely and well with Director Yoon Sung-hyun while we waited for his next project. We didn’t discuss deeply about whether or not we would act in his next film, but we never thought that it would take such a long time to see it. (laughs)

PJM : Hahahahaha!

LJH : I was reminded of “Bleak Night” so many times when we met again on the set of “Time to Hunt”.

PJM : It was quite amazing. I didn’t have many parts so I joined in the middle of the shoot. It honestly felt a little strange to even do makeup. We didn’t do any makeup when we filmed “Bleak Night”. Although the makeup was what I’ve always done, it just felt strange at that time. And when I went to monitor the scene, the sight of you and the director sitting from behind was what I saw at Sunrin Internet High School (“Bleak Night” filming location). [I thought,] “That’s right, the two of them were sitting together and talking just like that back then,” but when I looked around, it was a  film of a totally different scale. The feeling was really strange.

LJH : Back then, we would be eating either Hansot lunch packs or kimbap for our meals. (laughs)

PJM : We really didn’t have any money; (Bae) Je-gi and I didn’t even have a manager, so we took my mom’s car [to the set]. (laughs) I later met (Byeon) Bong-seon hyung and (Son) Hyun-seok hyung through my subsequent projects and we would feel proud when we reminisced those moments because the people who made “Bleak Night” are faring well in the industry.

LJH : I worked with cinematographer Byeon Bong-seon and lighting director Son Hyun-seok on “Phantom Detective”. It was a really strange feeling; I was so happy and gained strength from it.

PJM : I met with them so many times, for “Psychokinesis”, “Tazza: One Eyed Jack”, and “Hellbound”. It feels like a huge fortune to be able to do so after meeting them for the first time [through “Bleak Night”]. I even bumped into Jo Sung-ha sunbae-nim when I went out for drinks with (Bae) Je-gi in Sinchon two years ago. We were surprised to realize that we were drinking beside each other. (laughs)

LJH : We also went to Berlin together after filming “Time to Hunt”, right? That was the last time I went overseas, at this point in time. We went there about two days prior to the film festival so you booked an Airbnb, we all slept there, and we went around the city while eating good food. I really, really loved that.

PJM : It was very fun. We worked a bit during the night then rode the kickboard… ah, it was really so fun that we didn’t want to return, so we considered whether we should return a bit later. I had to return earlier for a promotion schedule and I really didn’t want to come back.

LJH : So it’s a film that makes us dream of shooting another good film and going to a film festival together. It would be great if we could all get together and hold a GV. Should we gather on our 20th anniversary?

PJM : 20th anniversary… we’re going to be quite old by then. Wouldn’t Jo Sung-ha sunbae-nim be 60 years old? (laughs)

I’m Very, Very Grateful

PJM : Watching the films and dramas you starred in, how should I say it? There were many times when I was envious.

LJH : Hmm… (laughs)

PJM : Seeing the roles you played, there are so many distinctive characters that I cannot possibly play so I was really very envious. Rather than feeling jealous, what should I say, it could also be from a heart of support but seeing you play the characters that I think I won’t be able to pull off even if I died and was brought back to life, there were many instances where I felt that you were amazing. I don’t know if you’re aware but there are times when I have to speak and whenever someone asks me who’s my favorite actor of my age, I always say it’s you.

LJH : Hahahahaha

PJM : There’s this one time when I said, “I really respect Lee Je-hoon,” and the radio DJ at that time was someone who’s kind of a bit old and they said, “You don’t have that much of an age difference though, did you have to use the word ‘respect’?” Anyway, although it’s our duty to follow our seniors, when I look at you from not so far behind, should I say you are doing extremely well? I always feel that way.

LJH : Hearing you say such things is making me shy and grateful, but there were honestly many times when I got envious watching you too. I was shocked when I attended the premiere of “Keys to the Heart”. How were you able to act like that while playing the piano? If I were to do it? Impossible. I can never do it. Honestly, I was already very envious just by the fact that you played that character. I saw that the actor named Park Jeong-min prepares a lot and is focused. After that, I always feel that you’ve become an irreplaceable actor. When I saw “Deliver Us from Evil”, whoa, it was really insane. The seniors (T/N: more experienced actors) exude a certain aura but when you come on screen, it’s like a breath of fresh air. The atmosphere relaxes and the audience keeps laughing. Seeing the tone and manner of a film change because of you, I felt that you’re such an amazing actor and I was envious.

PJM : I keep feeling how great of an actor you are each time I shoot a movie. You went to Chungmuro before I did and even got a lead role. It’s something that I would never know if I hadn’t tried, but now that I’ve worked on several projects I realize that this isn’t just a matter of acting. You have to have communication skills and be able to set the mood on set… because those things are beyond me, it made me think of you a lot. You played this role at such a young age and did a great job in enduring it. You’ve worked hard.

LJH : You’re also doing really great, Jung-min. I hope we can shoot movies and act for a long, long time in good health.

PJM : This is something I always couldn’t say in front of you because I’m a bit embarrassed but… we went to Japan with our director one time, right. We were hanging out in your room and when I was leaving for another appointment, you said, “I’ll drop Jung-min off.” I was quite moved by what you said while we smoked.

LJH : What did I say? (smiles)

PJM : I’m not sure if you remember, but it was a time when I was an actor that people didn’t really know, and just getting a role itself was incredibly hard. I must have looked weary in your eyes. My shoulders must have been slumping. You followed me and said this, “When I get to a position where I can give more opinions or lead something as I shoot movies, the very first person I’ll take care of is you, Jung-min.”

LJH : (smiles without a word)

PJM : You once said this when we’re in Tokyo, “I hope you won’t give up, hang on even if it’s hard, let’s do our best together.” I think I gained several times the strength than you intended when you told me that. To be honest, that time was really… it was a really hard time for me because it was a time when I was considering whether to keep being an actor or not, but what you said was really… it felt like there’s still a lot in store for me. I was really grateful. Those words… it could provide comfort to anyone but for me, rather than comfort, it gave me huge strength.

LJH : Seriously… it was from the bottom of my heart but you…

PJM : I’m very, very grateful. (laughs) I said it like I was joking earlier but I’m also very grateful that you always tell me whenever there’s something going on in your production company, HARDCUT.

LJH : It might look like I’m too biased in a way, but whenever I’m working on something, you’re the first person I think of among my peers.

PJM : That’s why I sent something to your office as a means of repayment. I’ve put in some effort. (laughs)

LJH : I won’t reject it! (laughs)

PJM : It might be something you already have, but it’s also good to have two.

LJH : Thank you, Jung-min. I’ll send a proof shot. (laughs)

PJM : You set up a production company, set up a new agency after leaving your old one… you’re amazing, really. I’m also running a small business that people don’t know about but managing a company is not an ordinary feat. You have great people helping you with the production company, but an agency is a company that puts yourself on the line.

LJH : If I’m out of work and can’t pay the rent, I can call you [for help], right? (laughs)

PJM : I’m not sure if I can talk about something like this but recently there’s a rumor saying that I’ll be joining your agency.

LJH : (bursts out laughing and falls backwards)

PJM : What was that about? I just extended my contract last week though? I heard that such a rumor is going around, but it could happen someday.

LJH : I would be in big trouble with Hwang Jung-min sunbae-nim then. (T/N: he runs Park Jung-min’s agency)

PJM : I just… I put my head down and extended the contract right away. (laughs) I’m also grateful to the company for a lot of things. It has already been 10 years. Anyway, let me know whenever there’s anything I can help you with.

LJH : I won’t hesitate and tell you right away. Hahaha.

PJM : In that case, your agency will be recruiting other actors too, right?

LJH : That’s right. If there are good actors, I want to run a management agency where they can be free and comfortable by minimizing the trials and errors I’ve been through.

PJM : That’s the same as my agency. If a senior is in a high position, it’s a great strength to us. Just like you said, we can avoid unnecessary trials and errors. I’m also looking forward to seeing how amazing the actors you recruit will be.

LJH : Please recommend some to me.

PJM : Okay, I’ll have to think about people I can recommend. Hyung, I’m looking forward to seeing you make big money. (laughs)

LJH : Thanks, Jung-min. You’re still running your book publishing company, right?

PJM : Yes, I closed the bookstore but the publishing company is still running. We’re currently working on our 2nd book, but you know, I need a writer whom we can work together with on the story I want to tell. It’s not easy to decide on that so there’s a delay. Anyway, we have something in the works. I’ll send our 2nd book to you right away once it’s released. The size of my office is 4 pyeong (T/N: approx. 13 sqm) with only 1 staff and it’s already difficult, I can’t imagine how it’s like for you. You’re really amazing.

LJH : I’ll just have to fasten my seatbelt and go with it.

PJM : But I think you made a good choice. Somehow it feels like it’s what you would do, and it’s a choice that fits you. I want HARDCUT to make a film like “The Big Swindle”, and something like Guy Ritchie’s films. I’m a big fan, you know, films like “Snatch” and “The Gentlemen”.

LJH : You should direct them! Hahahaha.

PJM : I’m always up for it! I think HARDCUT goes well with the crime films that we used to go crazy about. I think Yang Kyung-mo is also really interested in those. I want to see well-made films like “Fight Club”, “Seven”, and “Usual Suspect”. The ones that just make you feel overwhelmed.

The Things We See After Being A Director

LJH : I have a great desire to work together on a project in which the cast would think, “I’ve met the character of my life.” It’s my dream to make a film that actors can take pride in, and I want to present a story in which the character play can be done well. 

PJM : I’m also writing a few, so… (laughs)

LJH : Let’s do it together! Let’s do it together!

PJM : I’ll have to write and show you a scenario then. I chose to major in Film at first because I also wanted to be a film director. Although I’m currently working as an actor, I sometimes unknowingly have this desire to want to direct. Each time I tell myself, “Hey, what are you thinking…” but one day, Lee Jung-jae sunbae-nim told me that he wants to see his juniors active in various fields besides acting, and that he wants to pave the way for that. So there was a time my heart kind of melted when I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to direct?” Nevertheless, I couldn’t. I was really happy when you established HARDCUT and gave me the opportunity to direct Watcha’s “Unframed”. I didn’t tell anyone about this but I was honestly really excited. (laughs) I had a story I wanted to tell, so it’s nice to be able to receive some support to create it. I’m very grateful that I could do it thanks to you.

LJH : I was really thankful that you agreed to do it. I should’ve given you a bigger budget but I’m sorry because I couldn’t.

PJM : No, that was enough. I want to see you become a good producer and director. That way I think I’ll gain more courage. Not just us, I want to keep seeing actors our age make the stories they want to tell into films.

LJH : Of course, because everyone is an artist.

PJM : I’ll work harder on the post-production. I’m currently also working hard on composing the music and editing. It’s already the 7th version but when I watch it I still go, “Ah…”

LJH : You’re not satisfied?

PJM : What I did yesterday was I played my film, and when a certain part felt kind of empty, I just started composing on GarageBand while thinking how it would feel to listen to such music alone at dawn. I’m even doing such things! (laughs). There are only kids in my film and they’re not actors that people are familiar with, so I need something that would grab the audience’s attention. Hmm… you will feel it soon too. Doing this made me think that there are no bad directors in this world. (bursts out laughing) I see that everyone has their own reason! They were like that because they had a reason! I’ve become more humble now. Everyone seems so admirable and I respect them. Being an actor is the best.

LJH : Me too, the more I experience it, the more I think that I should just work hard in acting. (laughs)

PJM : It humbles people a lot. I couldn’t visit when the others were filming [for “Unframed”], but I’ll pay a visit when you do. I’ll make the time somehow.

LJH : I don’t know how Cine21 will perceive our stories, but I really hope that the four of us–me, Jung-min, and actors Son Sukku, and Choi Hee-seo–can take pictures and do an interview. Then, we’ll let it all out.

PJM : There is so much to say. There is so much we are keeping to ourselves because we want to do an interview! It must be hectic after setting up your office, but prepare well for your filming and tell me if you need anything.

LJH : I’ll do my best! Anyway, it was fun taking pictures and doing an interview together for the 10th anniversary of “Bleak Night”. Let’s see each other like this for the 20th anniversary. However, there’s also a possibility that it will not happen. It might not happen. (laughs) 

PJM : Someone might migrate, someone might retire.

LJH : Well, if Cine21 won’t do it then let’s do it on our own.

PJM : All we have to do is to meet through Zoom and upload it on YouTube. (laughs) Hyung, you worked hard; stay healthy and see you again.

LJH : See you again. I love you! I love you (in English)! (does the finger heart)

PJM : (Copies doing the finger heart) I love you (in English)! He’s really good at these things, this hyung. (laughs)

(Translated by @jehoonist704 @kryshoon and @muchadoboutlove)


One thought on “Lee Je Hoon × Park Jung Min – CINE21 No. 1315 Interview

  1. thank you for translating their zoom-terview! really wanted to know what they were saying. I really enjoyed it. thank you again!

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