Na In Woo – A to Z Trivial Interview

When I went to check the news today, I was surprised to see Na In-woo’s pictures in hanbok offering Lunar New Year greetings, thinking that there were just few photos (and he looked super great!), but it turned out that there was an accompanying interview! Currently making a name of himself through the tvn weekender Mr. Queen, Na In-woo portrays the character Kim Byung-in, cousin of the Queen who harbors feelings for her and will stop at nothing to protect her. I might detest Byung-in in the drama, but I can’t win against smiling Na In-woo.

Introduce yourself in five words: a hard working human being.

Your strength: I take a long time when I do something, but once I’ve set my mind on it, I have the ability to absorb anything no matter what it is.

Things you do on your rest day: I’m the type that is always nervous in my daily life, so I try to loosen myself on my rest days. I spend the day relaxing as the time passes by.

Hobby/interest or anything you want to try: I love music so I have fun playing the guitar by myself. I’m learning to play guitar these days. I’ve never tried wind instruments, though, so if there’s a chance, I want to learn once.

Your favourite colour shades: I like blue tones. When I look at the sky during the day, it makes me feel good.

Food you recently enjoyed: Beef! I really love beef.

Food you hate: I’m not lying, but there isn’t anything, really! I’m the type who will try everything for the first time.

Your menu for lunch today: A cup of iced Americano. Iced Americano, even if I freeze to death! (I’m dieting right now!)

Food you want to eat the most right now, since you’re in the middle of dieting: Pizza, hamburger, jajangmyun, and everything flour-based food..I want to eat them.

A celebrity you are a fan of: Kim Rae-won sunbae-nim! I’m a longtime fan actually and I was overjoyed to see him making his comeback through his latest drama (LUCA: The Beginning).

Three things you want to bring with you to a deserted island: Friend, matches, potatoes.

The moment you feel the happiest in a day: The moment when I finish the day and have a bath, coming out of the shower feeling soft and fuzzy and then going under the blanket. That moment! That’s the happiest one.

An animal that represents yourself and the reason: I think of myself as a human..but many people said that I’m like a huge puppy..woof woof! I’m also born in the year of Dog!

Your thought when you look into the mirror: I’m getting older too..I thought that I’ll never grow old..

Your usual daily style: I have a couple of fixed styles! Short-sleeved shirt and jeans for summer; hoodie and long padding jacket when it gets cold!

If you are to confess about your weakness and the 2% thing you lack: I can’t speak well, so I’m the type that talks slowly.

Your biggest concern nowadays: What should I do so that I can spend my later years healthily?

‘Thanks to so-and-so, I’m living a happy life!’ The so-and-so is: The fans! They are always supporting and loving me. I feel really energized because of them!

A phrase or word you want to hear being associated with you: An actor who can act well.

Your 18th song at the karaoke room: Im Chang-jung’s A Glass of Soju. I think I never missed singing this song every single time I go.

Your favourite season: I love summer the most. It’s an energetic season, so I won’t put on weight.

The way you release stress: I like to play games. I’m the type that gets my stress released when I sit for a game.

Your usual habit, if there is any: I tend to bite my lips when I feel uneasy or nervous.

Something that takes up most of your life these days: After filming a historical drama for 7-8 months, I realize that I have picked up the habit of talking with the tone I used during the filming. I’m making an effort to go back to my usual way of speaking.

My own kind of ‘small but definite happiness’: Being lost in serenity.

A piece of advice you want to give yourself 5 years ago: It would be great if you can love yourself more. It’s still difficult to do so now, but I wish that I could’ve started looking after myself sooner.

How do you see yourself in 10 years’ time: Someone who is 10 times better than the person I am today!

The kind of image you want to show to the public: I want to show myself as someone who is not stuck to something ordinary; someone out of the ordinary.

A variety program you want to join if you are given a chance: 2 Days 1 Night! They seem so close with the family-like air around them. I’m a homebody who prefers spending time at home, so there are still lots of places in Korea that I’ve never been to. I think that I’d be able to make many fun memories by traveling to every nook and cranny of our country.

A different area you are interested in trying, other than acting: I want to be a part of a band. I want to master playing the guitar and participate in a concert. If there’s a chance to do so, I’d like to give it a try.

The colour of actor Na In-woo: Maybe an actor with various colours. The kind of actor who can fit into and harmonize with any colour.

An actor you want to act together with: Ha Jung-woo sunbae-nim. He seems like a cheerful person with strong leadership skills. I think I’ll be able to learn a lot from him if I get a chance to join a project together with him.

The meaning of ‘acting’ to you: ‘The act of borrowing souls’. When I portray a new role, the once non-existent soul of the character comes alive through acting.

A wish you want to achieve this year: It would be great if everyone, including myself, can stay away from illness and be healthy, both physically and mentally. If it’s possible, I’d like to hold a fan meeting. I’ve never had one, so I thought that it would be the best place to return all the support and love I have received up until now.

Your last word: I love you all!


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